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10 Reasons Why Coliving is the Perfect Choice for Digital Nomads

As a digital nomad, you’re always on the move, travelling from one place to another in search of new experiences and opportunities. But finding suitable accommodation can be a real challenge, especially when you’re staying in a new city for an extended period. That’s where coliving comes in – a concept that has been gaining popularity among digital nomads in recent years.

In this blog, we’ll explore 10 reasons why coliving is the perfect choice for digital nomads-

  1. Social Connections:
    One of the biggest benefits of coliving is the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. You’ll be living with other digital nomads who share your passion for travel and remote work, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network, share tips and learn from one another.
  2. Cost-Effective: 
    Coliving is often more cost-effective than staying in a hotel or renting an apartment. You’ll be sharing the cost of accommodation with other digital nomads, which means you can enjoy high-quality living at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Flexibility: 
    Coliving spaces are designed with digital nomads in mind, so you’ll have the flexibility to work from your room, communal areas or nearby cafes. This means you can create your own schedule and work in a way that suits your needs.
  4. Fully Furnished:
    Coliving spaces are fully furnished, which means you won’t have to worry about buying furniture or appliances. All you need to bring is your suitcase and your laptop!
  5. Networking Opportunities:
    Coliving spaces often host events, workshops and other activities that are designed to help digital nomads connect with one another. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network, make new friends and learn from others.
  6. Comfortable Living:
    Coliving spaces are designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for digital nomads. You’ll have access to all the amenities you need to feel at home, including high-speed internet, comfortable beds, and fully-equipped kitchens.
  7. Central Locations:
    Many coliving spaces are located in the heart of the city, which means you’ll be close to all the best cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces. This makes it easy to explore the city and find new places to work and play.
  8. Cultural Exchange:
    Coliving spaces attract digital nomads from all over the world, which means you’ll have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. This can be a truly enriching experience that will broaden your horizons and help you grow as a person.
  9. Community Spirit:
    Coliving spaces often have a strong sense of community spirit, which means you’ll feel like you’re part of a larger family. You’ll have the opportunity to socialise, share meals and experiences with your fellow digital nomads, which can be a real morale booster when you’re far away from home.
  10. Stress-Free Living:
    Coliving spaces take care of all the practicalities, from cleaning to maintenance to security. This means you can focus on what you do best – working and exploring the world – without worrying about the little details of daily life.

Elevate your coliving experience with Tribestays, a fully furnished and eco-friendly space that caters to the ultimate modern lifestyle of a digital nomad. We provide an excellent range of amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, coworking spaces, communal areas and regular events to foster a sense of community. Our dedicated and friendly staff are always on hand to offer support and ensure that your coliving experience is the best it can be.

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Living the Tribe Life: How Coliving Can Level Up Your Mental Health Game!

Moving to a new city can be daunting – the endless apartment hunting, budgeting, and dealing with pesky landlords can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But fear not, fellow wanderers!

Tribe Stays Hostel is here to make your transition to a new city as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Say goodbye to the woes of solo apartment hunting and hello to the joys of coliving!

Coliving, or shared living spaces, is a growing trend among young professionals, digital nomads, and travelers alike. And guess what? It’s not just about sharing a roof and splitting the bills – it’s a lifestyle that can have a positive impact on your mental health too!

So, let’s dive into how Tribe Stays Hostel can help you level up your mental health game and make your new city adventure a blast!

Banishing the Loneliness Monster

Moving to a new city can often make you feel like a tiny fish in a big pond. But fret not, at Tribe Stays Hostel, you’ll never feel alone! With a vibrant and diverse community of like-minded individuals, you’ll find yourself surrounded by potential new friends from all walks of life.

From sharing a meal in the communal kitchen to bonding over a game of foosball in the common area, there are plenty of opportunities to connect and forge meaningful relationships with your fellow Tribe members. Say goodbye to the loneliness monster and hello to a support system that has your back!

Boosting Your Happiness Quotient

Tribe Stays Hostel is not just a place to rest your head – it’s a place to create memories and have a blast! With a plethora of fun events and activities, Tribe Stays Hostel keeps the good vibes flowing.

Imagine sipping on a cup of steaming hot cocoa at a cozy bonfire night, dancing your heart out at a themed party, or showing off your singing skills at a karaoke night. Tribe Stays Hostel knows how to keep the party going and boost your happiness quotient!

Relieving Stress in Style

Let’s face it – adulting can be tough, and stress is an unwelcome guest in our lives. But at Tribe Stays Hostel, you can bid stress goodbye in style! With well-designed shared spaces, trendy interiors, and modern amenities, Tribe Stays Hostel provides a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Relax in the cozy lounges, sweat it out in the gym or just unwind your thoughts with a peaceful view from the terrace – Tribe Stays Hostel offers a range of options to help you relax and rejuvenate. Plus, with housekeeping and maintenance taken care of, you can focus on what truly matters – living your best life!

Embracing the #WorkLifeBalance

In today’s fast-paced world, striking a balance between work and personal life can be a challenge. But at Tribe Stays Hostel, you can have the best of both worlds! With well-equipped co-working spaces, high-speed free Wi-Fi, and a conducive work environment, you can be productive while enjoying the benefits of a vibrant community.

Take a break from your laptop and join a brainstorming session with fellow Tribe members, collaborate on a project, or simply bounce off ideas over a cup of coffee – at Tribe Stays Hostel, work and play go hand-in-hand!

So, why settle for a mundane apartment when you can embrace the Tribe life and level up your mental health game?So, if you’re ready to level up your mental health game and embrace a fresh and exciting coliving experience, Tribe Stays Hostel is your go-to destination. With a supportive community, fun events, stress-free living, and a perfect work-life balance, Tribe Stays Hostel is your ultimate destination for a fresh and exciting coliving experience!

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The Benefits of Coliving: Why Living with Others Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Have you ever heard of coliving? It’s a modern way of living that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Coliving is all about sharing living spaces with others who share your interests, values, and lifestyle. It’s a concept that promotes community, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. But what are the benefits of coliving, and why should you consider it?

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the reasons why living with others can improve your quality of life.

Social Interaction

Living with people from all walks of life creates a diverse environment which fosters social interaction. This can help to broaden your perspective and expose you to new ideas and experiences. It’s also an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with people who share your interests and passions.


Coliving can be more cost-effective than living alone or renting your own apartment. Rent, utilities, and other living expenses are shared among the members of the coliving space, which can help to reduce individual costs. This makes coliving an attractive option for people who want to save money without sacrificing quality of life.


Coliving spaces offer a level of flexibility that is not available in traditional living arrangements. Most coliving spaces offer short-term leases, which means that you can stay for as little or as long as you like. This flexibility is ideal for people who are new to a city or who are in the process of transitioning between jobs or housing.

Shared Responsibilities

Living with others means that you’ll be sharing responsibilities. This can include cleaning, cooking, and other household tasks. Sharing these responsibilities means that you’ll have more free time to pursue your hobbies and interests. It also means that you won’t have to worry about the hassle of maintaining your own living space.

Personal Growth

Living in a coliving space can be a transformative experience. It provides an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Sharing your living space with others can help you to develop important life skills, such as communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration.

Professional Networking

Coliving spaces often attract people who are entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals who work remotely. Living with these individuals can provide opportunities for professional networking and collaboration. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who can help you to achieve your career goals.


One of the main benefits of coliving is the sense of community that it fosters. Living with others who share your values and interests can provide a sense of belonging that is difficult to find in traditional living arrangements. This sense of community can help to combat loneliness and isolation, which can be a problem for people who live alone.

Improved Mental Health

Coliving spaces can provide a supportive environment that can help to improve mental health. Living with others can provide a sense of security and companionship that can help to combat anxiety and depression. The social interaction and sense of community that coliving provides can also help to boost overall well-being.

Opportunities for Learning

Living in a coliving space means that you’ll be exposed to new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This can be a great opportunity for learning and personal growth. It’s an ideal environment for people who are curious about the world and who want to expand their horizons.

A Sense of Adventure

Living in a coliving space can be an adventure. It’s an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. It’s a chance to meet new people, explore new places, and discover new things about yourself. It’s an experience that is both exciting and rewarding.

Why Tribe?

Tribe is a coliving community that offers shared living spaces for like-minded individuals who value community, collaboration, and sustainability. Some of the reasons why Tribe might be considered one of the best places for coliving include:

Community: Tribe fosters a sense of community and belonging among its members. Residents are encouraged to interact and collaborate with each other, creating a supportive environment that can lead to new friendships, business partnerships, and personal growth.

Location: Tribe is located in prime locations in major cities, making it easy for residents to access transportation, entertainment, and cultural events.

Sustainability: Tribe is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The company uses green technologies, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, to reduce its environmental impact.

Amenities: Tribe offers a range of amenities to make residents’ lives more comfortable and convenient. These include fully equipped kitchens, coworking spaces, and fitness centres.

Flexibility: Tribe offers flexible lease options, allowing residents to stay for as little or as long as they like. This makes it a great option for digital nomads, freelancers, and other remote workers who need a flexible living situation.

Overall, if you’re looking for a coliving space that prioritises community, sustainability, and convenience, Tribe might be a great option for you.

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Join the Tribe: How to Make Friends and Build Community in a Coliving Space

Are you a digital nomad or a wanderlust-driven traveller seeking more than just a place to crash during your study/exploring adventures? Look no further than Tribe Hostels – the ultimate coliving space that offers a unique experience for everyone! With its vibrant community, top-notch facilities, and exciting events, Tribe is not just a hostel, but a place where friendships are formed, memories are made, and a sense of belonging is fostered.

So, how can you make friends and build a community in a coliving space like Tribe?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your stay:

Embrace the Social Vibes

At Tribe, the community is at the heart of everything. From the moment you step in, you’ll be greeted with friendly faces and warm vibes. Don’t be shy – strike up a conversation, join a group activity, or simply hang out in the common areas. With fellow students from all around the country, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect, share stories, and forge new friendships. Who knows, you might even meet your chuddy buddy or soulmate in Tribe!


Participate in the Themedly Events

Tribe Hostels are known for their exciting monthly events that cater to different interests. From cultural events such as the Diwali Party , holi bash  to music jam sessions and IPL game screening  nights, there’s always something happening at Tribe . Don’t miss out on these fun-filled activities – join in and let your hair down! It’s a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals, bond over common interests, and create lasting memories.

Hang Out in the Chill Zones

Tribe understands the importance of relaxation and leisure. With chill zones equipped with games like carrom and foosball, you can challenge your new friends to a friendly competition and have a blast. It’s a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to unwind after a day of exploring the city. Who knew that a game of carrom could lead to lifelong friendships?

Connect Over Food and Drinks

Food has a way of bringing people together, and Tribe Hostels know it well. With in-house cafeterias serving delicious meals three times a day, you can bond over shared dining experiences. From trying out local delicacies to swapping recipes from your home country, the dining area becomes a hub of culinary conversations and foodie adventures. And if you’re in the mood for a drink or two, Tribe’s vending machine and pantry are stocked with refreshing beverages to quench your thirst while you socialize with your new tribe.

Explore Together

One of the best ways to bond with fellow hostellers is by exploring the city together. Join a guided tour, rent bikes and go on a group ride, or simply wander around the streets with your new friends. Discover hidden gems, share travel tips, and create unforgettable memories while experiencing the local culture. Tribe’s prime locations in the heart of the city make it easy to embark on these adventures, and you’ll have plenty of travel buddies to join you along the way. Who knows, you might even find your own “Tribe” to explore the world with!

Tribe Hostels are more than just a place to stay; it’s a community that fosters friendships, creates memories, and offers a unique experience for millennials and Gen Zers. With its social vibes, monthly events, chill zones, food and drinks, and opportunities to explore together, Tribe makes it easy to connect with fellow hostellers and build meaningful relationships. Plus, with its impressive facilities and amenities, Tribe is undoubtedly the best coliving space for those seeking comfort, convenience, and a vibrant community. So, pack your bags, join the Tribe, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! #JoinTheTribe

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Holi 2023: Celebrate the Festival of Vibrant Hues at Tribe Hostel

Holi is the festival of colors, happiness, and togetherness in India, which marks the beginning of spring after a long winter, symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. It is a time when people come together, forgetting all their differences, and create an atmosphere to spread love, laughter, and happiness. Not just that. During Holi, a lot of common practices such as people spraying water guns, throwing water balloons, and smearing each other with colored powder are seen, creating delightful moments! 

Especially for youngsters living away from home, celebrating Holi in a hostel is a great way to connect with your fellow hostellers, make new friends, and create a unique & memorable experience that brings people from different backgrounds together to share in the joy of the festival. 

So, head over to our Student accommodation in Pune located in Viman Nagar if you are looking to celebrate Holi in the most colorful and fun way.

So, what can you expect from this year’s Tribe Holi celebration?


  1. Let’s start with the core essence of Holi – the colors! We, at Tribe Hostel, use eco-friendly Holi colors that are a sustainable alternative to traditional Holi colors. These colors are made with natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, and spices, and are safe for people of all ages to use. In addition to being better for our health, eco-friendly Holi colors are also better for the environment, as they are biodegradable and do not pollute water sources or harm wildlife. By choosing eco-friendly Holi colors, we can celebrate this vibrant festival in a way that is both safe and sustainable.
  2. Now that you are set with the colors, it’s time to put on some funk and get grooving! The next most important thing around Holi is ‘Entertainment’! And when it comes to this, Tribe Hostel leaves no stone unturned. We are fully loaded with lively upbeat Bollywood songs that are sure to make you shake a leg and bring in the celebratory atmosphere. Apart from this, Tribe is also organizing live band performances just for you!
  3. All that fun and running around is sure to make you hungry. Whether sweet or savory, Holi foods are sure to leave your taste buds happy and your heart full of joy! From lip-smacking Holi delicacies to a live Tandoor, our Student Hostels in Pune are going to be food loaded this Holi.

Having said this, we are keen on maintaining safety regulations for our hostellers during Holi to ensure the celebration takes place in a safe and controlled environment so that everyone can enjoy the festival worry-free making this one of THE BEST Holi events in Viman Nagar!

Now that you have a gist of what Tribe Hostel has in store for you this Holi, it’s time to head over to one of the most happening Holi events in Viman Nagar and make some colorful & unforgettable sweet memories.

If you are also looking to explore vibrant Holi celebrations around the city, we’ve got a list for that too! When it comes to hosting the ultimate Holi bash, the city of Pune certainly doesn’t lag behind! The city indeed has a grand celebration of colors, offering a lot of entertainment too! Along with this, many Holi parties in Pune have also embraced the new concept of using organic colors without water. 

Here’s a list of the best Holi 2023 events in Pune to explore.

  1. Pune Color Festival 5.0
    1. Mahalaxmi Lawns, Kharadi 
    2. Meadows, The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi 
  1. IceNFire
    Location: Baner
  1. Rang Barse Holi Festival
    Location: Laxmi Lawns, Pune

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Live Luxuriously at Tribe Hostels which are More Economical than Apartment Rentals

Planning to move to Pune? And for the very first time? Well, Hi there! 

If you are planning to rent an apartment straight away and move in, well, think again. From food to water, to electricity to literally EVERYTHING has to be taken care by YOU. But, what if we told you that all you have to do is pack your bags and just move in while you leave the rest to us?

If you are in search of some excellent yet economical accommodation, then this blog is definitely for you! Can you dream of accommodation that has all the required facilities? From neat & classy rooms to recreational spaces, gyms, mouth-watering food, high-speed internet, and much more? Well, dream no more because Tribe Hostel is here to revolutionize the hostel space and provide you with everything that matches your vibe!

Well, firstly, Tribe Hostel offers co-living accommodation. And…. wait. But before diving into what Tribe has to offer, let’s try and understand the basic concept of co-living. Co-living hostels are a form of shared accommodation that combines elements of traditional hostels and co-living spaces. They provide affordable and convenient housing options, often with a strong emphasis on community and social interaction among residents. These hostels typically have shared bedrooms, kitchens, and common spaces, much like a traditional hostel. However, they often feature additional amenities and services, such as private rooms, en-suite bathrooms, communal events, and flexible lease arrangements. That’s not all. Co-living hostels are becoming increasingly popular in cities, especially among millennials and digital nomads who value the social and community aspect of living with others.

Now, let’s go over why living in a co-living with all the luxury facilities is still cheaper and better than renting an apartment.

  1. Cost-effective – the first and foremost point because co-living spaces often offer more cost-effective housing options because they allow residents to share common spaces and amenities, reducing the overall cost of living for each individual. It contributes to the affordability of co-living and is the increasing demand for this type of housing, particularly in urban areas where traditional apartment rentals can be expensive. By offering cost-effective housing options in desirable locations, co-living communities are able to attract a large number of residents, which helps to spread the costs of maintaining the community over a larger number of people.
  2. The shared community feels – In co-living communities, the cost of utilities, maintenance, and amenities like laundry rooms, gyms, and kitchens are shared among a larger group of residents, creating more avenues for good interaction and meeting new people.
  3. All meals inclusive – Be it our Student Hostel in Pune or Mumbai, we strive to offer healthy yet delicious meals to keep our hostellers happy! These meals are curated by our in-house chefs with the help of our nutritionists. All the food items go under hygienic tests before it comes to your plate. Now, do you think you could get this in an apartment if you were to take care of yourself?
  4. Other facilities – Apart from providing you with a comfortable, affordable, and social accommodation option, Tribe Student accommodation Pune also offers further facilities such as housekeeping, laundry, high-speed internet, RFID & biometric system, and much more.

Keeping all of this in mind, Tribe Hostel strives to offer the best co-living Student Hostel in Pune with shared living spaces and a community atmosphere, 

Residents at Tribe Hostels in Pune will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community, making it a popular choice among the new gen. By choosing to stay in a co-living hostel, you can now meet individuals from different cultures, and ethnicity – from different walks of life! The hostellers can also take advantage of the hostel’s convenient location and be well-connected to Pune’s attractions, local hotspots, and transportation options.

So, to sum it up, apart from it providing a wholesome experience, co-living arrangements also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional apartment rentals by allowing residents to share the costs of utilities, maintenance, and amenities, as well as offering flexible lease options that are more affordable 

And if you are here looking for a Student Hostel in Pune that has a supportive and social environment for students and young professionals who are looking for an affordable and convenient place to live, then hit us up! You can find our Student accommodation in Pune primarily located at Viman Nagar and Wakad.

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Summer Elixirs: Your Guide to Refreshing Juices

College life is tough, but college life during summers? Don’t even get us started. There’s one thing that we can all agree upon- Fresh fruit juices are a saviour, PERIOD! They’re super easy to make and even accessible to people living in a student hostel in Mumbai. 

Juices are a great way to beat the heat, and there are plenty of options that you can make with just a few ingredients and a blender. Here are eight easy-to-make juices that you can enjoy during the summer months:

  1. Mango Madness:  Let’s face it, some of us only look forward to summer seasons for Mangoes. So, why should you b bereft of this juicy delight while living in a girls hostel in Mumbai?It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst in the scorching heat of summer. The sweet and heavenly flavour of mangoes mixed with lemon and mint leaves will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Simply blend ripe mangoes, lemon juice, and a handful of fresh mint leaves to make this delicious juice.
  2. Pineapple Punch:  You can’t do anything about the annoying humid weather, but you can definitely drink this Pineapple Punch.It is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and is the best for summer. The sweet flavour of pineapple combined with a squeeze of lemon make this juice an irresistible option for hot days. To bring this irresistible drink to life, blend pineapple, and lemon juice in a blender.
  3. Watermelon Cooler: This refreshing drink is made from the juiciest and sweetest watermelons. It’s perfect after an annoying lecture on a summer day and is a great way to hydrate your body. Even if you’re staying in a girls hostel in Mumbai, all you need to do is blend watermelon and add a squeeze of citrus juice to make this energising juice.
  4. Strawberry Slush: When summer screams dehydration, your favourite berry comes to the rescue. This 3-ingredient juice is all you need to make your summer evenings better. Best part? It’s low on calories! Put your strawberries in a blender, add a little maple syrup or honey and a squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. You can keep pouring in water and ice, until the juice is thick and frosty.
  5. Pomegranate Power: Did you know that pomegranate juice may help improve heart health by reducing oxidative stress, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation?This powerful juice is a great source of antioxidants and vitamin K (needed for blood clotting). Additionally, if you are going through IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, pomegranate juice is a healthy way to steer clear of tummy troubles. Simply blend pomegranate, lemon juice, and mint leaves to make this delicious drink.
  6. Orange Crush: This citrusy drink is perfect for a summer day. The juicy and sweet flavour of oranges combined with lemon juice and mint leaves make this juice a refreshing option for hot days. Blend oranges, lemon juice, and mint leaves to make this flavourful drink.
  7. Peach Perfection: The delicate, floral sweetness of peaces when combined with maple syrup or honey, lemon juice and served with ice, has never disappointed on a summer day. You’ll be tempted to taste this refreshing juice once you’re back from college and need something cool to drink in your luxury hostel in Mumbai.
  8. Lemon-Lime Twist:  This zesty drink will make your body feel at relief even if the temperature is uncomfortably high. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Cut the lemons and squeeze out the juice either by hand or you can even use a juicer. In a glass, make a mixture of sugar with a little bit of water. Once this mixture is ready, pour in the lemon juice and pulp. Serve it with ice!Only you would understand the satisfaction you get after drinking your favourite fruit juice in the sultry summer months. These eight delicious and refreshing juices are perfect for the hot and humid days of summer. They are easy to make, low in calories, and packed with vitamins and minerals.And if you’re someone living at Tribe, you know you wouldn’t even have to make these juices yourself. They’ll be served to you on a platter!

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Budget-Friendly Activities to do in Pune During your Summer Break

There’s a reason why Pune is called the Queen of Deccan- a popular tourist destination with a wide range of activities and attractions, including historical sites, museums, parks and temples. Apart from the friendly community, you’ll fall in love with the Pune weather (even the summers). If you’re new to this city, you have a lot to explore. 

For someone who’s staying in a coliving in Pune, we might just have the perfect bucket list for you to try during your summer break. And guess what? It literally won’t hurt your bank account! 

In this article, we have compiled a list of budget-friendly activities that you can enjoy in Pune- 

  1. Visit Osho Ashram:
    Let’s face it- staying away from home, college assignments, breakups, new life – for someone staying in a student hostel in Pune, life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows. So, if you’re in search of mental peace and relaxation, The Osho Ashram is your calling.The ashram offers yoga and meditation classes, as well as massages and other wellness services. The entry fee is minimal, and you can enjoy a day of spiritual reflection, yoga, and meditation without spending much money.
  2. Explore Aga Khan Palace:
    The Aga Khan Palace is a historic building that was built in 1892. It is a popular tourist attraction and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Pune. The palace has an interesting history and is surrounded by lush green gardens that are perfect for a picnic or a relaxing stroll. The entrance fee to the palace is definitely less than your Starbucks spree, and you can enjoy a tour of the palace, learn about its history, relax in the gardens without, and make your way back to your luxury accommodation in Pune without any regrets.
  3. Visit Shaniwar Wada:
    All the history buffs and vintage lovers, assemble!Shaniwar Wada is a historical fort in Pune that was built in the 18th century. The fort was the residence of the Maratha rulers and is really popular in Pune. You’d love an afternoon learning about the royal life of the marathas, admire the architecture, take aesthetic snaps for your Instagram feed, and enjoy a day out with your friends.
  4. Explore the Museums:
    Visiting a museum in Pune can provide a unique and educational experience that is both enjoyable and informative. They generally have quiet and peaceful environments, making them the perfect places to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Museums in Pune showcase a range of artefacts and exhibitions, from ancient Indian sculptures and paintings to contemporary works of art. You can learn about different aspects of Indian culture and history through these exhibits, and see things you might not otherwise encounter.Some of the most popular museums include the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, the National War Museum, and the Deccan College Museum.
  5. Explore the Parks:
    Pune is home to several beautiful parks that are perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic. Some of the most popular parks include the Shreeram Chhatrapati Sports Complex, the Bund Garden, and the Nehru Memorial Hall and Botanical Garden. The entrance fees to the parks are minimal, and you can enjoy a picnic, relax, and admire the beauty of nature without spending much money.
  6. Visit the Farmers Market:
    The farmers market in Pune is a great place to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. The market is a popular tourist attraction and is a great place to sample local delicacies and learn about the local cuisine. If you’re a culinary enthusiast, the farmers market would be your heaven. You can buy fresh produce and local delicacies, and test your hands on cooking at the pantry of your student hostel in Pune.


Your summer break is sorted with the above-mentioned list of budget-friendly activities. Even if you don’t want to go anywhere, you can become a part of the most happening hostel life in pune at Tribe. (Oh! Did we mention that we don’t have the concept of curfews and wardens?)

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Get Your Game On – Top Exciting Games that’s a MUST play at Tribe Hostel

Hello friends! Thinking of living in a new-gen hostel that can amp up your entire hostel living experience? Don’t wait too long thinking. Because Tribe Hostel has been in the picture for quite some time. Still don’t get it? When we say that our hostels are all about transcending your hostel experience, we want to ensure that we provide everything from A to Z and all that comes in between for every hosteller to have a wholesome hostel experience. And we mean it. Wait till you read the end of this blog to get a gist of what we are talking about.

Be it our Girls Hostels in Pune, Boys Pune hostel, or even our Girls hostel in Mumbai, we are all about providing a luxurious living experience that is beyond the ordinary. Equipped with International standard rooms that can be availed as a single or a twin ensuite room with multiple amenities including fitness centers, study & chill zones, breakout rooms, entertainment zones, and our very own Cafe that serves nutritious and healthy meals for our hostellers. Our hostels also provide RFID and biometric security and keyless & cashless systems. 

But that’s not all. Our Girls’ Hostels in Pune, Boys’ Pune hostel, and our Girls’ hostel in Mumbai all have one thing in common too – Fun & games. Want to find out more? Keep reading. Ever heard of Game of Tribe? Tribe Hostel organizes a weekly Game night where we invite all our Tribe residents to interact, break the ice and have fun with fellow hostellers through exciting games including the tortilla challenge, musical chair and the first one to spill the water gets water spilled challenge. 

If this isn’t enough, we’ve got more game ideas that can keep every hosteler engaged! Nah, we aren’t talking about the boring old caroms or UNO or snakes and ladders. Let’s hop on to understand those fun games!

  1. Cards Against Humanity – A simple game yet one that has gained way too much popularity. For the ones who haven’t played this before, let us tell you that Cards Against Humanity is unlike your usual card games – that is in fact a little bit of an awkward game! Lol! In each round, one player asks a question from the Black Card and all other players have to answer with their funniest White card. The humor here can get quite dark!
  2. Taboo – A perfect game for a hostel game night! The game is simple. The idea is to challenge your friends to guess phrases and words. The card that gets picked has the word that everyone needs to guess and also suggests a few ‘taboo’ words around the same. This game is time-bound, and the player needs to make others guess the word without actually using the taboo word. If you haven’t played this already with your hostel friends, then this is the time to start!
  3. Customized Jenga – Ah, a classic! We are certain that you are familiar with the game – Jenga. However, have you played the customized version? Well, it is simple. You can write down a task on every block where you either have to answer or do as the stone says – the Truth or dare Jenga version!

Well, If these aren’t enough, you can always check out our entertainment zones which are equipped with table tennis table, foosball and carom board. Tribe Hostel is all about providing an all-inclusive, fun and wholesome experience for every hosteller staying here. And we always think of innovative and different ways to keep our hostellers happy and engaged. If you are looking for an experience such as this, do come join our Tribe to know the Vibe!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

The Art of Giving Back to Society – Republic Day at Tribe Hostel

Hello fellow hostellers! Today, we are here to talk to you about commemorating our very own nation and shed some light on ONE of the three Indian national holidays – Republic Day. So, what is Republic Day? A day that honors & celebrates the enactment of the constitution of India which took place on January 26th, 1950. Shortly after India received Independence in the year 1947, a constituent assembly elected by the provincial assemblies went on to draft and create a constitution that would solely govern the nation that recently received its independence from the British. The constitution of India was solidified and January 26 was chosen as the official enactment date – a day where the country received Purna Swaraj or in other words, what we call ‘the complete self-rule’. 

Not just that, Republic Day speaks on multiple aspects including love, patriotism and compassion – 3 important pillars to any and every citizen of the country. During school days, we are certain that, most of you would have been glued in front of the TV to catch the public parade along the broad Rajpath Avenue in Delhi. Today, during such occasions, most individuals living out of their homes and in a hostel would be missing out on such occasions. But Tribe Hostel leaves no stone unturned and is always inclusive especially if it is a matter of the nation. This Republic Day, let us use this occasion to do something fun, engaging and more importantly, a way to give back to our society – making this day a memorable one. So, what are the ways hostellers can master the art of giving back to society?

  1. A random act of kindness- Offering your energy and time to someone in need is the best gesture of kindness. Lending a helping hand, making a charitable act, etc. all fall under this.
  2. Contributing your time – Cleaning roads, teaching at underprivileged schools, visiting the homeless shelter or the elderly neighborhood etc are a few simple ways to kick start.
  3. Planting a tree – The same old saying goes a long way. Think of planting a sapling or a tree in your neighbor or within your compound or on the main roads as trees produce oxygen and each tree that has been grown, will help reduce toxicity & air pollution and encourage wildlife as well as wellness. Students living in Hostels in Pune can definitely hit the nearby neighborhood to plant some good deeds to make a positive impact!
  4. Organizing a neighborhood cleanup – This can be done to collect clutter, pick out weeds, repaint park benches, etc – an act that your neighbors and the environment will certainly thank you for this!  

Apart from this, Tribe Hostel also has some ideas for hostellers to celebrate and commemorate Republic Day which includes organizing a flag hoisting ceremony in your hostel, conducting cultural activities featuring patriotic songs, skits and talent shows – a perfect way for young adults to represent the unity in diversity! What’s more? It is also a great idea to decorate your hostel with lights to uplift the patriotic mood. Well, after reading all this, can you think of a better Student Accommodation in Pune than Tribe Hostel?

For hostellers, this day can be a good opportunity to come together, hold hands and celebrate the spirit of patriotism & unity.  If you are looking for Student Accommodation in Pune, then don’t forget to look us up as we have one of the best co-living Hostels in Pune.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!