What is Tribe?

A Luxury Living Experience beyond the ordinary.

Wouldn't it be great to have an experience of a lifetime creating infinite stories and making connections forever?
A community that elevates you and motivates you to live better every day. All this in a space exclusively designed for you. From unbeatable interiors to top-notch amenities to a culture so strong - you'd never want to leave.

So, What's all
the hype about?

  • A/c International Single
    and Twin Ensuite

    All-inclusive packages for long stays.
    Top of the line interiors and
    socially distanced rooms.
    We're all about being
    clean, but classy!

  • Safest Hostels in India with
    360-degree CCTV &
    Biometric security.

    We want you to feel as
    safe as possible at all times
    so you, and your folks,
    can sleep in peace!

  • Mouth-watering food
    at our multi-cuisine
    cafe Mamaliga

    We're known for our food.
    Trust us, this is soul-filling
    mouth-watering stuff that's
    all been designed by a nutritionist! Know more about mamaliga!

  • Housekeeping, Laundry,
    Chill zones and Fitness

    The complete Tribe experience.
    You'll feel like a part of
    something pretty awesome.
    We can bet on that!

Tribe in numbers






Happy Customers


∞ Memories


They have spoken.

My experience with Tribe has been really amazing. I made many new friends here and learnt a lot from these people.The memories that I made here our unforgettable. The administration always made sure that we were at your utmost comfort and made us feel at home at all times. Specially during the festive seasons.


Tribe is the exact opposite of a classic hostel image that comes to your mind apart from the fun part being the same.

Ashutosh Gupta

My experience with Tribe has been great. I joined as a second and came from a hostel where I had not had the best experiences. Tribe showed me that hostels can give you a magical experience as well.


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