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5 movies you should definitely watch with your Tribe

Put on your PJs, bring out the popcorn, charge your laptops because it’s time to Netflix Party with your friends. We have made a list of movies for you so you don’t spend hours deciding on one.

5 ways to keep yourself motivated and happy in a hostel

Adjusting to a new environment can never be easy. We leave the comforts and warmth of home and that can leave us homesick. In addition to this…

Living in a hostel? Here Are 10 types of roommates you’re most likely to meet!

Living in a hostel, you tend to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds. Not just that, but people […]

We’ve Done It For You! Here Is A Bucket List of 10 Must-Do Things in College!

College life isn’t complete without doing fun and crazy things! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your […]

Tribe Student Accommodation becomes the official student housing partner for MIDAS Entrepreneur Institute, Pune.

MIDAS has one of the best entrepreneurship courses in India where you’ll find expert guidance, starting from the ideation stage, […]

Tribe has chosen Sodexo as an operator! Why this is such a big deal?

Sodexo is the global leader in services that improves Quality of Life, an essential factor in individual and organizational performance. […]

Why living at Tribe is better than living in an apartment?

You spend a lot of time with the people you live with. This is supposed to be a safe place. […]

5 easy recipes to satisfy your midnight cravings

Hostel life all about those midnight adventures with your friends, be it a movie night, game night or just a […]

4 skills that you can learn in less than a month and that too, without stepping out

    Learning is a great way to keep your brain active and improve brain function. It also provides an escape […]

Things you need to carry with you when you move to Tribe

We don’t say we are one of the best hostels without reason. We try to make a student’s life as […]

10 things you experience when you move out of your home for the first time

Moving out of your home can be scary and exciting at the same time. You are anxious about surviving on […]

Netflix & Chill? Here’s Our Top 10 Recommendations

Every room TRIBE offers come with a TV just for your entertainment. So what awaits every resident? Netflix, of course! […]

Uncharted Waters: Navigating Mental Health In A New Space

College is a transitional period in a person’s life and it’s a uniquely personal experience for everyone. While some are […]

The Ultimate Guide to Safety in Mumbai for Girls

Moving into a new city can be unchartered waters for any outstation student. From navigating college life and accommodation in […]

A girl’s life at Tribe

How is a girl’s life in Tribe? It’s safe to say that hostel seems like a no go for most […]


Here’s a few common issues students face, and how they can be tackled.

Road to self discovery? Hop in!    Moving away from home isn’t a stroll in the park. It doesn’t come […]

Community building at your doorstep!

On the 12th of October, Tribe welcomed specially abled children from ‘Ayodhya Charitable Trust’ to spend a memorable day with […]

Tribe-stays at the forefront, yet again!

Tribe, your roof away from home, an experience beyond the traditional hostel limitations, It’s a feeling, a feeling like no […]

I live at Tribe Pune. Where can I buy essentials?

Let’s gather our “back to college” itinerary! These basics are a “must haves” and your hands down survival tool for […]

Tribe Student Accommodation wins “Fastest Growing Brands/Leaders 2018 – 2019” by Asia One Awards

Ushering in an era of the largest booming economy, education excellence becomes pivotal. However, to boot, it’s the journey that […]

Tribe won Student Housing Project of the Year 2019 – 2020.

Tribe, a shelter away from home that is much more than a Hostel. It’s a feeling, a feeling like no […]

10 hacks to know when you’re living at Tribe!

Now let’s talk about the 101 survival kit at your disposal Aka hostel hacks! 1.) Tribe offers an ensuite bathroom […]

How to tackle loneliness when you’re away from home?

Homesickness isn’t certainly a “sickness”, it is a feeling of deprivation you get when away from your loved ones, your […]

Kaleidoscope 2019 – See Through The Lens of The Future

Kaleidoscope 2019 has the privilege to associate with TRIBE Stays, the Official Student Luxury Stay Partner. Kaleidoscope is one of […]

Fitato event review: Zumba and Yoga Workshop!

  1.) Nishita Arora: It never occurred to me that fitness regimes can be fun too! Thanks to Fitato Fit […]

5 best spots to hang out near Tribe Pune.

Now let’s talk about getaway from home! Tribe being primarily located offers myriad chill spots to hang out. To your […]

Why is Hostel living a “once in a lifetime” opportunity?

When you think “Hostel” what clouds next is “Taare Zameen Par”, and Ishaan Awasthi’s nightmare come to reality. However there […]

What is a break out area and what do students do there?

We as students have a lot in our plate, from college clubs to assignments, from exams to exhibitions, the workload […]

Our late night on site cafe Mamaliga has some great food – and students have agreed!

When you think “hostel”, what echoes next is mediocre dishing. However tribe takes an oath to break such stereotypes, and […]

How to work around a budget when staying at Tribe?

For many, student life is synonym with “a hole in the wallet”, and being “broke” has become our middle name. […]

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Student Accommodation in India is the next big thing in the real estate industry. Here’s why?

Recently, the US state of California wrote laws into place in order to encourage co-living spaces as part of an […]

Why is it better to live at a modern hostel like Tribe than living at a flat?

It’s a familiar, time-tested story: you’ve received a letter of admission to your dream college, and you’ve got everything ready […]

Why should you enroll your child into Tribe?

Assured of their safety   For any parent whose child is studying away from home, the first and foremost concern […]

Why is communal living better than traditional living for students in this generation?

What does the phrase “communal living” really mean? Well, for some it means literally what the two words suggest – […]

5 must-haves on any hostel check-list before move-in day

Security Whether you’re male or female, safety is the most important thing you should look out for when you’re searching […]

International Standard Student Accommodation for Boys & Girls

Problems face in today’s Student Accommodation facilities. Water problem is a common problem face in majority student accommodation setups like […]

5 reasons why students in Pune are going crazy for this new hostel called Tribe! And why you should too

1. Freedom of Choice So you’ve decided on community living. You’ve got your admission form, you’re now in the city, […]

Tribe: How it’s better than any other hostel I’ve seen in India

Environment at Tribe A community is usually defined as a group of people living together having a common characteristic. We, […]