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Fitato event review: Zumba and Yoga Workshop!

FITATO EVENT REVIEW: ZUMBA AND YOGA WORKSHOP!   1.) Nishita Arora: It never occurred to me that fitness regimes can be fun too! Thanks to Fitato Fit […]

5 best spots to hang out near Tribe

  5 best spots to hang out near Tribe Now let’s talk about getaway from home! Tribe being primarily located offers myriad chill spots to hang out. […]

Why hostel living is once in a lifetime experience?

When you think “Hostel” what clouds next is “Taare Zameen Par”, and Ishaan Awasthi’s nightmare come to reality. However there is a silver lining to this! From […]

Tribe’s breakout area for students

We as students have a lot in our plate, from college clubs to assignments, from exams to exhibitions, the workload without a doubt gets excruciating after a […]

Mamaliga Food Reviews

When you think “hostel”, what echoes next is mediocre dishing. However tribe takes an oath to break such stereotypes, and cater to your gastronomy needs with a […]

How to work around a budget at Tribe, Pune

For many, student life is synonym with “a hole in the wallet”, and being “broke” has become our middle name. However, don’t let the month end money […]

Why India’s student accommodation industry is the next big growing thing

Recently, the US state of California wrote laws into place in order to encourage co-living spaces as part of an ecosystem shared with co-working spaces. Closer home, […]

Why a modern hostel is better than renting a flat

It’s a familiar, time-tested story: you’ve received a letter of admission to your dream college, and you’ve got everything ready to go: except one thing: where will […]

Parents of teenagers: Why should you enrol your college student into a modern hostel like Tribe?

Assured of their safety   For any parent whose child is studying away from home, the first and foremost concern is their safety. Is my child going […]

Communal living is better than a traditional hostel for students: why?

What does the phrase “communal living” really mean? Well, for some it means literally what the two words suggest – living among other people. But communal living […]

5 must-haves on any hostel check-list before move-in day

Security Whether you’re male or female, safety is the most important thing you should look out for when you’re searching for student accommodation. How is the area […]

International Standard Student Accommodation for Boys & Girls

Problems face in today’s Student Accommodation facilities. Water problem is a common problem face in majority student accommodation setups like hostels, home stays or flat system. Tribestays […]

5 reasons why students in Pune are going crazy for this new hostel called Tribe! And why you should too

1. Freedom of Choice So you’ve decided on community living. You’ve got your admission form, you’re now in the city, and you’re looking for a good hostel […]

Tribe: How it’s better than any other hostel I’ve seen in India

Environment at Tribe A community is usually defined as a group of people living together having a common characteristic. We, at Tribe, believe in fostering and nurturing […]