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Cancellation Policy

Tribe Cancellation Policy

In the event that the Resident makes a request of cancellation on any day upto 14 days before the start of the confirmed package date then a cancellation & administration charge of the booking/token amount (or any such amount as communicated by Tribe) would be deducted and the balance amount would be refunded after 60 working days (excluding weekends, national holidays and any no. of days that TRIBE corporate office/site office is not working). In case of a package alteration, it must be informed at least 14 days before package start date to be valid.
However, if the cancellation request for the booking is made within the 14 days prior to the package start date or after the start date of the package chosen, the entire amount is non-refundable and would be forfeited, and the Resident shall not be eligible for any refunds except security deposit on its due date.
The Resident shall not be entitled to any reduction or refund of rent at any time even when the room booked by the Resident is unoccupied due to any reason post check-in. The Resident shall be liable to pay the entire amount due by them, and no refund shall be made under any circumstances post the start of the package start-date. If the full payment is not made before check-in, then the resident forfeits the security deposit as well.