We're known for our food
far and wide!

Mamaliga is our one-of-a-kind truly multi-cuisine cafe!
We know how bad "mess" food can be. Which is why we've decided to take it up ten notches and offer, not just some of the best food you can get in an accommodation anywhere, but unlimited with no questions asked!
All this created by a nutritionist with hygiene procedures to make you satisfied, full and healthy throughout your stay!

Every Tribe, everywhere, has a Mamaliga cafe on campus or food served from here! 

Disinfection measures

  • All staff is in complete sanitized apparel following all WHO international protocols for hygiene.

  • We disinfect entire restaurant space daily, including seating area, tabletops and restrooms. Our ingredients and food is completely tested and sanitized before entering our kitchens.

  • The kitchen space is cleaned, disinfected and maintained for best hygiene. Our nutritionist and chefs carefully create our menus for the best combination of taste and health!

  • Our cafe is disinfected regularly to make sure we keep our residents as safe as possible.

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