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10 hacks to know when you’re living at Tribe!

23 October 2019


Now let’s talk about the 101 survival kit at your disposal Aka hostel hacks!

1.) Tribe offers an ensuite bathroom from the comfort of your room. However,
morning hours can be pretty cumbersome to say the least. So in case you’re
running late and your room mate is hogging the toilet, you can always utilize the
bathroom facilities provided downstairs on the pathway to the gym.
2.) Every time the college hamster wheel is exhausting you, Tribe offers a
solution to put you at ease. For your momentary escape and entertainment, we
provide over 20 plus board games that you can effortlessly borrow from the
reception. From Mono-deal to Connect 4, we’ve got it all!
3.) Alongside other facilities, Tribe offers a fully equipped fitness center that is
available from 8am to 8pm. There is a gym trainer provided to personalize your
training and you have the freedom to curate your own fitness regime according to
your feasibility and target.
4.) For a wholesome hostel experience, we ensure that we provide everything
from A to Z and all the needs and wants that come in-between. You can request
treks and adventure trips by contacting the Happiness Manager and we’ll do the
rest! Whether it’s Imagica or walking trails alongside Mahabaleshwar or
Lonavala, we’ll make it happen!
5.) Transportation cost can cut holes in your wallet, especially if you are working
around a strict budget. This means compromising on food and fun. Thus Tribe
comes waltzing in for your rescue. There is a bus service available from Tribe to
your college at a small fee.
6.) Tribe Tip 101: A lot of you are unaware that there are geyser switches in the
bathroom whenever you want to access the hot water. It’s right near the sink and
below the mirror.
7.) For all the hoggers out there, whether it’s midnight munching or Netflix-ing
and snacking or simply stress eating through exams, there is a hot plate
available in the breakout area to make quick meals.
8.) If you had a bad day or simply need a time-out, there is a projector that can be
borrowed from the reception and put up in the Breakout Area for Movie Nights, or
during the match screenings.
9.) At Tribe, we believe in utmost unity and thus Tribe takes a stand to manifest

the community learning by providing various group activities. It encourages you
to spill your own ideas as well. Whether it’s starting your own club, reading, yoga,
singing or dancing, just inform the Happiness Manager at the reception and Tribe
will help you by creating designs to put up on the notice board, and allotting
space to conduct the workshop.
10.) Alongside this you can always create a Tribe Spotify playlist and stream it
together! Or connect it to the smart TVs provided and can always have a dance
face off.

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