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The traveling Hostelier – What do student travel enthusiasts want from Long term hostels?

Students from all walks of life move to a new city, hoping to make a living from their education, knowledge, and skills. In the beginning, they seek a stay that gives them comfort on par with their home. But there are several other expectations millennial students have from Mumbai & Pune hostels, and every one of these facilities needs to understand them.

Students today are not bound by their curriculum to wait for traveling places. Most of them like to travel on the go, significantly how the class structure has changed in most universities. So, they seek a place to stay that not just becomes their home for studying in the long term but offers the comfort and place to dwell when they return from a travel adventure.

It must have a similar cozy feeling and not seem like a bland hostel that serves crappy food and has metal bunker beds with cheap, hard mattresses. So here is what any traveling hosteler student wants from their long-term hostels in Pune or Mumbai.


Students are not professionals earning their own pennies; they have to manage their traveling expenses and, simultaneously, manage money to pursue their education. So it is essential to find an affordable place with not-so-hot-shot pricing details. It should sum up their ability to pay monthly rent for the hostel in Pune or Mumbai and give them the liberty to come back from long travel holidays to stay and get back to their study routine.

Community Kitchens & Common Areas

A long-term hostel should have a place where everyone can vibe. They need a place where they can form a community, feel they belong and meet new people. Community kitchens or common areas are prevalent in hostels. It isn’t just about sipping a cup of coffee or filling your belly with food in one corner. It is about the conversation and memories shared in the place and breaking the ice.


Cleanliness and hygiene in a hostel are every student’s desire, especially if they live there for the long term. There are shared toilets and bathrooms to use for students residing. So if a bunch of them keep it untidy, it affects everyone. So students seek places where there is not only cleaning done every day. But a code of conduct is set for students to follow and tidy the place. Even when it concerns food, they should never miss their home in that context and feed their health all the nutrition properly.


This is something important for regular students as well as traveling hostelers too. When they vacation in some place, they want their room to have the utmost security of their commodities. Mumbai hostels that have the best technology in place to survive better and see more students swarming up to trust and stay for a more extended period.

Privacy & No unnecessary restrictions

A long-term hostel open to welcoming students who love to keep traveling while pursuing their studies means a liberating experience providing a place to stay. The students can go on adventurous trips whenever they like and return to their student accommodation as the new semester begins. There should be enough privacy, so they feel secure at home and simultaneously explore their wishes like a nomad. Hence, the hostels should be open to welcoming students, helping them in this exploration, and letting them have fun.

Students who love to travel around the world while studying look for a Hostel in Mumbai or Pune which offers comfort like home, food that provides hygiene, and adventures that make them look back to the memories they made long before. Tribe aims to provide a similar experience to students living in distant cities and leave wholesome memories behind when they graduate.

Drop us a Hi, if you want to experience such a life! Contact – +91 95035 16700

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Long Term Student Girls Hostel in Vile Parle: Your perfect beginning to an adventurous life

If you are a female student studying or working away from home, you must have had a tough time convincing your parents to let go of your safety net. In many Indian households, a girl student staying away from home in a hostel isn’t an acceptable practice. However, the concern is genuine and perpetual.

Living in a different city, in student accommodation, and pursuing higher studies is a rite of passage for every millennial. Unfortunately, not all parents have adjusted to the change when female students are in question. For the ones who do, the only thing to worry about is finding a good girls’ hostel.

However, India is home to some great universities but has no suitable arrangements for students to spend their next 3-4 years comfortably.

How does Mumbai Girls Hostel make life adventurous for Students?

Hostel life has so much to offer, especially in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai. The nightlife, the local streets, the attractive spots, and the freedom look lucrative. But for students, the priority is finding a place they can call home for the next few years. And if we are talking about female students, safety is of prime importance. That’s why finding a good girls’ hostel in Mumbai becomes challenging.

But Tribe understood the hardships of a female student and established a premium space for girls in a high-end area (Vile Parle). The community here understands that like boys feel safe living far away from home, so should the female students. It isn’t worth agonizing over safety and not making full of the opportunities as a student exploring university life.

Now before you start scratching your head to find reasons for traversing through Tribe’s student accommodation for Girls in Vile Parle amongst all other girl’s hostels in Mumbai, we have some fun things to tell you, gals. And you wouldn’t be able to contain your excitement about starting your new adventure.

Living a Warden-Free Life

Wardens, we tell you! Every flick watched has portrayed wardens as living, breathing reminders of remote control deciding when girls should leave their hostel. But that’s not the culture here at the tribe. We believe in autonomy because everyone is an adult. Believe it or not, students living in Mumbai hostels are more independent and responsible because they are in a different city, making their way through classes, work, and simultaneously enjoying life. They wouldn’t want to indulge in mishappenings in their right minds. So freedom is the key.

No Curfew restricting the Fun

Even without wardens, the curfew timings set in Mumbai hostels could take out the fun. All the fun begins at night, and the idea of returning to the hostel by 8 is not very happening. In a city like Mumbai, life starts at night, and you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in your hostel room thinking that if you get the chance to go out, you will hop right out of the window. That’s why the Tribe girls hostel in Mumbai (Vile Parle) does not believe in curfew because the night is still young.


Safety works through technology

The tribe has a robust security system that gives every student the safety they seek inside a hostel room at any time of the day. The RFID bands are an incredible innovation, a key to many things in luxury student accommodation. Safety for girls is a real deal, and to feel comfortable at their second place of stay, primarily if it is meant to be a long-time thing, the RFID bands are the best thing they have.


Food worth remembering your Home

For girl students living far away from home means taking good care of their health & hygiene which isn’t an easy job. Amidst all the assignments, tests, and evaluations, students need all the nutrients and healthy habits. And Tribe has been awarded for the food it provides to the student, and it is prepared in complete adherence to nutrients and hygiene so that students feel they are eating at home.

There is more to explore in the Tribe luxury accommodation for the student, and everything is worth your time. Get to know more about us on our website.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

First 6 months at Tribe Student Accommodation & What more to come

As a young student with so many dreams, leaving home and your comfort zone might sound like a scary idea, especially looking at the reviews from other students. However, this can be your main character moment that you have been waiting for since you saw “Wakeup Sid.

That’s right! Here is your chance to experience & live the main character’s Life, feelings & the vibes. If Aisha from Wake up Sid was ever your ‘That Girl’ and you can’t wait to explore your life. Then my friend ‘Tribe’ is one of the best options one can look for.

While going through my own research and looking out for the best options for my stay. I came across ‘Tribe’ as luxurious as it looked. I wasn’t quite sure if in reality it was the same as portrayed. However, Tribe was welcoming enough to give me a free tour around their campus.

With International Standard Rooms, Cafe Mamaliga, Free WiFi, a Fitness Centre, and ERP systems, I could thrive rather than survive in the hostel.

A sneak peak into my first 6 months

The initial days after I moved into the hostel were quite overwhelming for me. I was amazed by how other students casually fitted in and I wasn’t surprised either to see myself fit into their ‘tribe’.

It was nothing near to the “hostel stories” I heard from my classmates. Here’s how my usual day looks – Every morning I was excited to start my day by hitting the Gym. Later, I would make my way to our cafe to have my healthy yet delicious breakfast. In my leisure time, I would be seen hanging around the breakout areas or entertainment zones. Many students, including myself, prefer to play badminton, carrom, or watch a movie after dinner.

On some not so usual days, we had 2 am maggi moments that make hostel life complete. The night cravings would be us students indulging in making all sorts of DIY recipes, exploring the master chefs in us.

I was able to boast about so many events hosted by Tribe to my classmates when I saw them ranting about theirs. Just to list a few – Soaking in all-natural colours on Holi, celebrating Earth Day by switching off all our lights for an hour across all Tribe campuses to make way for candlelight dinners under the stars.

One of my best events I celebrated with my Tribe family was the Easter Hunt. Since Easter isn’t that hyped in India yet it was so fun when we all students were finding macarons hidden in the hostel. Women’s day celebration was so special with cake, goodies & late night movie screening. Not just festivals, Tribe also hosted Live Band performance by Fiddlecraft & a Street play by Swatantra Theatre.

We also organised a theme party blasting DJ music, grooving to DJ and gobbling up sliders, popcorn, mocktails, shakes, and barbecue – to bid goodbye to our seniors,

What should one look out for in the upcoming 6 months?

As festival season continues, it’s a tradition at Tribe Hostel to celebrate the smallest occasions to the fullest. With the upcoming festival season, I am excited to look forward to celebrating with my tribe family. Induction Party for the newcomers, virtual talent fest, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri & more!

Now isn’t that a vibe you want to be a part of? Drop a call at +91 8880868000 or visit us at @tribestays on Insta to get a glimpse of what these events at Tribe truly are like! See you soon!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Art Attack: Best hostels for finding some art inspiration

Students from all walks of life migrate to a new city, hoping to make a living from their education, knowledge, and skills. Some come to pursue hardcore technical programs like engineering, and others set out to become artists. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune, students live the time of their life by roaming the vibrant streets and enjoying the nightlife. But they also seek inspiration and creativity.

Living in a Mumbai or Pune hostel, students sometimes find their artistic or creative juices drying. So they feel frustrated and wonder whether they can perform well academically. Moreover, student accommodation becomes home for the next couple of years. So, it must have a similar cozy feeling to a bland hostel that serves crappy food and has metal bunker beds with cheap, hard mattresses.

As the new session has already commenced, boys are hunting for a boys’ Pune hostel and girls for a safe and pleasant girls’ hostel. Nevertheless, for both interiors and the vibe, it reflects matters. So here is our curated list of hostels in India that offer excellent artistic inspiration.

Best Hostels with Great Artistic Designs & Interiors

Students living away from home need motivation and a friendly vibe to study, stay, have fun and be comfortable in their endeavors. Being close to a community of people from their age group, adjustments become more accessible, but only if the hostel has what it takes to create a wholesome experience of university life.

So to help students find the best Pune & Mumbai hostels or other parts of India offering art inspiration with unique interiors, here is our list:

Pappi Chulo

If there isn’t a backpackers hostel on the list, it isn’t worth it. And this one in Goa is the ultimate place to stay and explore. Artists are travel enthusiasts too who roam around the world to seek inspiration from nature, surroundings, and more.

Even though students in Mumbai and Pune hostels are open to accommodating students, they would want to find an affordable alternative to hotels, and that’s where a majestic place like Pappi Chulo comes into the scene.

The graffiti walls reflecting the typical hippie vibe and goa, the beach cafe, a place for BBQ, and hostel pets make it a perfect choice for backpackers to visit and meet new Bombay Backpackers: Bombay Backpackers is located in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Matheran. The design and wall art of the hostel are heavily influenced by meditation and spirituality. Their four dorms, each with six beds, are titled “Creativity,” “Love,” “Celebration,” and “Meditation,” all of which are based on Osho’s teachings. There is a sizable common space in the hostel’s basement where you may unwind and socialise with your roommates. There are also board games and other hobbies available.

Tribe Stays

Tribe student accommodation has been the epitome of international-level living for students. From security to food and leisure time activities, the hostel has got it covered for the students. So there is no feeling low scenario. It is a community of like-minded people who do not believe in binding the people with rules and curfews.

And when it comes to the interiors, Tribe has the best rooftop cafes, sitting areas, and walls that spark the Michelangelo-level creativity within students. The tribe girls hostel in Mumbai has a greek theme cafe, sea view terrace, and graffiti on the walls. So who wouldn’t get a little dose of inspiration?


Being bored is not an option here thanks to a cafe, a common space with games, and a rooftop with a Bollywood theme all in one hostel. the Indian hostel brand Zostel, which offers fantastically imaginative interiors to spark the creativity of ideas in students, visitors, and all types of artists. A shipping container was used to build the Zostel branch that was opened in Panchgani, giving it a really distinct experience as you choose where to stay while travelling. The largest and busiest backpacker hostel in Mumbai, Zostel Mumbai, is only 4 kilometres from the Mumbai International Airport. It is also available in Pune!

Prison Hostel, Goa

Although exploring quirky hostels is usually entertaining, adding a theme enhances the overall experience. Prison Hostel, a hostel may be the quirky jail you have ever seen.The hostels’ exteriors were built with a jail aesthetic in mind. Travelers may easily visit several restaurants in the area around Anjuna Beach. There are occasionally held BBQ and yoga sessions for individuals seeking to mingle with other guests at the hostel.

Horn Ok Please

One of the busiest hostels you’ll possibly find is Horn OK please. The hostel, housed in a 100-year-old historic structure that has been brightly painted, exudes an extremely ethnic but rustic air. Each communal area, including the halls, has been attractively furnished with wall hangings, paintings, and trinkets in vibrant colours

Cuckoo Hostel

The Cuckoo Hostel welcomes travellers from all over the world and has an artsy air. This design hostel has spacious interiors with colourful furnishings and décor. This hotel welcomes pets. At the lounge and patio, visitors may unwind, read literature, and mingle with other travellers. Every private room and dorm has a sitting space and comfortable bedding. This hotel welcomes pets.

Students’ search for a perfect hostel is ever ending however the list curated by us might be helpful in terms of providing a creative and safe environment, whether you are looking for a boys’ hostel in Pune as the new semester has already started, or for a secure and welcoming girls’ hostel.

However, the interiors might also reflect on your attitude academically and personally. The list curated for you might help you escape from your boring hostel life! Tribe welcomes you aboard for creative and experiential learning. Bon Voyage!


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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!