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Have Proof Tribe Stays Hostel In Mumbai Is Exactly What You Are Looking For?

24 February 2022


Have you ever wanted to check out a student hostel in Mumbai and know if it was what you were looking for before making the trip all the way there? Your search for the best women’s student hostel in Mumbai is over!

We know how daunting it can be to stay with a well-established family when you are new in the state, which is why we have created this student hostel dedicated just to girl students.

Tribe Stays hostel in Mumbai offers students an academic environment, stress-free community building, and fun activities to de-clutter. This unique city has an amalgamation of genres and topography, from lively urban beaches and heritage structures to backdrops such as Konkan Coast and Goa, giving you a taste of traditional structures.

We are a top hostel in Mumbai, providing hostels for girls. The entire process is so streamlined and straightforward that you would definitely book a personal visit first. Now, some things that will convince you why our hostel facilities are what you are looking for:

Affordability & Sustainability

Whether you are looking for home-style food, tidy rooms, fully furnished rooms packed decked with amenities, or free Wi-Fi, our hostels have everything you would need away from home. You do not need to set up utilities, negotiate with landlords or look for flatmates. Tribe Stays has 24*7 security and biometric access.

Community & Security

Our Mumbai girls hostel is a 75-bed Mediterranean boutique place. We offer fully AC single and twin rooms for girls with open fitness space, entertainment zones, and other facilities. This place also has an open-air Greek-themed café, sea-view terrace, and graffiti walls.

You will live within the economic travel distance from Rachana Sansad, LS Raheja School of Art, School of European Pastry, Mithibai College, Pearl Academy, and Whistling Woods International.

Friendly Staff & Luxury Amenities

Our staff is available around the clock for your service requests. Expect timely housekeeping and laundry services, including all-time power availability and luxurious size bathrooms. Finding a hostel in Mumbai! It is the home to the essential Mumbai experience. Contact us today for booking a personal visit.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

You end up spending more in a rented home than a hostel 99% of time – Here’s why!

19 February 2022


As students, we do find ourselves with less pocket size than what we would rather wish for. Imagine you are on a trip with your friends, with a lot to explore and cross on your wishlist. But as soon as you cross a few, your empty wallet cancels everything else. THAT my friends, in all trueness, is the worst feeling in a student’s life! What could you do to make your plans more budget friendly? To start with, look for an alternative to the heaps of hotels or rented stays. We are talking about hostels here!

There’s a misconception that hostels are not luxurious, although that has certainly changed over the last few years. Many hostels in Pune, for instance, have added state of the art facilities in their establishments to ensure the best services for students. Be it Viman Nagar or Wakad, or even a hostel in Pune, the ingenuity comes out brightly. You could be paying half way less than your intended rented stay price, and yet receive the same warmth in a hostel!

A hostel room

While rented stays do offer some independence, there are plenty of times when the caretakers come snooping in. Hostels provide you a surrounding where you would find similar people, and in all the occupants is collective freedom. Wouldn’t it be more fun to swim in the celebration with others instead of staying in a rented house, feeling bad that you won’t be able to spend on a plate of your food to save money.

Play area in a hostel

Which brings me to the next point – hospitality. In the case that you choose to stay in a rented house, you will be expected to pay for other facilities. Order food, book a cab to get somewhere. It becomes all too expensive. Hostels are great in a way that they make everything more accessible. Strategically located in places of interest for students, say hostels in Vile Parle or hostels in Koregaon Park, you can expect your wallet to be spared of a leak.

Dining Area in a hostel

And yes, the experience! Imagine meeting new people, sharing different stories, and making memories for the future ahead. All this while paying less. To explore options, try TRIBE Stays. Located in Pune and Mumbai, it offers hostels for both boys and girls. It provides the best experience at affordable prices!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Is there a perfect student hostel or CoLiving for boys and girls? If there is, it will be something like this!

18 February 2022


“Honesty saves everyone’s time”

Imagine you plan a little tour of your own within your group. Everything is planned. You have purchased a spotify premium account by discounting some of your travel money, even getting yourself those cool shades at a reasonable plan. All destinations are marked for exploration. So, when you have planned everything that could be planned under the sun, why miss out on a good hostel?

It sure can be difficult to read through deceit, but with a strong game plan, you may just find the right way to keep yourself away from the loot. But the question that strikes is that how one knows that the hostel walk-arounds one takes are 100% (if not more) genuine. Don’t worry friends, we got you covered!

Here are some genuine factors that you can consider while you do a survey of hostels around you. May the best student accommodation win!

Two-bed hostel room in Pune with a view.

  1. Check for common areas – After all, that’s where all the fun will be! Make your estimates and ensure that the common area has safe vibes.
  2. Clean bathrooms – Hygiene first. Always! Check if all the washrooms are functional too.Clean hostel washroom with proper facilities
  3. Educated staff – Do not check for their graduation cards. By educated we mean how fluent they are in their job. Usually, a team in full command of their ways provides the best services.
  4. Free breakfast and WI-FI – Imagine spending a certain amount on your travel, and on your subscription and shades, and then spending a bit more on certain services.
  5. Security – Lockers should be fully functional and well built. Rest assured; your belongings will be safe!
  6. Activities – What is lined up for the evening? Ensure you are among the right lot.
  7. Laundry facilities – How convenient and smooth the process can be.

Too much to cover. TRIBE STAYS have you covered!

We cover each detail well, to your convenience. Our services are streamlined to focus on your needs. And when you are at TRIBE, you could worry less about a lot. Isn’t that some time saving? At TRIBE STAYS, we provide the best student accommodation. We are operating in three locations in Pune and in Mumbai as well!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

As a parent, what are the 7 most important safety features to look for in a hostel for your child

As a hostel provider , we understand a parent’s concern for their child’s safety, especially when they are away from home. Have they eaten properly? Are they safe in the place they are staying at? What are the types of people they are mingling with? The stress list is never-ending. We just want to let you know that these are all valid reasons to worry about and that is why we have made it easier for you. There are 5 most important safety features, you as a parent need to look for in a hostel for your child. 


Biometric provides a high level of security. Biometric technology will have a record of who all are staying in hostels, along with their fingerprints, so whenever they go out or come back , it will have the record of the timing and the attendance in the hostel.

Security Measures

Everyone wants to feel safe in hostels, so CCTV Surveillance systems should be there in hostel premises to prevent hostel theft, mainly for hostel security purposes. This also helps in identifying conflicts and keeping a track of  who is visiting and when. It just brings peace of mind to the parents as well as the hostellers.

hostel security

Covid Norms

This is like the most important concern for the situation we have been in now. Because of that, hygiene should be of utmost priority in hostels. In the hostel, every student comes from a different place, so it is necessary that the hostel maintains proper covid precaution for everyone who stays there. Regular thermal check ups at all entry and exit points, sanitisation facilities at all hotspots across campus, complete hostel sanitisation, biomedical disposable bins on all floors, Covid-19 testing tie ups should be there. A check on what they are doing to maintain social distance in the hostel, deems necessary as well

Emergency Measures

Emergency preparedness is a team sport. Make sure the hostel has trained staff for emergencies and first aid in case of a student’s health emergency. In case of power outage there should be a power back up for uninterrupted electricity supply.  Fire extinguishers should be there in the hostel in case there is a fire emergency. 

Food Sanitisation Checks

Food area of the hostel should be properly sanitized including the sitting area, kitchen and restrooms. The cooks and all the staff should maintain proper hygiene of the food while making food for students. Look on the website of the hostel how they are maintaining food hygiene.

Food quality control

There should be trained people for handling food. It should follow the FSSAI guidelines. All raw and cooked vegetables must be tested before serving it to the hostellers. 

Quality of other residents staying

As a parent you want the best for your child, you constantly hope they meet the inspiring and amazing people in life and wrong association with any group can affect their whole life. So before choosing a hostel for your child, examine what kind of student community is staying there.

P.S – Check all the safety measures followed at Tribe!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!