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Extraordinary Innovation Hostel: Reasons tribe bagged the ‘Student Housing of the Year’ Title

Life as a student living away from home is callous because of all sorts of challenges, especially concerning suitable accommodation and healthy living. India is home to the largest youth demography, yet it is the slowest and most backward economy in providing students with affordable, safe, and secure living options.

However, Tribe redefined this concept of crooked and small hostels where students are fed unhealthy and tasteless food. Since its inception in 2018, the Tribe community has aimed to transform student accommodation into luxury living and a comfort-like home. The experience of students living in the Tribe is nothing less than fantastic, which is one reason we achieved the ‘Student Housing of the Year award 2020-21’ by Siliconindia Magazine.

Students expect better living conditions when talking about hostels in Mumbai or Pune. Countless young millennials migrate yearly to these cities to pursue degree programs in Universities. Upon reaching the place, when they discover no availability of hostels on-campus, they wander through the city from one nook to another corner and return disappointed.

Looking at these experiences, Tribe founders realized that real estate has the potential to upgrade better living conditions for students. Hence, they emerged with fantastic interiors, a study, and a chill-out zone with a safe living environment by introducing Pune student coliving  & Mumbai girl’s hostel. Going further, being able to win the Student Housing of the Year Award, it proved to be a conjunct of not just one but several facilities:

Extra Spacious Luxury Rooms

When the word ‘Hostel’ is uttered, the only picture that comes to mind is a small, 4 by 4 clogged space that fits a skeleton-like dusty mattress with no proper linen or covers on Pillow. In some of the Pune Hostels, there would even be dampened walls that would smell horrible, and washrooms would feel unhygienic.

But Tribe broke this stereotype with luxury rooms of international standards that made students love and remember the days spent at the accommodation. The spacious sunlit rooms with clean linens and a lovely space to study give the students a wholesome living experience.

The Innovative RFID Bands

We millennials have a lot to handle. Our hands are full of books, bags, and coffee cups. If we have to manage another set of keys to the hostel room, it would be a nightmare. And that’s why at tribe, the RFID bands came as a wonderful phenomenon, making life easier for students. Crossing scavenging for keys from the list, the RFID bands were provided to students in Tribe hostels in Mumbai (Vile Parle) and Pune (Viman Nagar and Wakad).

Upon coming into close contact with the bands, the rooms automatically unlock, removing all hassle of opening the old rusty lock with an even rusty key. While stepping into the elevator inside the girl’s or boys’ Pune hostel, scanning the RFID band would only take you to your room’s floor. The safety level helps students sleep peacefully without worrying about who would duplicate or steal the keys.

The Ultimate Tribe App Experience

We are highly addicted to applications on our phones for every action— from grocery shopping to online apparel shopping. And that’s why Tribe happily familiarized the student community with the Tribe App. From raising a complaint to informing the campus about visitors in Mumbai or Pune Hostel, the app truly benefits the student.

They can even store all their essential IDs on the app to quickly show them when asked. No more hunting down the wallet for your IDs. On top of that, all community events and updates reflect on the app, so students are open to participate, discuss and poll on making a decision.

Mouth-Watering Food & No Warden

Both in a hostel seem like only a fantasy, but the Tribe made it happen. With chefs and nutritionists preparing a healthy and tasty delicacy for students at Cafe Mamaliga, it officially triumphs the tag of hostel food equals a few years of living with hellish food. In addition, the no curfew and no warden life is the cherry on an already delicious cake. Students are self-determined to reach back to their dorm rooms. So the Tribe family cuts them slack to be free birds and responsible simultaneously.

Tribe Family not just extends amenities for a luxurious living but also extends the love. The warmth of tribe Stays makes students fall in love with our student accommodations in Mumbai & Pune. It aims to make staying away from home & learning a memorable journey for students. So are you looking to find a hostel in Pune or Mumbai? Come be part of the tribe Family!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Hostel Bookings are OPEN! Here is what you need to know before booking one

Working or living away from home might initially feel quite adventurous, but that comes with challenges. The trickiest part is finding a good hostel. As the new session begins, the search for hostels will top the list. That’s because charting out the best places to stay from the list of hostels in Mumbai or Pune is like searching for a gem in a pile of dust.

Indeed, living in a hostel is a one-of-a-kind experience for us millennials, especially for the digital nomads who believe in their techy means of life for work and living at several locations. That’s why it is essential to be thorough about some aspects before booking the hostel. However, for someone who is going to experience living in a hostel for the first time in their life, it shouldn’t be a complete nightmare.

Even more so, hostels in Pune are not just meant for students but for travelers or working professionals of the modern-day who prefer to work in a more liberal environment rather than close and confined spaces. So a change of scenario by staying in hostels could be a fantastic option. Now that the booking season is open, it’s almost time to equip yourself with all the details for choosing a hostel that gives you a tribe and living experience you have always imagined.

Dorm Rooms, Private Rooms, or Something Else

We all love to have our private space. The thought of owning a private room, being able to study late, work late or spend some quality time with self is a desire. But that does not mean dorm rooms and sharing a room with someone is terrible. Hostel life is about experiences you get to share with your roomies.

The number of options has escalated in the present day when it comes to traveling the world and getting to choose a good hostel. So it shouldn’t have to be a stereotypical hostel but more of an adventure into the next chapter.

Flexible Cancelation Policy

Our generation is all about spontaneity and living in the moment. We want to make decisions and take risks but also embrace all the opportunities that come our way. So why should a rigid hostel booking policy become an obstacle in your way to exploring and finding better living conditions?

Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic situation (nobody wants to go back to that!), travel restrictions could be imposed back, or you might change your mind about the hostel’s location. So it is essential to ensure whether the booked hostel in Mumbai offers the flexibility to cancel without jumping through hoops.

The Amenities

If you are paying handsomely for something, it is important to weigh down on the benefits it is offering. When searching for a girls’ hostel in Mumbai or Pune, you would look for fun things to do in your leisure time like a swimming pool, a playing area to pass the time with others, etc. Moreover, the food, bathroom, and hygiene are crucial things to inspect. The better the facilities are, the more comfortable the experience would be away from home.


Location is significant when looking for a girls’ hostel in Mubai because the ease of going anywhere near the vicinity and feeling safe holds a lot of importance. You wouldn’t want to be living in the middle of a market or experiencing all wilderness and no accessibility to civilization. So make sure when you choose a hostel in Pune or Mumbai area, it is close enough to amenities like malls, parks, markets, etc., and at the same time, it is in a little peaceful environment. The best of both worlds is a fantastic way to reside in a hostel.

Anything Extra to Offer

Many of the hostels & student accommodation have turned supremely innovative and involved amenities like Coworking spaces for working professionals who have the freedom to work remotely and in whichever place they like. Find out if the hostel offers anything extra like pick and drop facility, events, etc. and whether or not these are included in the money you are paying.

The Final Word

Whether you are living in a boy’s hostel in Pune or circling all the available girl’s hostels in Mumbai, you deserve to know the feeling of belongingness and fun even amidst strangers miles away from home. Hostel life is worth exploring, and you deserve to feel at home even when you find that freedom.

That’s why Tribe stays offers one-of-a-kind luxury student accommodation and co-living. They have everything on their sleeves, from cafes, fun zone, and fitness centers to hygienic food and luxury living. So what are you waiting for? The booking is open now.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Best Hostel Accommodation in Mumbai/Pune that would become your humble abode

Life as a college student sums up in two words, parties and living alone. Okay! Maybe studying as well, but who are we kidding? It is a magical phase of our lives with all the freedom in the world to explore places and have adventures with friends; we seldom think about anything else. However, one thing that keeps every guy or girl occupied— finding a good hostel in Mumbai or Pune.

Honestly, Mumbai and Pune are the primary locations in the state of Maharashtra, where students from small towns arrive to pursue their dream. Each has the idea to experience roaming around the city and meeting new people. And it all begins right from choosing the best student accommodation.

With such advancements in living standards and everyone accessible to such excellent amenities, the concept of hostel has drastically shifted. A lot is expected from any girl’s hostel in Pune beyond safety and hygiene. With a handful of years to spend away from home, everyone craves a little homely feeling, especially from their place of stay— the second home.

These days majority of the hostel owners understand the lonely feeling and the consistent pressure to perform well academically, students miss out on a lot of good stuff. So they instead create a community of fun beings who become the second family to each other.

Why even think about living in Hostels in Mumbai/Pune?

Even though a metropolitan city like Mumbai has so much to offer, the universities do not always have enough room to accommodate every girl or boy. That’s one reason there is so much rush to quickly find space in the girls hostel in Mumbai.

Moreover, modern-day off-campus hostels offer amenities far beyond what’s inside university hostels at a price that does not require a student to break the bank. Besides, Why not traverse through all the fantastic moments waiting inside a hostel in Pune?

After you are done reading this blog, you will know precisely the right places to have all the fun outside your college. Inside a hostel and be an intellectual chap simultaneously. Here are the top 5 hostel accommodations to look at when in Mumbai or Pune:

Tribe Stays

Tribe trumps all the other student hostels in Mumbai or Pune. Student accommodation is a holy grail for students who have just stepped into the city and look forward to having a pleasant living experience. The tribe was born out of the necessity of providing international-standard accommodation to the world’s largest student population.

They understand that it is hard to concentrate on academics and let alone make good memories when a student continues to jostle for suitable hostel accommodation. And bam! There it was; a community worth being in, a food worth savoring, and a stay worth remembering. The tribe became a go-to hostel for many students.

Starting from offering amenities like coliving and coworking spaces, singular ambiance, fitness centres, Chill zone, and study zone to having extraordinary social gatherings, top-notch security with the help of RFID Bands, 24*7 cafes, and international standard rooms, there is nothing that feels amiss. Located closer to significant universities, Tribe is situated in both Mumbai (Ville Parle) & Pune (Wakad & Viman Nagar).

Urban Nomads, Pune

The next on the list is another gem of a place. Urban Nomads is spread across Goa, Pune, Kerala, and Udaipur. So if you are looking for another hostel in Pune, Urban Nomads would be a worthy place to checkout. They offer a 24-hour front desk, coworking space to work in style, and basic amenities like free parking, communal kitchen, internet, wifi, etc.

The events like Barbeque nights, Game nights, and Fitness workshops are a few to name. It has an ecosystem for freelancers, founders, students, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who come together to create experiences and memories.

Zostel, Mumbai

Another one of the liveliest living spaces for students and other backpackers in Mumbai is Zostel. It is located in Andheri, at a distance of 4km from the Airport, making it easy for students or frequent travelers to catch their flight without any hustle of Mumbai traffic quickly. Bollywood-themed rooftop to chill, game area, and cafe are few of the amenities apart from some basic ones like wifi, nice size bedrooms (different options), and free travel assistance.

Whether you are eyeing a student coliving in Pune or a girls hostel in Mumbai, it is essential to feel safe and happy, and fulfilled. The booking is open now, and beds are filling fast in tribe stays; make sure you grab yours soon.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

A guide to nightlife while living in a Pune hostel!

With Tribe luxury student accommodation’s no-curfew policy, we like to party till the sun comes out!

College ID card? Check
RFID band? Check
Phone? Check 

The infamous Tupperware? Check

You’ve successfully not lost anything on the first day of college! Phew. And although your mom shall no longer find out if you misplace your invaluable premium plastic bottle, a sense of responsibility seems to have already kicked in; you have realized the importance of taking care of your belongings.

But wait, how mature do you exactly plan on getting in one single day?
Isn’t college life also about being your carefree best?
So, if you’re in the mood to bond with your newly-found friends (and lose a couple of belongings XD), here’s a handpicked list of places to hit if you want to explore the nightlife of Pune hostels!

P.S- Tribe student accommodation follows a no-warden and no-curfew policy, meaning you can stay out as late as you want and party as much as your heart desires!


Described as a “high-key” place by one of our Viman Nagar hostel residents, Penthouze is the ultimate place to be when the stipend gets credited to your account. Known for its diverse crowd and 12th-floor rooftop dance floor that perfectly encapsulates the vastness of this Maharashtrian city’s soul, Penthouze’s chilled-out vibe is all a student needs. Its hip beats and chicken skewers are to die for. In fact, Tribe Viman Nagar’s farewell afterparty was hosted at this very club! 

Openair club, Penthouze, with a city-view & beach-umbrella-covered individual seating areas and deck


High Spirits

When it has high in the very name, you know the club gotta be good. Cafe by day, open-air disc by night, High Spirits has a local legend- of not letting anyone who enters be in low spirits. Tribe student accommodate and HS has a pichle janam ka naata, with all our collaborations being hosted with them, be it an all-paid-for couple dinner date when you win the Valentine’s Day contest or a free entry into ‘High Fete’ when you secure the first position in our Mother’s Day reel-making competition. With western tunes, lip-smacking food and carnival-themed fetes (yes, we’re talking full-blown carnival vibes with can hits, loop the bottle, and open-air karaoke), High Spirits is a Tribe student favourite!

High Spirits Pune- open-air seating & a boho-themed gazebo featuring a stage and RGB wall murals


The House of Medici 

What would Lady Gaga’s staple dialogue be if she was a Pune hostel student?
Father, son, and House of Medici!

“If you want to have the most amazing night of your life, go to the House of Medici
-Ramith Dhawan

Tribe Viman Nagar student rep

Student of MIT World Peace University
Ardent party attendee

If you want to avoid falling victim to a neverending loop of poor jokes like me, steer clear of the burnout and head over to India’s first two-storey bar at Westin, Pune. With a deluxe cigar room, the longest bar in the country, and a mini elevator that serves as transportation between the two-storey alcohol display, House of Medici’s lip-smacking concoctions and neverending dance floors are sure to leave you baffled. 

Greek-themed House of Medici at Westin Pune with two-storey bar & dance floor

Orilla CDC

If sophisticated is your vibe and you want to get to know your Tribe, Orilla CDC provides for the perfect ambience with never-seen-before blends and Pune riverside winds swirling through your hair. Orilla, the Spanish word for riverbank, is situated atop a serene Pune bank with a stellar riverside view. CDC stands for the different zones of the place- the Cafe, the Deck (river-facing) and the Club. Orilla is a place of dilemma- for you will never be able to decide what keeps drawing you back to this place- its Chicken Chapli kebabs or its vibes!

Windy riverside deck with turquoise tub chairs, tan sofas, yellow lighting & lush trees dipping over

To live your ultimate best life and party without having to worry about hostel curfews, drop a call at +91 8880868000 or head over to @tribestays (Instagram) or www.tribestays.com to book your Viman Nagar hostel room today!


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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

The best Pune hostel for foodies!

Here’s why you might want to consider Tribe luxury student accommodation if you live to eat and love to party!

There’s nothing that a piping hot bowl of creamy pasta cannot fix, whether it be a broken heart or homesickness. So, if you are somebody who eats to cope with the troubles of adulthood, here’s why Tribe luxury student accommodation’s Viman Nagar campus might just fit your college lifestyle like a glove!

You name the locality, we name the restaurant.

Pune’s buzzing with restaurants of all sorts. Whether it is a sleepy cafe that you want or a breezy rooftop gazebo with an open bar, you’ll not be disappointed when you’re in Viman Nagar. To begin with, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Moreover, you are promised a full tummy no matter what your wallet holds. Students usually flock to Atmosphere 6, Beans Talk Cafe (renowned for their Korean Fried Chicken, New York Cheesecake, and Popcorn Shake (it sounds weird, tastes weirder but it’s the definition of ADDICTIVE)), Where Else Diner and Kelly’s Cafe, which are all a stone’s throw from Tribe Viman Nagar.

Beans Talk Cafe- open-air garden chairs with rustic decor & a canopy of vines strewn overhead

Beans Talk Cafe’s Korean Fried Chicken, french fries and dip

Night Option’s Chicken Schezwan Momos and Sunny Biriyani House’s Egg Bhurji with a piping hot glass of tea are our night owl’s favourite spots. Not too hard on the pocket and incredibly satisfying for the soul! (Ask your Tribe friends where they are because you’ll not find them on Google Maps, their address is imprinted only on hearts :3)

And if you’re not in the mood to step out, Tribe Viman Nagar’s very own Cafe Mamaliga operates till 10 at night to satisfy all your cravings. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Mamaliga are also included in every month’s rent. And forget water-downed dals and concrete-laced rotis, our chefs hail from some of the most acclaimed hotel chains across the country (and yes, we have non-vegetarian options in EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL)

For all our meals we serve, 

  • 1 Condiment
  • 1 Rice Preparation
  • 1 Dal Preparation
  • 1 Type of Bread
  • 2 Veg Main Courses
  • 1 Non-Veg Main Course
  • 1 Dessert

(We just skip the dal and rice dishes when we serve Chinese, Continental or Italian, which usually happens seven times a week.)

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the menu for the day- 

Lunch- Salad Bar, Raita, Vinaigrettes, Veg Biryani,Chicken Biryani, Mirch Ka Salan, Kala Jamun

Dinner-Kashmiri Yellow Dal, Black Chana, Chapati, Dum Ka Pulao, Salad, Papad, Pakoda Kadhi, Murgh Pudina Korma, Jalebi OR Veg Schezwan Stir Fry, Chilli Garlic Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Noodles, Kimchi, Veg Balls in Hot Garlic Sauce, Chicken Manchurian Gravy, Ice Cream

And although these dishes might not enjoy the best of reputation among concerned parents, our chefs’ thoroughly researched recipes have stood the test of time and held testimony to the fact that tasty doesn’t always have to be unhealthy.

Tribe Viman Nagar also ensures to balance these out with home-style meals, one of them this week was Matki Masala Dry, Arhar Dal Tadka, Chapati, Pudina Pulao, Veg Jhalfrezi, Egg Dalna, and Sheera; with a tossed salad and papad on the side. There’s a reason we’re a luxury student accommodation and not just any other Pune hostel.

And, our hot plates in the breakout zone, 24/7 self-cook pantry, and round-the-clock vending machines make sure none of our residents go hungry; no matter the time. 

So if you’re somebody who lives to eat and can’t wait to set out on this journey of gastronomical wonder, drop a call at +91 8880868000 or head over to @tribestays (Instagram) or www.tribestays.com to book your Viman Nagar hostel room today!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!