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Revive Isolation center

8 May 2021


Tribe has always prided itself in being a brand that focuses on holistic development of both individuals and society. When we started our maiden voyage two years back, none of us foresaw that we will be facing a pandemic that will bring life to a standstill and force our properties to spend months without seeing our students’ faces. However, as a business that holds society as its ultimate mentor and customer, we would like to do our bit to join hands in battling Covid-19. Presenting, Revive, our empty Viman Nagar campus converted into an isolation ward. What’s it got? Read on to find out.

Who is it for?

It’s open to all Covid positive patients (asymptomatic/mild cases) who want to isolate themselves and help stop the spread of the virus. If you live in a joint family or are finding it difficult to completely isolate yourself from the members of your household, out-of-home isolation is highly recommended. Studies have shown that the second wave of Covid is affecting younger individuals in equal numbers. However, due to their robust immunity, simple isolation usually leads to a full recovery. However, they hold the risk of passing it on to senior and immunosuppressed members of the household who unfortunately succumb to the virus. Moreover, most Pune hospitals have restricted themselves to admitting only highly critical patients. Thus, for others, Revive is the best option to isolate while have access to the best professional care in a luxurious environment. If you have senior-citizens, children, pregnant women, or immunosuppressed (Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis) individuals in your home, Tribe Revive is the place to go.

What are the medical amenities available?

Revive’s Viman Nagar property has doctors and nurses who practice in Pune’s top 5 hospitals. In case of droppage of Oxygen levels, one would not have to resort to panic and frantic searches for oxygen cylinders as oxygen is also available within the property. In addition to this, all our isolation patients get access to consultations from top doctors and  24X7 medical monitoring.

What other amenities will isolated patients be provided with?

In addition to Tribe’s luxurious air-conditioned rooms that house plush beds and attached modular bathrooms, each isolation patient will be provided with 4 meals a day which will have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. One also doesn’t need to worry about travelling to and from the isolation center as Revive provides both pick-up and drop facilities.

Where is it?

It is located in the heart of Pune in Samrat Chowk, Viman Nagar. It’s location can be easily accessed through Google Maps by searching for “Tribe Student Hostel, Viman Nagar”. Detailed address provided below.

How much is the service priced at?

The service comes in both 7 and 14 day packages, the WHO recommended isolation period from the date of sample collection for positive cases. All services provided above are priced at an incredibly nominal rate of Rs. 3000 per day. At an amount of Rs. 3000 a day, you ensure the safety of your family while spending your days in the epitome of luxury with access to the best medical treatment. We are opening Revive in Wakad soon.

Join the battle against Covid-19 today and help restore our world to its previous glory so that everything can return to normalcy. Contact Revive today!

Address: Mascot Centre, Samrat Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune. Google Maps- Tribe Student Hostel

Phone Number: 9370507258/8956516755

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5 3-ingredient recipes for lazy folks

5 May 2021


Did mom ban Swiggy or are you not in the mood for a punch from Zomato? Or are you too lazy to move your bum to look for ingredients or are you just too lazy to go to the supermarket? Here are five recipes that need only three ingredients and a maximum of ten minutes of moving. Come on guys, we can do this! (Also, by ingredients, we mean ingredients we exclusively buy for special recipes, so water and salt and oil and the likes have been excluded for the ‘3’ banner) 

Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake 

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Sorry we can’t take brand names, but it rhymes with Sew-bella)-  ¾ cup 

Eggs- 2

Flour- ¼ cup 

Mix the Sew-bella with the eggs, add in the flour, microwave for 2 minutes. Boom! Ultimate dessert. Top with extra Sew-bella if you live life king size (only way it should be lived)

Lazy Susan (Read: Suhana) Cookies 

Oats- 2 cups 

Bananas- 2 nos

Chocolate Chips/ Raisins- Jitna dalna hai daal do 

Mash the bananas with all the rage you have, imagine ex’s face on it. Add oats, add preferred topping (read: chocolate chips obv), mix, and bake at 180 degree C for 12 minutes (Sorry degree ka chota circle keyboard mein mila nahi) 

Black and White Fudge 

White Chocolate (Brand name rhymes with Wilky Far)- 200gms 

Condensed Milk (Brand name rhymes with Bithai Fade)- 50ml

Chocolate Cream Cookies (Brand name rhymes with Florio)- 3 pcs

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave like the sun melts you in summers. Add the condensed milk to it and the crushed Florios. Refrigerate for 2 hours and cut into small cubes and GORGE!

Btw, sorry to disappoint but it’s not the Black and White you were thinking of. (Can’t endorse alcohol on a student accommodation page, parents nahi bhejenge baccho ko) 

Pizza sticks 

Momo Wrapper- 10 nos 

Mozzarella Cheese- ½ block 

Pizza sauce- 4 tbsp 

Take a momo wrapper and wet the edges with water. Cut the mozzarella block into small rectangles and place one at one end of the momo wrapper. Add pizza sauce on top of it and fold in the sides and then fold upwards. Once sealed, fry till golden brown! 

Dhaniya Gola Ruti 

Flour- 1 cup 

Coriander Leaves- 2 stalks 

Oil for frying

Bengalis, does this ring a bell? Add flour to a bowl, then add salt and coriander leaves. Add water till it forms a semi-thick batter. Add oil to a non-stick pan and spread out the mixture like a dosa. Let cook for 3 minutes on either side on medium flame. Perfect for ‘rolling up’ and snacking on!

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Great things come to those who don't!

5 things we wish we could tell our college professors

5 May 2021


There are a myriad of things we all wish we could tell our college professors, from the fact that we’re mentally EXHAUSTED to the fact that we find some classes so boring that it makes us question the post-12th-grade decision we took. These feelings are universal, and most importantly, timeless. But come 2020, (and now the legal drinking age version of it- 2021), online classes have changed the rants we have for our profs. Here are 5 things we all wish we could write in an email and send to our teachers!

We’re not switching on our cameras because we’re not wearing bras. 

“I won’t start the class till all videos are on”. It’s in these times that true camaraderie is tested among the students, this is our one chance at rebellion, but that one person always has to keep their video on, forcing the others to follow suit. Please understand that we’re not switching on our cameras because our alarms literally rang two minutes back, not because we’re out partying while keeping your class on mute. (Please realize that one needs to have friends to party) We’re living in that golden age where we can attend classes from under the blanket while wearing our half-torn ganji, please don’t take away the little joys from us, it’s what’s keeping us alive!!!

Yes, we love it when your cat meows. 

It’s literally the only thing that keeps us attentive during class. When your cat purrs for milk at your feet and you look down and smile, it makes our days. Not because we’re mushy teenagers going awwwww, but because it’s purring always becomes a reason for you to give us a five minute break because you have to get up and put them in another room. Yay catto! We loves yous! (Okay, maybe we go a little aww. Fine. We admit it.)

Please stop scheduling classes post college hours, we have a life.

We get that your network was acting up during the original class hour. But look at it this way. If it was a normal offline college day, and if you were stuck in traffic and couldn’t reach on time, that class would stand cancelled, right? Why is it not the same here? If you don’t consider repeating the last class because the student’s network was acting up during that time, why should we sit with our laptops at 9 PM on a Sunday for your convenience? Hadd hai. Don’t eat up my Manga time please! Stop misusing technology!!!!

Stop showing us Youtube videos and calling it a lecture.

We all have one professor who popped into our mind when we read this sentence. We all know one. If copying our essays from Wikipedia is plagiarism, you showing us Youtube videos is an extreme form of it. We know you think online classes and screen sharing is a match made in heaven, but if we could get a degree by watching YT videos, we wouldn’t be paying the college this much.

Please don’t ask to be added to the class Whatsapp group, that’s where we gossip about you. 

And even if we concede to adding you, there’s a 100% chance we will have another group called “COLLEGENAME INFORMAL”. You can communicate all you want to through Email and calls to the CR, but Whatsapp is a sacred place. We worry everyday about typing things meant for the informal group in the formal one and whether our statuses are hidden from you. So please, don’t exploit our anxiety maybe?

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

5 weird beauty hacks that actually work

5 May 2021


We’re all guilty of binging on 5-minute-crafts for hours and whispering to ourselves that half of those will never work! It’s equally fun to dive into the comments to see people discern their videos and state scientific facts as to why performing the crafts could be dangerous, like none of us knew that sticking a hot dog into a moving fan could mean peril. But every once in a while, you come across these insanely weird beauty hacks that you swear could never work, (because that is what the brand image of quick fixes is) but to your surprise, they actually do! Here are 5 tried-and-tested hacks that are sure to become a subconscious daily practice in your daily makeup routine from this day on!

Turn glossy lipsticks matte! 

Love a shade of lipstick but can’t find it’s matte version? Or are you as broke as me and don’t want to invest in another tube that you won’t wear that often anyway? Apply your lipstick and grab a normal tissue paper. Put it over your lips and let it stick to them. Take a poofy powder brush and dab on some translucent face powder or setting powder onto your lips from over the tissue paper. You can even substitute the tissue for some cotton that has been stretched out into a sheet. And voila! Instant matte!

Ditch uber-expensive micellar waters for coconut oil! 

Tired of having to rub your face red to get your makeup off at the end of the day? Our good old Parachute coconut oil will do the trick. Just apply some onto your palms or to some cotton and swipe away! It’s ten times cheaper than generic makeup remover,does the job better, and leaves the skin moisturized and glowing too! Anything else you could ask for? Just make sure that you wash your face with a good quality face wash after this so that you don’t risk your pores getting clogged or your pillow cover getting stained! Yes you’ll look like a panda while doing this. Yes, it’ll be worth it.

Smell better for longer! 

Love perfumes but are downright enraged by how short a time period the fragrance lasts for? Especially if you’re running around college and sweating like a pig? This one product that can be found in literally every household can be the bridge between just looking good and actually feeling good! Take some vaseline and apply it to the body parts you would normally put perfume on (wrists, nape, armpits etc) and then apply the perfume. The vaseline will trap in the perfume and help you feel fresh and rejuvenated for longer (even though you’ve been dead inside since 16 🙂 )

Use your bobby right!

No, not Bobby Deol. We’re not Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. We’re talking about bobby pins. We love them, but we hate how soon these buggers can disappear. But before we ideate on how to not lose them, we have to learn how to use them correctly first. They should be used with the bumpy side down! These are the grippers that hold your hair in place, and should go down. As for how often they get lost, that’s just the universe conspiring against you, it really can’t be helped. 

Use heat to curl lashes better!

Please don’t send us a lawsuit after trying this hack because we’re not asking you to use a full-blown straightener on your eyelash or hold it against a stove. Take your eyelash curler and blow hot air on it using a hairdryer. Make sure you don’t make it too hot, though (again, lawsuit nahi chahiye please). The principle is the same as that of a straightener’s. Heat helps to create and hold shape for longer so that your eyelashes look better and bolder without having to use any products!

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Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!