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Hostel life filled with Fun games, Podcasts, and Internships – Explore the Tribe way of living

When people move out of their homes and to a new destination, most hostellers seek security, comfort, and better living space all wrapped together in one. On one side, a city like Pune is ideal for both students and working professionals but on the other, most hostellers grapple with nutritious and healthy food and comfortable and clean stays. It often gets difficult to find classy hostels to stay in and gets further difficult to find decent Boys Pune Hostels too. And it equally gets difficult to find top-notch Girls Pune Hostels as well.

So, what if we told you we could solve this? And we could give you luxury living that’s beyond just a ‘home-like’ experience where all your living needs will be completely taken care of right from your stay to your social needs. Not just that, but what if you could be a part of a community podcast or even gain exposure to find opportunities for an internship? Ever wondered what that could be like? Well, think no more because Tribe Stays is here to address exactly what that situation would look like. Let’s deep dive and find out.

Game of Tribe

By bringing in fun games and interactive activities, we present to you, the Game of Tribe which is a weekly Game night, that invites all the Tribe residents to interact and have fun with each other through games including the musical chair, tortilla challenge and The first one to spill the water gets water spilled on their challenge to name a few. These innovative games are curated to keep our young folks entertained, engaged, and most importantly gain a positive and fun hostel experience.


Podcasting is the in-thing now so why not harp on it? Podcasts help cover varied topics across the globe and on different topics. Tribe encourages young minds to come to be a part of this and host a Podcast series where they can have healthy discussions, general chit chat, and most importantly, address events that affect the student community. We are not just talking about our Girls Pune Hostels. This can be availed even at our Boys Pune Hostels. Hence providing a wholesome co-living experience.


Tribe is more than comfortable stay and food. We feel the need to nurture young mind beyond their basic needs and this is exactly why Tribe felt the need to provide a platform for you to grow your skills through different programs and Internships. Tribe Ambassador program helps residents with a platform to create content on social media including testimonials, reels, videos, reviews and click daily life photos. And you get paid for this! We feel that every Tribe should receive an opportunity to explore their talents and get rewarded for their creativity and hard work. Photography opportunities are also provided here where hostellers can shoot videos or click photographs and even be part of shoots at Tribe! To improve their leadership skills, and build confidence and their communication skills, we have created Tribe representatives who help residents in case they have any grievances. They can even approach these representatives if they have any suggestions for improvements who in return will discuss it with the management and see that our residents have a wonderful and happy time at Tribe.

Improvising the concept of hostel living, Tribe brings to you an array of different opportunities for you to experience out-of-the-ordinary hostel stay endeavors. And now you know that we aren’t just talking about our Boys Pune Hostels but this can be captured and experienced at our Girls Pune Hostels too.

At Tribe Stays, hostel life is all about transcending from the point of having a mere comfortable stay to amping up the whole hostel experience. So don’t wait too long, you can book your rooms right away and become a part of the new-gen hostel experience.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Blood Donation Camp at Tribe’s Hostel in Pune – A drive with a purpose

When we think of hostels, what are the first few things that come into mind? A bed, study or work table (maybe), bland food, and restrictions! Although the hostel concept has reached nearly most corners of the world, there are still apprehensions and preconceived notions about this accommodation style. But today, the story is far different. Hostels are now more well-structured and organized in more efficient ways than many hotels and other accommodation choices offered out there. And the hostels in Pune are also amping up their game. And which is the best hostel that offers world-class facilities that make you never want to leave? Well, we would say check out Tribe Stays which offers the best co-living experience across our Girls Pune Hostels and Boys Pune Hostels. We are not just talking about the ensuite rooms, mouth-watering food, in-house laundry & housekeeping, safe & clean environment, recreational activities, and rooms but also a CSR activity – a blood donation camp. That’s right!

Tribe Stays recently organized a blood donation camp on the 27th of August at their Hostel in Pune. The thought behind this blood drive was rather commendable. This blood drive was arranged in order to benefit our country’s soldiers serving in the Indian Army, Navy & Airforce who are currently recovering. Tribe Stays tied up with nearby hospitals including Southern Command Hospital, Army Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, and Military Hospital, Khadki to run this blood donation camp.

Well, a blood donation drive… sounds pretty cool but we still want to address a few things that are still prevailing such as the fear of needle-prick, lack of awareness, and a general indifference towards blood donation among our citizens.  And sometimes we only realize the importance of blood donation when we have to look for donors for our near and dear ones. But it is time we realize the importance of blood donation and start contributing to society, especially for our heroes. The camp was carried out in a meticulous fashion where after getting their forms filled, the donors had undergone a mini-health check-up, including everything from their weight to their haemoglobin levels.

Tribe stays also rolled out an announcement post on their socials where general tips to keep you comfortable while you join were also shared such as having iron-rich foods, including meat, fish, poultry, beans, spinach, etc., drinking extra water before donating blood, wearing comfortable clothing, and reminding you to relax & recharge after donating. Calling out every hero out there to save their heroes who protect our nation, the blood donation camp ended with a beautiful philosophy of – ‘Donate your blood for a reason, let the reason be Life.’

Having said that, we have designed Tribe Stays keeping in mind the current needs of the generation and understanding what our hostellers indeed really want. And we know that you have dreamt of living in a hostel life with a luxurious and homely living area, a home away from home, where you could make sweet memories. And Tribe Stays is here to offer you that and more. Now that you have read the article, you get a sense of the vibe at Tribe. And we want you to experience every single drop of that essence. Having said that, be it a Boys Pune Hostel or a Girls Pune Hostel, if you are looking for a hostel that will not let you compromise on your comfort zone, then Tribe is the place to be! Because we get how important it is to have a comfortable stay. So, pack your bags, book your tickets, and call us and book your stay!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Students’ Housing Issues with Hostels in Pune? Not anymore!

We have all heard horror stories when it comes to students’ housing. Accommodation is, in fact, a major problem for students who are especially moving to a new city. Within a city like Pune, it is even more difficult to get decent Hostels in Pune considering the vast number of students who migrate to the city each year to pursue their education or job.  And hostellers expect more than just safety and hygiene in Girls Pune Hostel.

Many often find themselves scratching their heads to understand why hostels across the country do not even cater to the basic needs to make the students’ stay a comfortable one. The reasons for the same are numerous and we do not even know where to begin. So, let’s break down each of the worst student housing problems they face.

Best Hostel for Great Food

Let us begin with the most common problem faced – Foooood. Students often complain about how they are not able to adjust to the type of cuisine served at their hostels or their food is tasteless, unhealthy or not cooked up to the mark. If you are somebody who is a foodie or even merely just eats to survive, either way we have your back covered. Our very own in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga serves delicious healthy meals across all 3 meals. Well, that’s not all. Tribe Hostel in Pune also serves non-vegetarian foods across every meal. It is quite hard to believe, isn’t it?

Best student hostel in Pune

Facing the Pune heat especially during the Summer season is something we do not want to think about. And living in cramped rooms which are not air conditioned would obviously not be ideal for this weather. By understanding the real need of your youngsters, we have curated international standard ensuite rooms which are fully air conditioned keeping in mind to provide utmost luxury and comfort that most hostellers crave after leaving their homes.

Clean bathroom at Pune Hostel

Now, moving onto the next big problem – Unclean rooms and washroom. We understand how hostellers feel agitated when their surroundings and personal spaces aren’t kept clean, Especially, you girls, we get your worry! But at Tribe Girls & Boys Pune Hostel, you wouldn’t even be bothered with that. Why is that? Well, we  have in-house housekeeping and laundry services to help keep your space tidy & clean.  So, now you girls would not have to complain anymore about unclean bed & washrooms. Ever wondered what it is to like to run and go get your shower in the morning before they run out of hot water? Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that at Tribe. We have water heaters which will be available round the clock to help you get your hot showers whenever you want.

Wherever you are sitting to study or work, the key thing required for this is good internet connectivity. And a lot of hostels lack the same. To ensure that your work or studying does not get affected and flows smoothly, Tribe has made sure that each of our hostels are well equipped with high speed internet active 24/7 and which is also available across different nooks of the hostel so you can sit, relax, and study/work at your leisure.

But that’s not all. When it comes to offering the best Hostel in Pune, nothing compares to Tribe. We provide top-notch facilities such as housekeeping & laundry, a space for you to meet new people,  timely service of food incorporated with carefully planned tasty & nutritious meals, gym & fitness centres, breakout areas or entertainment zone and many more even for our Girls Pune Hostel. Leave it to Tribe to give more meaning to your hostel experience. So, don’t wait around. Come join us right away!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Tribe solves 5 most common problems faced by Hostellers in Mumbai.

Moving away from home to a bustling new city like Mumbai, meeting new people, seeing new places, and living in a different room can all be an exhilarating experience but on the contrary, can also be taxing. The need to have a home-like experience for Hostels in Mumbai can also be quite difficult to find. You can find plenty of Mumbai hostels and many ever cater to more than just your basic needs.

Homesickness, issues with managing time efficiently, keeping a check on your mental health, socializing & making new friends, and unhealthy diets are the most experienced difficulties among people while staying in a hostel. But we hear you! We hear your problems. And we have a solution. But first, let’s delve into the most common problems faced by hostellers:

Homesickness & Mental Health – It is a common phenomenon faced by many young professionals and students who have stepped away from home and are missing the comfort and warmth of their safe spaces and loved ones. This often causes stress and anxiety hence it is vital to make sure that the new space you move into keeps you comfortable, caters to your needs, provides you the space to socialize, and makes you feel welcomed and at home. At Tribe, this is exactly what we strive to provide. A space for you to have a comfortable stay, feel relaxed, focus on your work, and parallelly, create a space for you to meet and vibe with new people. 

A healthy diet – We all have gone through that phase of how hostel foods are tasteless, bland, and boring. And many Hostels in Mumbai are renowned for the same. But in return for this, a lot of them turn towards the next best option – resorting to outside/ fast/ packaged foods. But in the long run, this can cause adverse health effects. So, what if we told you, that Tribe could bust this ‘bad food at hostel’ problem and provide you with healthy, delightful, and mouth-watering meals? A menu that is carefully curated by in-house chefs and nutritionists only to give you the best not just in terms of taste but in health too. Check out our Cafe Mamaliga for more and you’d never complain about hostel foods anymore!

Time Management – Living independently and away from family gives you the freedom and space to live your life the way you desire. But that comes at a cost. At Mumbai hostels, it gets difficult to manage your time when it comes to eating, studying, taking care of your personal hygiene, etc. And this poses a great difficulty among new hostellers. With world-class facilities, timely service of food, and other assistance including housekeeping & laundry, Tribe aids to provide different spaces for you to find time for work/study, socialize, sleep & eat healthy time thus enabling to you manage your time, across different life activities, effectively. 

Making new friends – Hostel spaces have rather become an ideal choice for working professionals and students. Ever wondered why? Because it creates a space to build social networks and connections. It enables you to build your socializing skills and meet people from varied domains and backgrounds making it easier to settle into a new place. So, next time when you feel apprehensive about shifting to a hostel, think of Tribe! We strive to provide the best hostel living experience by helping you bond with your roommates and neighbors by providing an all-inclusive and caring community vibe. 

By reshaping the concept of Mumbai hostel living, Tribe brings a holistic approach where it includes not just top-notch facilities and amenities catering to your stay needs but also a space for you to meet new friends, make good memories, and most importantly, a space to be you. Hence bringing in more ‘life’ to hostel living and making Hostels in Mumbai a home away from home, indeed. So, come, and join our Tribe family!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Tribe Stays Hostel Induction Session Vile Parle Mumbai Hostel Edition

When you think of moving into a hostel, a hostel induction session is not the first thing that would come running into your mind. And in all possibilities, if there was a hostel induction session present, you would ever not imagine it to be “fun”. Because in all honesty, Hostel induction sessions are known to be dull. Isn’t that right? And the fact that you have to interact and meet your fellow hostellers can also be quite nerve-racking.  Well, here at Tribe Hostels in Mumbai, we decided to change this narrative and make induction sessions more vibrant, fun, and most importantly, make the process of ‘breaking the ice with others, to be more lively. Held on the 28th of August at Tribe Vile Parle, the hostel induction session was power-packed with a culmination of varied activities, and interesting one-of-a-kind workshops. The day started off with some snack time. And as we all know, there is no better way to bond than over food and some light conversations.

There are numerous Mumbai hostels that cater to the basic needs of their hostellers. But Tribe Stays has to offer a lot more than your basic needs. Following the morning snack time, a short introductory session was held which gave the hostellers a sense of what to expect at Tribe Stays – a luxurious living experience that is beyond a typical stay expectation clubbed with magnificent facilities including a Fitness Centre, free Wi-Fi, planned healthy meals, ERP systems, laundry services and many more… something that most Hostels in Mumbai miss providing out on. 

Orientation Party at Mumbai Hostel

The next event in line for the day is not something that you would expect out of a regular hostel induction session. Ever heard of a workshop on ‘how to build a Rs. 1 Crore startup as a student’ being a part of an orientation session, let alone a hostel induction session? Well, we at Tribe Mumbai Hostels went all bonkers and decided to bring something innovative, informative, and interactive for our young and high-spirited hostellers. Pro-tips shared during this workshop helped aid our audience to be cognizant of the numerous possibilities available out there in the world to go grab.

Once hostellers started blending in, we decided to get them to go grab their shoes and hop on to a class full of groove moves and a thrilling dance experience at the Jazz funk dance workshop. The hostellers were thoroughly seen to have a fun time during this program. A legendary scavenger hunt was what was planned next. We felt that in order for the hostellers to have a meaningful event to enjoy their tenure at Tribe Stays, a scavenger hunt was vital. It not only helps provide an exceptional experience but also aids the hostellers to gain access to the different locations offered at Tribe Mumbai hostels including chill zones, fitness centres, in-house cafes, ensuite rooms etc. Following this, keeping the young pulse in mind, a live music session was arranged for the hostellers to unwind, relax and vibe. A special induction lunch with a delectable spread was organized post this which was the real cherry on the cake making the interaction with their fellow hostellers fun and engaging.

So next time when you are thinking of crashing at any one of the cool Hostels in Mumbai, that makes your stay not just a pleasant one but also an interactive one and parallelly contributes to your experiential learning, think of us. Think of Tribe Stays. Because we have more exciting things in store for you and your friends. We will be more than delighted to welcome you onboard!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!