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A step-by-step way to declutter Your Hostel Room – Guide by Tribe Hostel

Hostel life and living are all exciting until it comes to keeping your room tidy and neat all the time. Let’s be honest. No one likes to see visual chaos. Especially if you live in shared accommodation, it is vital to maintain a clean and organized environment. We understand, keeping things organized might seem like a huge drag especially if you are a college student who has numerous classes to attend, piled up homework and assignments, or a working individual who is always on the grind to finish up office tasks that require your immediate attention. Think about it.  Amidst all this busy schedule, taking off your precious time searching for your daily necessities from the mess in your room might actually hamper your time and create frustration. 

However, your bedroom is often one of those spaces that can get pushed down the priority list when it comes to decluttering. And with these tiny and cramped rooms provided by Hostel in Pune and Hostels in Mumbai, it is all the more vital to keep your space clean and organized all the time to have a happy and healthy environment.

But don’t worry. We have got some good news. For the things you could not store in order, previously, we have a listicle of time-saving and convenient hacks that is sure to help declutter your room, organize it in a neat way, and definitely put a smile on your face. Keep reading to learn and understand the steps to declutter your room.

The very first step is to clean your room and throw away unnecessary and useless things. We repeat – throw away things that are of absolutely no use to you. Because nobody wants to live with a hoarder, especially in a place like a hostel where your space can be limited. Do not pile up the books and clothes in your room rather develop a habit of storing them in a designated space like a shelf or a cupboard. But having said that, you can always donate your things that are not in use. 

The next step is to organize and store things efficiently. While living in a Hostel in Pune or in a Hostel in Mumbai, considering how expensive the city can get, allocating your budget for a set of new storage boxes or buying a brand new cupboard might not be quite a pocket-friendly idea. Hence, it is important to make do with the available resources and assign spaces for your things using these available resources. When we say available resources, we mean things like ice cube trays to store small accessories, cutlery trays for your stationery, binder clips to sort and separate USB cables, wires, and cords, and shower curtain hoops to hang your scarves and shawls which can be attached to a hanger, shower caddy to organize books and dish rack for file or folder holder. 

Place them in a manner that you can access your daily essentials at one go and whatever is used less often can be stored away in boxes or suitcases etc. if you feel that your cupboard is overfilled. You can also assign separate spaces for your footwear vs. apparel. Clothes that are of daily use can be folded well and stored in your wardrobe. While, your party and festive clothing, which you might usually use on a frequent basis, can be neatly stored away in your extra suitcases. 

And finally, make use of unnoticed spaces. Spaces such as under the bed can be used to store baskets, old books, shoes, etc. Another one is the place where 2 walls meet. You can use this space for placing wedge-shaped tables or shelves to add extra surface storage. These are all spaces that might be usually in use. Hence it is important to utilize them in a smart way.  

Now you understand the importance of a tidy and organized room. Because having a messy environment where you sleep does not exactly make for a peaceful night’s slumber. Be it in one of those cramped Hostels in Pune or Hostels in Mumbai, it is time to prioritize your special space. And not just that. Having a decluttered bedroom is sure to give you a calm and serene area to unwind, think, and retreat to at the end of a very stressful day. And a clean room equals a happy you!

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Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

The best part about living at Tribe hostel instead of an apartment or PG

For people who are looking for good accommodation, especially for longer stays, hostels and PGs might be the most suitable and economical compared to a hotel or an apartment. Well, for numerous reasons. 

In this article, let’s deep dive into each and understand why living in a hostel is better rather than an apartment especially if you are looking for an affordable stay.

So, what is a PG? 

A paying guest accommodation is where you pay rent for the accommodation and the facilities used while living at someone else’s house/property. It is quite different from staying as a tenant in a rented property. In a PG, generally, the landlord decides the rent, and generally the cost of all the facilities including electricity, water, housekeeping, food, etc. are included in the PG rent. PGs come in single as well as shared spaces too. Most PGs do offer other facilities too including WiFI, TV, and refrigerator. However, in most PGs, there are restrictions in terms of the time limit for entering and exiting the PG. And most PGs do not quite cater to your any more facilities apart from the basic ones mentioned above. But when compared to apartments or flats, paying guest accommodation is quite comfortable as most of your needs are taken care of and it is inexpensive when compared to living in a hotel or an apartment. 

 On the other hand, let us try and understand what a hostel is. If you are living in a bustling city like Mumbai, finding the right Hostel in Mumbai for you can be quite a task. With an array of options laid out in front of you, you can easily get confused about finding the right pick. Hostels in Mumbai are quite renowned to be cramped, smelly, and overcrowded. In a hostel, you can avail of single rooms as well as shared rooms with common bathrooms in a dorm-style setting. As compared to a hotel. Hostels too generally have a reception area, kitchen area, dining space, laundry and housekeeping facilities, Wi-Fi, and many other amenities. While some hostels offer more facilities such as a gym, breakout rooms, community centers, etc. not all do. And that’s where Tribe stays comes into the picture. Our Girls’ hostels in Mumbai which is located in Vile Parle provide one of the best that anyone could ask for. Why? Well, we have a numerous list of facilities that you would be WOWed by!

So, what is the real advantage of living in a Tribe hostel rather than an apartment?

First things first. Our hostels are pocket friendly. The rents can be way too high in your pocket and can be difficult to bear all the expenses when you live in an apartment. While in a hostel, all the expenses are included in the month-on-month rent you pay. 

Secondly, Tribe Hostel provides far better facilities and more than your regular hostels. This includes healthy and nutritious meals served at our very own in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga. Not just that, we have breakout rooms, Wi-Fi, laundry and housekeeping services, clean, neat, and spacious rooms, games, fun activities, a fitness centre, study and chill zones, and many more. All these facilities are equally available across all our hostels even at our Girls’ hostels in Mumbai.

While living at our hostel, the lack of social interactions isn’t something you would need to worry about. Students and working professionals from different walks of life can be met here which will surely enable you to not only make new connections, share a bond, and develop lifelong friendships but also learn about different cultures and traditions as you live together.

So now that you have plentiful useful information in hand, finding the right Hostel in Mumbai wouldn’t be a hassle anymore. Tribe Hostel strives to not only provide you with the best possible facilities within a set budget but is also looking to nurture your overall well-being. You can find Tribe Girls’ hostels in Mumbai which is located at Vile Parle and we also have our hostels situated in Pune which can be found at 2 locations – Viman Nagar & Wakad. For more information, you can check out our website or can always reach out to us as we are one ring away!

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Great things come to those who don't!

Cafe Mamaliga at Tribe Hostel in Pune – Now Open to Everyone!!!

Food is an integral part to one’s existence and there is no questioning that. The love for food is far and wide known as it feeds not only our body but our soul too. Food can serve, heal, connect, bind, and uplift human hearts. But when it comes to food served in a hostel, it is not something that most people look forward to as hostel food is generally deemed to be bland, tasteless, boring, repetitive, and whatnot. But we are here to talk exactly about that but with a slight twist in the narrative. 

Have you ever heard of hostel food being so popular that it could be the talk of the city? We kid you not. Tribe Hostel is here to break the general stereotypes people have towards hostel food and let us see what they have to offer.  Introducing to you – Cafe Mamaliga. Truly one-of-a-kind multi cuisine cafe located within our Student Hostel in Pune both at Wakad and Viman Nagar. They offer scrumptious meals from breakfast to dinner. But the taste is not the only thing that plays a prominent role at Cafe Mamaliga. The meals are carefully planned and curated by Tribe’s in-house nutritionists so that a well-balanced meal is served to every resident. The cafe is also open 24×7 so that the hostellers can access it anytime they want. Meals served at Cafe Mamaliga include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options which are made using top quality ingredients and raw materials sourced from the best which are tested, sanitised, and washed with special cleanser strictly before it enters our kitchens so that you do not miss out on the best and you get your money’s worth.

Each step in this process right from prepping the raw ingredients to finally making it into your plate, undergo strict hygiene procedures to keep you healthy, satisfied, and happy! Even our staff wear sanitised apparel, gloves, and hair nets and follow WHO regulations for hygiene. The pantry, eating and kitchen spaces are disinfected from time to time which includes the seating area, table tops etc. so that overall hygiene is maintained at all times. When it comes to providing the best, Tribe Hostel always strives to excel. We understand how vital it is to have a healthy lifestyle hence we follow strict protocols when it comes to food not just at our Student Hostel in Pune but also in Mumbai. 

But that’s not all. We have more exciting news for the rest of the world out there. After reading all this, we are positive that you would like your hands on some soul-filling and mouth-watering food from Cafe Mamaliga. And now, you needn’t wait anymore as we are extending this privilege to share the Cafe Mamaliga taste beyond the kitchen, and with people around the world. We are now open and accessible to the public and you can come check us out at both Tribe Hostel in Viman Nagar and in Wakad.

While Student Hostels in Pune have always been around, the current fad is to move into fancier, co-living spaces that offer the latest stay features and facilities. Co-living has in fact found quite a popularity among the young crowd these days and it aids residents to meet people from different walks of life across different ages and gender hence letting you evolve holistically. And if this co-living space offers the best hang-out spot in town, then it is something you would not want to miss out on.

So, the next time you’re thinking of relaxing and having a chillax time with your friends at the hottest spot in Pune, come over and you are sure to love not just the food but the vibe too.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

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How to use hostel room spaces efficiently– Quick Tips from Tribe Hostel

We know how rooms in a hostel can be deemed to be simple, flat, and most often, messy. Especially if you are sharing your space, chances are that the room can get messy. But living in your room comfortably is of utmost importance. Why? Because happy and neat surroundings also play a significant role in providing positive vibes. And nobody really wants to live in a filthy space.

We are all quite aware of the horrible living situations one might encounter, especially if you are living in a Student hostel in Mumbai. And the Student accommodation in Pune isn’t far behind either. Being a young adult who just moved into a new city is not easy and you might even hardly have the budget to spend on spacious and luxurious accommodation. And if you are a student or a working individual, there is hardly any time to juggle between your busy schedule and finding time to do domestic chores at your hostel. But at the same time, it is vital to study/work/ live in a space that is well organized. But there are ways to revamp and use your precious space efficiently while living in a hostel. If you are to organize and transform your hostel room, then we are here to spill the tea exactly on that.

First things first – make use of unutilized space such as space under the bed, corners of the room, back of the door, sides of the mirror, etc. Hostel rooms can be tiny and most of the time, cramped. So it is essential for every hosteller to utilize the space they are given but in an efficient manner. A lot of beds in the hostel come with storage spaces built in. However, if it doesn’t have storage, you can always fill it up with suitcases or boxes that you often use less otherwise. The back of the door and sides of the mirror is always great space to hang items including shawls, ID cards, etc. Another great tip to always keep at the back of your hand is – to start using functional decor if you haven’t already! It not only helps maximize the use of unutilized spaces but also helps uplift the look and feel of the room.

The next tip is to get rid of unnecessary items – the act of decluttering. First and foremost, get rid of the junk. Most Student hostels in Mumbai and Student accommodations in Pune have very limited storage space. Hence it is vital to take note of the things that are absolutely necessary and throw out things that you barely ever use. Because nobody wants to live with a hoarder. Keeping an organized space for your things is the next best tip to follow. While living in a hostel, sometimes, things can be misplaced, and hence a problem for you to find your items. A designated space also allows you to navigate across your things easily especially if you are in a hurry to find and it is best to categorize your belongings under each container including – clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, gadgets, medicines, jewelry, etc. And in this way, your space will look a lot neater and daily objects won’t be misplaced or seen lying around cluttering in your room.

Honestly, nothing can compare to the joy of living in a tidy, clean, and well-organized hostel room. It is just not about the comfort but the good feeling you get while staying in a clean room will not help you relax but also provide a positive environment for you to study or work. 

Our Tribe Hostels both in Pune and Mumbai offer room for you that are classy, clean, and socially distanced rooms. We are also equipped with international-style single as well as twin ensuite rooms. So, if you are looking for Student hostels in Mumbai or Student accommodations in Pune, then Tribe Hostel is the place to stay at!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Easy & Yummy Winter Treats to make in Your Hostel – A Tribe Hostel Edition

Winter is around the corner and it is time to brace yourselves, hostellers! 

Living life in a Hostel in Pune, and missing home during this holiday season can all be a new experience for you. But who says you can’t spark the festive spirit at your hostel?

When the temperature drops, there is nothing like getting ready to jump into your cozy zone – slipping in on layered clothing, burning a scented candle, getting a hot cup of drink, and snuggling up in the corner to watch your favorite holiday movie. Well, if this isn’t the idea of a perfect winter day at the hostel then what is?!

Also, the holiday season comes with a lot of benefits. And needless to say, a lot of winter treat benefits. *wink* Imagine a hot cup of hot cocoa or the smell of freshly baked cookies or that warmness of bread pudding…that feels like a warm hug for your soul. Well, you can have this wholesome experience even at your hostel. And when it comes to providing a wholesome experience, Tribe Hostel never leaves a stone unturned. So, get in gear as Tribe Hostel is here to share some lip-smacking easy holiday recipes that you can make in a jiff at your hostels so that you do not miss out on the holiday fun and spirit. Trust us when we say that these comfort foods taste divine especially around the holiday season.

BREAD PUDDING – The Tribe Hostel Way

  • Ingredients (Serves 2 people)
    • 2 cups milk
    • 2 tablespoons (¼ stick) unsalted butter, more for greasing pan
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • ⅓ cup sugar
    • Pinch salt
    • ½ loaf of sweet egg bread cut into 2-inch cubes (about 4 cups)
    • 2 eggs, beaten


  • Step 1: In a small bowl, pour milk, butter, vanilla, sugar and salt. Wisk until everything is combined well. Meanwhile, butter a microwavable dish and fill it with cubed bread.
  • Step 2: Pour mixture over the bread. Pop it in the microwave for 4-5 mins or until custard is set but still a little wobbly and the edges of the bread have browned. Serve warm or at room temperature.

*Pro tip: add a handful of chocolate chips on top before baking


  • Ingredients (Serves one person)
    • 1 cup milk
    • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
    • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
    • 2 tablespoons chocolate chips


  • Step 1:  Pour milk, cocoa powder and sugar in a mug. Pop it in the microwave for 1 min, remove and whisk it
  • Step 2: Add chocolate chips and whisk constantly until the chocolate chips melt and distribute evenly into the milk. Pop in the microwave for another 2-3 mins. 

*Pro tip: Add in a dash of whipped cream or pumpkin spice or throw in a couple of marshmallows.


  • Ingredients (Serves 4 people)
    • 5 cups milk (1 ¼ L)
    • 1 lb elbow macaroni (455 g), dry
    • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (200 g)


  • Step 1: In a large pot, bring the milk to a boil.
  • Step 2: Add the pasta and stir constantly until the pasta is cooked about 10 minutes.
  • Step 3: Turn off the heat, then add the cheddar. Stir until the cheese is melted and the pasta is evenly coated. Enjoy!

*Pro tip: You can add paprika to enhance the taste and even combine the mac n’ cheese with toasted bread to make a delicious meal.

Bidding adieu to autumn and welcoming in the winter is quite an exciting time of the year. To make it even more special, we often host fun Christmas activities for our hostellers every year. We know that the residents at our Hostel in Pune are all geared up in full swing to welcome the winter season. And if you are looking to be a part of this fun madness, come check out our Hostel in Pune which is located in Viman Nagar and Wakad.

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Have healthy food & a healthy lifestyle – At Cafe Mamaliga, Tribe Hostel

If you have had the experience of moving out of your home and living in a hostel, then you must know a hosteller’s troubles when it comes to food. Surviving the hostel food is such a nightmare, especially for food lovers. And we know the kind of love-hate relationship you experience there. What’s worse? Most hostels do not even let you cook your own food.

And yes, we have all heard about those exciting midnight Maggi sessions and making those yummy Nutella toasts with friends. But in hindsight, is it really healthy? We highly doubt it!

But guess what? Hostel foods need not be so dire anymore. At our Student Hostel in Pune, we leave no stone unturned. Whether it is a hosteller’s stay needs or food needs, Tribe Hostel has you covered.

We believe that food is what fuels the body to stay active and keep you running. And that is why we feel it is important to cater to your nourishment and serve lip-smacking meals… so much so that even you wouldn’t ‘want’ to miss out on the food served at Tribe Hostel. Keeping this thought in mind, we would like to introduce you to Cafe Mamaliga – a truly one-of-a-kind cafe that serves multi-cuisine meals. The meals at our cafe are carefully planned and curated by in-house nutritionists to strike the perfect balance between taste and health. At our Tribe Student Hostel in Pune, we’d love to tingle your taste buds by offering plentiful options of best quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that you stay as far away from consuming junk food. What’s more? The cafe is open and is accessible to all hostellers 24×7.

Not just that. The food prepared at Cafe Mamaliga undergoes hygiene procedures to ensure the food is safe for consumption at all times. Even the ingredients we use in our food are completely tested and cleaned before entering our kitchens. 

We believe that it is not only vital in keeping what goes inside clean, but what goes on outside also matters. This is why the environment in which you sit and eat your food is also required to be neat and clean at all times. To ensure this, we carefully follow strict cleaning measures and protocols such as disinfecting the entire restaurant space including seating areas, tables, and kitchen counters.

Apart from serving wholesome and soulful foods that make you feel at home, Tribe Hostels believes in providing a communal living experience by fostering and nurturing the young crowd. And that is precisely why we felt the need to bring in the experience of co-living and tap into the vibe of our young generation. From international standard single rooms to twin ensuite rooms, fitness centres, chill zones, housekeeping & laundry to biometric systems, we have got it all. We strive to ensure that our Student Hostel in Pune is one of the safest hostels in Pune that you can ever find!

While we feel that living in a hostel is a once-in-a-lifetime chance you get, we understood that it is vital to make people understand the need for a co-living experience too…an experience filled with positive memories and friendships to cherish for a lifetime. A co-living experience not only liberates you as a person and provides you with opportunities to meet new people but teaches you ways of living that are affordable and compatible. And if you are a person who is looking to move into Pune and is up for experiencing the best hostel life, come check out Tribe Student Hostel in Pune. Trust us, you would be glad that you did!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Best Habits that you never thought could be adapted from Tribe Hostels

You are finally starting a new phase of life, excited to shift to a different city, and embarking on that new college journey. But the only thing that is worrying you is the accommodation. Do I stay in a PG or a hostel? Is it budget-friendly? Does it provide basic amenities? Is it clean? And how would the hostel / PG life turn out to be? 

If you are confused about your accommodation and you are not able to figure out the best option to stay at, come check out Tribe Stays as we are here to offer you the best Hostels you could find in Pune. Our hostels are equipped with standard and deluxe rooms with amenities that cover all your stay needs and other facilities including a gym, chill zones, study, and breakout rooms that extend to provide beyond the necessities. But that’s not all. Tribe Stays also arranges different community activities like music festivals, art shows, comedy nights, etc. to keep the hostellers entertained.  

Okay, all this sounds cool but what about the hostel food? Well, we know the usual sob stories of bland hostel food that is why we, at Tribe, decided to turn the tables when it comes to food. If you still have not checked out our in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga, then you are definitely missing out.

Now, coming to the second concern – what will life at Tribe Hostels be like? Well, let us start off by saying that it is quite different from your age-old traditional hostel style. Why? Because we understand the current needs of the young crowd and we have designed our hostels in that manner. At Tribe, we take care of everything so that you could have a comfortable stay at Tribe Hostel. 

That being said, there is a lot more to hostel life. So, let’s try and understand what are the best things that hostel life teaches you and the best habits that you never thought could be adapted from hostel life.

  1. Discovering yourself
    To your surprise, you might learn that living in a hostel can help discover the strengths and weaknesses you carry. You learn new things, push your limits, how to deal with people, socialize more, and most importantly adjust and adapt to new situations and environments.Hostel life also acts as a space for you to break out of your comfort zone and converse with individuals as community living provides you with a space and opportunity to do so. And this is exactly what you can find at our Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel. 
  2. Sharing
    Community living gives us a sense of being together which in return provides a space to borrow and share things. Think about it. The place where you eat, chill, study etc. can all be shared. The essence of sharing is that you get to interact and learn more. You get to understand different stories and experiences by fellow hostellers, you make new connection, you learn how to survive in a co-living setting. It transcends you as a person and provides you with a better perspective on things and life in general
  3. Meeting people from different walks of life & making friends for life
    There is no greater experience than interacting and living with people hailing from different walks of life. Both our, Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel exist in a co-living setting where we strive to provide you with a space to make friends, learn about their culture, share experiences and build memories for a lifetime.
  4. Money management
    Living in a hostel teaches you how to manage your finances. When you are living on your own, you learn how to live within a set budget, prioritize your finances basis needs and yet have an amount to splurge on your favorite things from time to time. And with a budget-friendly stay with top-notch facilities offered by Tribe Stays, you know that you are not spending or wasting too much money just on accommodation.

Be it Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel, Tribe only looks to provide facilities that can be availed by all Tribe Hostellers. So, if you are all ready to experience the world of hostel life, book your rooms and just move in!

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Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

A guide to finding the best bookstore in and around Pune – by Tribe Hostel

It is true what they say – that books are an indispensable part of our life. Books have the power to transport you into an imaginary world and dwell in the different stories it has to offer. A great read can in fact take you to a different universe altogether.

Imagine, after a hectic week of meeting tough deadlines, and attending classes/meetings, some ‘me time’ is the perfect pill to destress. And if you are a person living at a Hostel in Pune, there is nothing quite like getting some reading time to pass your time. And we know that there is nothing better than indulging in your favorite read by the corner of a cozy room or at a stunning cafe that has a wonderful collection of books and a cup of hot cappuccino…. The ideal place to grab a few moments of solitude.

And if you are a person who loves reading then this blog is the one for you. So, keep reading as Tribe Hostel will guide you through the best bookstores and book cafes that you definitely would want to check out.

Tribe Hostel

Words and Sip Book Cafe, Location: FC Road

Looking for a cozy environment to match your reading vibe? Then this is the place for you. As they offer affordable pricing, this makes the perfect spot for even students living at Hostels in Pune. While reading, you can also order some lip-smacking quick bites and relax in those cushiony bean bags while you devour your alone time. They even organize live events on weekends.


Fat Cat’s Cafe

Fat Cat’s Cafe, Location: Koregaon Park

Are you a person who loves reading but also at the same loves the aesthetics of your reading environment? Then, you have got to check out this Instagrammable book cafe making it a must-visit spot for all the Bibliophiles. With a serene interior, this book cafe has pastel decor and is stacked with a massive collection of books. It doesn’t just end there. Fat Cafe’s Cafe is also a pet-friendly cafe!


Cafe Kathaa, Location: FC Road

Cafe Kathaa is the perfect spot to unwind, relax and rejuvenate in a tranquil setting. They carry a vibrant ambiance with bright seating corners along with a wide bank of books where you can find a read in almost every genre. While enjoying your reading time, you can also order some delectable food from their extensive menu offerings.


saiesh Enterprises

Saiesh Enterprises Pune, Location: Viman Nagar

If you are living at Tribe Hostel, Viman Nagar, then this is a must-check-out bookstore. Saiesh bookstore houses a wide variety of books right including novels, vintage magazines, comics, self-help books, poetry, encyclopedia, and many more. Their collection also ranges across many regional languages too where you can find some of the best literary works!

The word book, Location: Camp

The word bookstore, located at Boottee street, Camp, is a store that is suitable for students as well as literature lovers. They even offer great discounts on books and have a wide range of reads. You can also subscribe to imported internal pieces like magazines and journals including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, etc.


Book World

Book World, Location: Deccan Gymkhana

This is a bookstore that has been prevailing in the city for a long time. Their collection includes a wide variety in fiction, non-fiction, academic title – you name it. They also have vintage edition magazines, architectural digests, good homes, etc. The store not just carries first-hand but second-hand copies of books too.

Now that you have your guide to finding the best bookstores and book cafes around town, it is time to start exploring. These spots are especially best for students living at Hostels in Pune as most of these places offer budget-friendly reads clubbed with a cozy space for you to teleport yourself into the world of books.

While you are exploring these bookstores in town, if you are also surfing for a place to stay, do come and check out Tribe Hostels in Pune – We are located at both Wakad & Viman Nagar.

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Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

First-timer’s guide to living in a Student Hostel in Mumbai

Girls, imagine that you are new to the city and are looking for a place to stay. Are hostels the first thing that comes to mind? If not, community living is something you should give a try. And if you are new to the world of hostel life, choosing the best one that fits all your stay needs is something you need to keep a check on. When we think of Student Hostel in Mumbai, there are multiple things that come into one’s mind – time restrictions, unclean bedding, tasteless food, small and cramped rooms, and dirty drinking water. We get it. The idea of staying in a hostel might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Many might like it or even dislike it. But the current hostel narratives have changed, and you might be surprised to learn that hostels these days provide hotel-like amenities and facilities even for Girls’ hostels in Mumbai

But before jumping to conclusions, we must always research! Researching will help us understand if the hostels we are looking for fit our stay needs. Reading honest reviews and viewing images uploaded by hostellers who have stayed there before is also a great way to help gain some information before you finalize your hostel. That’s why you should go and check the vibe at Tribe. Click here to view:

From recognizing what to expect, to how to choose the best hostel for you, we are here to provide you with some pro tips and a comprehensive guide to staying in a Girls’ hostel in Mumbai for the very first time. 

So, let’s delve into understanding why you should choose Tribe Student Hostel in Mumbai

Okay, first things first. You have got to prep a hostel checklist. So what should it entail?

Rooms: Provisioned with the best amenities for student living, each Tribe property’s rooms feature ultra-modern interiors that create a highly energetic vibe. The rooms are fully equipped with beds with linen, lamps, desk, wardrobe, chairs, and baths with top-quality fittings and smart lighting.

Many people do not enjoy sharing their room or bathroom, but some might enjoy having company in their room. Keeping all these needs in mind, we have designed rooms which can be availed as single or twin sharing rooms. 

Location: Tribe Girls’ hostel in Mumbai is in one of the most prime locations- Vile Parle which comes with the most stylish facilities. The property features a Mediterranean theme with a sea-view terrace, graffiti walls, and cobbled streets. The hostel is also in close proximity to NMIMS University, S.P Jain, Pearl Academy, and VP Station.

Services and Amenities: When it comes to amenities, Tribe Stays never falls behind. The hostel comes with open fitness spaces, entertainment zones, TV in every room, housekeeping & laundry, breakout rooms, study and chill zones, nutritious meals and, many more. 

Community living: Ever wondered if a hostel experience could cater to multiple social interactions? Staying in a hostel is a social experience, indeed. At Tribe, we believe that hostel life will positively impact personal growth and can build unforgettable memories for a lifetime. From sharing rooms to having breakfast at the same table to chilling together, Tribe offers a space for you to experience a communal lifestyle. And trust us when we say the Tribe hostels are a great place for meeting new people during your tenure.

Having said all this, it is also important to find a budget-friendly and homely space as this is what most hostellers seek. Without a doubt, Tribe Student Hostel in Mumbai offers the best ones with top-notch facilities that not only matches your vibe but is also pocket friendly. So now, we can confidently say that finding a hostel that you will end up loving is not a hassle anymore. And you are definitely missing out if you have not checked out Tribe Hostels yet.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Things to check before finalizing your accommodation at Hostels in Pune

Moving away from your cozy nest to a new place in search of new opportunities, education or work is fun and exciting until the question of ‘good accommodation’ comes into the picture. First of all, finding a good enough space for accommodation is a hurdle to cross and on top of that, making sure this accommodation not just caters to your basic needs but also helps shape your overall stay experience on a positive note, is another hassle to handle altogether. 

Having said that, the new generation, being nomadic in every sense, are always seeking for a different living experience no matter where they are travelling to. With a dynamic shift in seen towards ‘co-living’ experience, hostels in Pune are accommodating this current need for co-living. And this is where Tribe Stays comes into the picture…making the process of finding Student accommodation in Pune rather an easy task. 

But there are a couple of things to keep in check before finalizing your stay be it for a short or long tenure. It is not always just about having a bad and neat environment for you to stay in. The real question is, is it budget-friendly, comfortable, has good facilities, is situated in a safe locality, and does it provide other amenities? And the list is endless. And we get it. No compromise should happen in this whatsoever. So, we decided to make a checklist for you by understanding what every hosteller’s needs are so that all you have to do is, scrutinize the list, pack your bags and just move into Tribe Stays!

  • Choosing the hostel that caters to your need
    Tribe Hostel in Pune are designed in such a way that it caters to every hosteller’s needs and that fits a student or an early jobber’s budget. If you wish to have a room to yourself or want to share a space in order to meet new people, we have got you covered as we offer single occupancy, twin-sharing, and luxury twin-sharing rooms too. Tribe Hostels are designed in a manner that would help accommodate each and every requirement of yours making it a great option for you to live in whether you are studying or working. 
  • Location and Connectivity
    The primary factor to consider while searching for Student accommodation in Pune should be the location. It is also a good practice to check if you have access to good connectivity in terms of finding safe and economical local transportation or cabs if you are a person who would want to step out every day. Tribe Stays offers classy hostels with top-notch facilities in the most prime locations of Pune – Wakad and Viman Nagar. Surrounded by grocery shops, restaurants, shopping spots, hospitals, medical stores, and many more, Tribe Hostel is Pune is the perfect fit for you if you are looking to shift soon.
  • Food and other stay facilities
     Incorporated with an in-house cafe, food at Tribe Stays is something that you would never have to worry about. At Cafe Mamaliga, all your meals are carefully planned to keep them nutritious yet delicious. But that’s not all. We also provide you with fitness centers, entertainment zones, breakout areas, high-speed Wi-Fi, chill zones, laundry, housekeeping services, and many more, making your stay a comfortable one.

By now, you would have got a sense of what Tribe Stays has to offer. We are all about making your stay with us a comfortable yet enriching one. Apart from the ones listed above, we also are here to make sure that each and every day of your stay with us is entertaining and happening. Come, and join our Tribe family if you are looking for an enjoyable co-living hotel experience.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!