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16 May 2019


Problems face in today’s Student Accommodation facilities.

Water problem is a common problem face in majority student accommodation setups like hostels, home stays or flat system.

Tribestays provide 24hr water supply, with a dedicated line for hot and cold water.

  • High deposit are given for flat.

Tribestays takes a nominal deposit fee, that’s returned at the end of they Stay duration*.

  • Meal problem is a very big problem in flat and hostels.

Tribestays cafeteria has the best quality along with a differet varities meals at their very own 24*7 Canteen.

  • In some hostel senior student has ragging to junior student.

Tribestays gives the RF-id system with which we manage to provide secure place to stay & freedom at the same time.

  • Security problem faced by girls in hostels.

Tribestays did not have In and Out time limit for student in hostels.

  • The rooms are not proper in flat and hostel.

Tribestays have premium rooms, deigned keeping in mind the student’s needs and comfort.

  • Bathroom and toilets problem in flat and hostel.

Tribestays prove net and clean bathroom, we provide hot and cold water in bathroom and hostels.

  • Night party, birthday party not done in hostel.

Tribestays give the permission to night party and birthday party, but the party is enjoy in the room.

  • Independence problems in hostels.

Tribestays gives the independence to students in their hostel.

  • Hygiene is a primary issue that’s faced by the students,

Tribestays give the high quality of food and we take care all hygiene for students.

  • Homesickness is a major problem faced by students who live far from home as there’s very limited activities in a regular hostel

Tribestays give the home environment to the students, so the homesickness problems was not come in our hostels.

  • Parents are not updated about the whereabouts of the child when staying in a private accommodation.

Tribestays provide the access to parents, so they can see all the activities done by the student in the hostel.

  • Laundry issues in flat and hostel.
  • Cultural problem in hostel.
  • Light bill problem in flat.

At Tribestays ever student has a fixed amount upto which the room electicity is prepayed for. On exceeding this amount the difference is to be beared by the students using the room.

  •  Neighbor problem in flat.

Tribestay have no neighbors problems that are face in a private accommodation system.

  • Outdoor space problem in flat and hostels.

Tribestays has a lot of amenities, which gives the student an environment to live a routine lifestyle availing all the facilities provided by them.

  •  NO Study rooms/ Reading room in a flat or hostel.

Tribestays have the study room which is open 24*7 for students.

  •  Events and contest are not organize in hostel.

At Tribe, we have events and workshops for the students, that help in all around development of the Student

  • Locations problems for students.

Tribestays is coming up in major cities that would be very convenient, for students who might have to intern at other cities.

  • Cupboards problems aren’t provided with a regular flat or hostel.

Tribestays comfortable cupboards in the hostel, so the students put their belongings easily

Tribestays provide luxuries accommodation mainly for students.

  • Some hostels are not allow girls and boys in one hostels.

Tribestays provide co-ed hostels for all.

  • Hostels for the students in Pune and other major cities in the years to come.

Tribestays provide the best facilities hostel for the students.

So what are you waiting for Hurry and book your room at Tribe

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

5 reasons why students in Pune are going crazy for this new hostel called Tribe! And why you should too

16 May 2019


1. Freedom of Choice

So you’ve decided on community living. You’ve got your admission form, you’re now in the city, and you’re looking for a good hostel or a PG accommodation. But wait. There’s the kicker. For the ones that allow you even a little space, the conditions are often less than ideal. The ones that seem to be all kitted out and spic-and-span, on the other hand, offer you no freedom of movement at all! You can’t step out after X hours, can’t step in after Y, your visitors and every movement either is controlled, or watched carefully, not allowing you the freedom to just.. Live! But at Tribe, all that will change.

2. More bang for your buck

Ever been on real estate websites and tried looking for a flat? Deposits, rents, maintenance, everything piles up and super quick. But on the other hand, when you look for a hostel, that itself is so restrictive! You can’t leave or come in at a certain time, there is no movement, and it feels clinical and kind of like college itself.

How about if you had a mix of both! The ease and monetary benefit of community living in a hostel, and the freedom of having your own place? That’s just one of the many things Tribe can offer you – without you having to pay through the nose for all the services we provide you.

3. Center of action- live in the city while you study!

When you’re from out of town, all your friends want to take you to places in “town”. Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park are Pune’s best hotspots for young people – but travel is such a bummer, right? Well, not anymore! The most happening spots for you and your friends aren’t just near your college – they’re also near your home. Worried about long rides back, expensive ones late at night because your ride-booking service of choice is either on the surge or just plain unavailable?

4. Enhanced security and amenities

If you haven’t had a look at our amenities, head on to! Talk about the experience of a lifetime! With brand new services even just for sleeping, you also get an ensuite bathroom – there’s no need to share or wait for a shower. Even small things like this make the biggest of difference!

From a well-stocked cafeteria with plenty of variety to the beautiful facilities we have at anytime access.  From playing sports to heading to our in-house, dedicated entertainment zones to just chill out and take a break from your studies, what could be better? Best for last – you have 24×7 food availability within the premises. That is something.

5. Freedom from Chores

Imagine getting to live in the best of facilities, surrounded not just by your friends but in a great environment. On top of that, there are entertainment zones for when you want or need to take a break!

If you thought there’d be a lot of chores involved…well, that’s taken care of, too. With in-house housekeeping, you don’t have to worry about making your bed or the small mundane chores that all start piling up! And you don’t need to worry about “going home” to be able to wash your clothes – or go outside, to find a dhobi! Our in-house laundry service is there for exactly that. So next time you’re at college and heading to push for that placement interview, or that internship – you have somewhere right there to get clean clothes ASAP!

Sounds almost as good as living at home with the freedom of living on your own, right? So what are you waiting for?

Head over to for more. You can also email at or call at +91 7083978667. Bookings now open at Viman Nagar, Pune. Hurry!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Tribe: How it’s better than any other hostel I’ve seen in India

16 May 2019


Environment at Tribe

A community is usually defined as a group of people living together having a common characteristic. We, at Tribe, believe in fostering and nurturing vibrant young communities.  At Tribe, we also believe in, and look towards, offering you the same communal experience of a hostel environment without the drawbacks and restrictions that you would be likely to face there.

Let me take a personal example, so you can see just how important this is! A friend of mine went to BITS Pilani for his undergraduate days.

His closest friends are still the same people from his hostel days. I, being a day scholar, never understood what was so special about hostel life: You don’t have home food, the company of your family, the small, and the larger comforts of living at home… what really is the point?

But what he said really put it in perspective for me, and I think you should read it too. His take was really simple – living 24 hours with a bunch of strangers after having lived at home at first was bit disconcerting, and he initially thought it’d be a loss of personal space. But now, and in fact, soon after they all started living together,  they became a second family, and so they remain to this day, nearly a decade later.


This sense of community was something.  I missed out on during my college days, and I wonder if it would have been so much better of a college experience had I lived with my friends. Or if I had people I lived with, who became my friends.

So I asked him a rather pertinent question: you have lived in hostels throughout your Undergraduate and postgraduate years and you clearly loved your hostel life. But surely it wasn’t all roses! What parts of it did you not like?

His answer was quite simple. The living conditions were just about all right, not really amazing, so you didn’t want to spend much time at the hostel itself. The various power cuts, the lack of hot water or having to wait forever for it, if at all you got any. Having to find ways to wash clothes or get them washed while figuring out other things and trying to study. The search for food and the visits to the city centre just to get the basics!

All these things took time and a significant chunk of time out of your daily hours, he said. I would have preferred a place which took care of the “ Bare Necessities” allowing me to focus on studies and having fun, which is what college is meant for! The stress can and will come later in life. Right now is the time to study, to make friends and get in touch with yourself.

Stand Out

We, at Tribe, are more than a place where you can stay. We offer, and take care of the necessities allowing you to focus on what is important. Having fun and doing well at College. We encourage you to meet people of diverse backgrounds, different colleges, with diverse, different and eclectic tastes in music and form your own study, friend – groups while living here at the Tribe. Whether it’s playing sports or gaming, something like washing and doing your laundry, or just chilling – you can do it all, at Tribe, without having to travel so much and think so much about it, as my friend had to, way back then. And the best thing of all? It’s all under one, single, very comfortable roof.

Head over to TribeStays for more. You can also email at or call at +91 7083978667. Bookings now open at Viman Nagar, Pune. Hurry!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!