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Holi 2023: Celebrate the Festival of Vibrant Hues at Tribe Hostel

Holi is the festival of colors, happiness, and togetherness in India, which marks the beginning of spring after a long winter, symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. It is a time when people come together, forgetting all their differences, and create an atmosphere to spread love, laughter, and happiness. Not just that. During Holi, a lot of common practices such as people spraying water guns, throwing water balloons, and smearing each other with colored powder are seen, creating delightful moments! 

Especially for youngsters living away from home, celebrating Holi in a hostel is a great way to connect with your fellow hostellers, make new friends, and create a unique & memorable experience that brings people from different backgrounds together to share in the joy of the festival. 

So, head over to our Student accommodation in Pune located in Viman Nagar if you are looking to celebrate Holi in the most colorful and fun way.

So, what can you expect from this year’s Tribe Holi celebration?


  1. Let’s start with the core essence of Holi – the colors! We, at Tribe Hostel, use eco-friendly Holi colors that are a sustainable alternative to traditional Holi colors. These colors are made with natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, and spices, and are safe for people of all ages to use. In addition to being better for our health, eco-friendly Holi colors are also better for the environment, as they are biodegradable and do not pollute water sources or harm wildlife. By choosing eco-friendly Holi colors, we can celebrate this vibrant festival in a way that is both safe and sustainable.
  2. Now that you are set with the colors, it’s time to put on some funk and get grooving! The next most important thing around Holi is ‘Entertainment’! And when it comes to this, Tribe Hostel leaves no stone unturned. We are fully loaded with lively upbeat Bollywood songs that are sure to make you shake a leg and bring in the celebratory atmosphere. Apart from this, Tribe is also organizing live band performances just for you!
  3. All that fun and running around is sure to make you hungry. Whether sweet or savory, Holi foods are sure to leave your taste buds happy and your heart full of joy! From lip-smacking Holi delicacies to a live Tandoor, our Student Hostels in Pune are going to be food loaded this Holi.

Having said this, we are keen on maintaining safety regulations for our hostellers during Holi to ensure the celebration takes place in a safe and controlled environment so that everyone can enjoy the festival worry-free making this one of THE BEST Holi events in Viman Nagar!

Now that you have a gist of what Tribe Hostel has in store for you this Holi, it’s time to head over to one of the most happening Holi events in Viman Nagar and make some colorful & unforgettable sweet memories.

If you are also looking to explore vibrant Holi celebrations around the city, we’ve got a list for that too! When it comes to hosting the ultimate Holi bash, the city of Pune certainly doesn’t lag behind! The city indeed has a grand celebration of colors, offering a lot of entertainment too! Along with this, many Holi parties in Pune have also embraced the new concept of using organic colors without water. 

Here’s a list of the best Holi 2023 events in Pune to explore.

  1. Pune Color Festival 5.0
    1. Mahalaxmi Lawns, Kharadi 
    2. Meadows, The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi 
  1. IceNFire
    Location: Baner
  1. Rang Barse Holi Festival
    Location: Laxmi Lawns, Pune

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