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10 movies you MUST watch in a hostel with your buddies!

27 January 2021


Bored of watching reruns of Friends and struggling to find movies to watch with your buds that go beyond the usual Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Gangs of Wasseypur? Here are 10 films that will make your hostel movie nights a truly memorable experience for all-

Dil Chahta Hai

Literally the poster child of all buddy movies, this film heralded a new era in Indian Cinema. As the focus shifted from the travails of the common man and the sugar rush love story of young adults, we were welcomed into a much more recognizable urban space where friendships were tested, unconventional relationships were forged and romance was given a whole new definition.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

In this sun drenched saga of two girlfriends on a vacation in Spain, Woody Allen, the high priest of dark romance, welcomes us to experience friendship, morality, love, and loss. With an unforgettable performance by Penelope Cruz, this is a film that makes you gush, mush but more than anything else, contemplate the bonds that bind us and threaten to pull us apart.

Mamma Mia

A comedy of errors in the matrix of a musical with Meryl Streep as its leading lady and Abba songs as its sole music. There is nothing to not love in this film about a young woman looking for her father among her mother’s many past lovers as she prepares to get married herself against the backdrop of sunny sunny Santorini.

Monalisa Smile

Remember that time when you dreamt of being in a small liberal arts college in Vermont among fall colors in the latter half of the last century? Add to the mix a fine arts teacher in the form of Julia Roberts and a group of students, each lost in their own ways, led by the ever beautiful Kirsten Dunst. This quietly moving and superbly underrated film does not have the intrigue of a Donna Tart mystery. But it does provoke us to question conventions and expectations- the ones we have of ourselves and the ones society has of us


The film that changed the very definition of buddy movies. The first film featuring the wolf pack, has a very drunk, and very lost Bradley Cooper looking for his lost best friend in the aftermath of a drunken bachelor’s party. As memories of a night gone completely wrong begin to unravel, the viewer is invited into a laughter riot as Chinese mafias and tigers start walking the street of merry old Last Vegas in this film that revolves around the search for the missing groom.

Oceans 8

This was the film that we deserved but did not know we needed. Arguably the finest of the entire oceans series, this film follows the sister of Danny Ocean and her league of badass girls as they plan to rob a billion dollar necklace from, wait for it, THE MET GALA! With a powerhouse cast featuring Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett to Anne Hathaway and Rihanna, this film has all the laughs and the thrills and some truly unforgettable one liners.

Luck By Chance

What is the price of success? Is it love? Or is it friendship? Or is it something greater? Something as deep and impermeable as innocence? Zoya Akhtar’s best and first film asks these very questions as it follows the love story of two struggling actors in Bombay and their individual tryst with success and failure. But beyond the surface of how showbiz operates, the film also raises questions about the friendships that witness struggle and the ones that witness the brink of success. Which is the greater of the two? The film surely asks but also quietly chooses to not answer.

Perks of being a wallflower

Arguably the most intense film on this list, this film, yet again, follows the life of three high school friends as they navigate school, friendship, love and trauma. The film, in spite of operating in a matrix of high school frivolity makes deeply poignant statements on the enduring and cathartic quality of relationships and friendships in general. The cherry on the cake? It portrays one of the most moving depictions of mental health and its associated traumas and effects.

Thelma and Louise

The perfect road movie doesn’t exi- oh wait, there’s Thelma and Louise. Starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in career best performances, in an unforgettable screenplay by Ridley Scott, this film resets all the expectations of a road film. There is sex, intrigue, and laughter but there is also deep moving pathos. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the climax, just make sure that you have tissues handy.

8 Mile

With an Oscar winning sound-track by Eminem, 8 Mile’s the story of a struggling rapper played by none other than Eminem himself. Angsty. Mythic. Moving. Poignant. This is just the high you need to end a long day, your buddy by your side, dreams in your eyes and a cup of steaming coffee on the table beside you.

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3 reasons why Hostel friends always last longer than any other friends!

23 January 2021


So the big day’s finally here, your bags are packed, photo IDs tucked into your side pocket, and the family ready to say a teary goodbye to their grown teen. Your bai at home secretly thanks the heavens for she won’t have to clean your messy beds anymore and your mom packs innumerable tiffin boxes for the first few days of your college life. And although you have complete knowledge of the beds and side tables and drawers of your TribeStays hostel, sharing living space with people from all corners of the country can be quite a frightening thought for most of us. But as Rancho said- Aal is well! You might just be stepping into the best phase of your life, made even better by the 3 AM Cheese Maggi rants with your hostel mates. Here’s why hostel friends always last longer than any other friends-

You get to know their food habits down to the T

A very wise man named Maslow once stated that food is one of the most basic needs of humans. Whether they despise tomatoes in their McSpicy burger or like eating mayonnaise with almonds, you get to know it all because you witness them do it all day every day. The spicy, tangy, golden-fried aloo chaat deliciousness from that one rundown store from the second lane after Wakad station, or the golden-leafed mango meringue with raspberry coulis from that posh restaurant on Marine Drive, you learn all their preferences. By the third month, you’re scouting their ordered risotto for mushrooms because you love them and they hate it. And by the fifth, you know just when to add that pinch of red chili powder in their cup noodles for it to have the perfect flavor. These unspoken acts forge bonds that no man can ever decipher, not even Elon Musk. You might not even be aware of how effortlessly you merge into each other’s eating habits. And friends that eat together, stay together.

You know all their breakup stories because you lived through it all with them

So their Bumble match ghosted them- yet again. You know the drill- their favorite ice-cream, their favorite boyfriend/girlfriend bashing movie, and a stable shoulder to cry on. After all, when things got messy, you were the one to type out all the texts while you ran them a hot bath. A roomie is nothing short of a 24/7 hotline, and although they thought that this time they had finally found ‘the one,’ the universe unfortunately decided to give them a hard lesson instead. But along with all that pain, it also gave them your warm hugs that felt like mom’s. Let’s accept it, nothing brings two people closer than channeling all their hatred towards a super toxic ex. You start out with breakup sobbing but it doesn’t take long to transcend into conversations about the deeper questions of life. But at the end, you realize that powerhouses like you need no savior, you’re enough for each other. And while all this happens, you secretly re-download the dating apps on their phone.

It’s basically like a live-in relationship, only so much better

You switch off the geyser for them and they take the wet towels off the bed for you. They know all your habits and you know the perfect pick-me-ups for the rainy days. You share stories about your families and how your childhood pet ate up your school shoes the day before the final exam. Living together isn’t just about sharing a room, you also end up sharing a part of yourself with them, kinda like a horcrux, but in a less sinistery way. Fate works in mysterious ways, and people you meet by chance end up occupying the largest rooms of your heart within just a few months. It’s all the fun and no drama. It’s effortless because you don’t have to make plans two weeks in advance to meet them- they literally live with you and you just go with the flow, whether it’s midnight pink pasta or frantic Uber OTPs. And when the time comes to say goodbye, again with packed bags and photo IDs tucked into side pockets, you realize that all the anxiety you felt on the first day you moved in forged itself into the truest friendship you could ever find.

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The 5 most inspiring movies to see as a student before you graduate!

23 January 2021


2020 has been nothing less of a disaster for everybody. But as we wave goodbye to this god awful year, here are 5 movies that are sure to ignite the dying flame of courage in the student in you!

The Pursuit of Happiness

This tear-jerker starring real life father and son Will and Jaden Smith is the very definition of an inspirational film. It follows the rags to riches template, as a man tries his best to make it big in the unforgiving corporate cityscape of New York. But what anchors this film real hard is the father-son relationship. Through poverty and immense hardship, the duo finds moments of poignant hope and happiness that makes this movie one of the most emotionally resonant films of all time.

Hidden Figures

This sleeper hit takes us into marble corridors of 1950s NASA, rife with dreams of reaching the moon and calculations to keep rockets in orbit. But this time, the story doesn’t belong to white-skinned men from New England houses. Instead, it follows the story of three African-American women, who fight racism and sexism to price their mettle in a world that deems them fit only for physical labor. A rousing story of hope, resilience, and the power of strife, it is sure to teach you that sometimes, hardships only shape you for the better.  

The Theory of Everything

What’s there to not like in a story about one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the planet who fought severe nerve paralysis and became one of the greatest nuclear physicists of all time? With an Oscar winning performance by Eddie Redmayne, the emotional core of this film is formed by the poignant love story between Stephen and his first wife, Jane. This is not just the story of a scientist but also the story of Jane and how her efforts were essential to the success of her husband. Watch it not just for the story of a man fighting a life altering disease but also to see a woman trying her all to make her marriage survive in the face of all odds.

Schindler’s List

Often touted as Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, this modern classic follows the atrocities faced by Jews in Nazi Germany. Liam Neeson plays the eponymous Oskar Schindler and his fight to retain all his Jewish factory workers and thereby save them from imminent death at the concentration camps. The violence often gets gruesome, notwithstanding the chilling performance by Ralph Fiennes, but above all, the film celebrates the indomitable human spirit that strives to survive all forms of atrocities and violence, even in moments when the world is threatened to be pulled apart by the same.

Slumdog Millionaire

One of the most controversial ‘Best Picture’ wins of all time, this film too follows the rags to riches story of Jalal from the slums of Bombay to his triumphant million dollar win in a reality show. The gimmicky nature of most events in the film is only made believable by the fact that it is a true story. Violence, of all kinds, never deters two brothers and a girl from realizing their dreams against the landscape of cruel Bombay. And the film does finish off with the glorious message that truly there is hardly any greater teacher in this world than Life itself. Funny, poignant and moving, in the words of Roger Ebert it truly is the feel good movie of the decade!

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Apartment living is no more safe for students! Here are 5 reasons why

18 January 2021


College applications accepted, scholarship cheques encashed and the semester’s study materials bought. We scout and select the best possible higher education institutes the world has to offer and burn midnight lamps to crack their entrances. But how often do we evaluate our accommodation options when we go to study outside our hometowns? You might be spending your most productive hours at university but at the end of the day, it’s your room that you have to return to and call home for the next three years. The omnipresent question that lingers is one of choice- apartments or hostels? Although it is believed by most that apartments offer greater degrees of freedom, it comes at the cost of compromising on safety. Here’s 5 reasons why apartment living in India is no longer safe for students –

Rodent Infestations

The only place where you want to see a rodent in your three years of college life is on the dissection table if that’s your field of study. Rodents are pesky little creatures and often stay cocooned in their dens during daytime, which also happens to be the time when most students go to check out these apartments prior to moving in. Unless one has lived in an apartment for at least a week, it is difficult to assure that it’s rodent-free. Rat-bite fever, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, you name it and rodents are sure to be involved. Not only do they cause property damage but their droppings can spread numerous viruses. The accumulation of faeces from mice and rats can spread bacteria, contaminate food sources, and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Once the faecal matter dries, it can be hazardous to those who breathe it in. Not to add the running around of rats in your room while you sleep at night. Discovering the infestation after you have already paid your deposit is nothing short of a nightmare. Most landlords refuse to treat it as an actual problem and the entire cost of pest control eventually ends up falling on the student’s shoulders.


Gone are the days when burglars meant masked men with sacks propped on their shoulders who broke into your apartment in the wee hours of the morning. If you’re somebody who binges on Crime Patrol as much as I do, you’re sure to know that crime rates are higher than ever. Most burglars sneak into housing complexes and apartments as either mailmen or housemaids. Elaborate planning goes into most burglaries as they build trust before launching their plots. Most people, especially students, do not run a background check on people they hire and interact with on a daily basis. It is not always possible to do so too. This poses a considerable amount of threat for students, especially with expensive gadgets lying around in almost every household.

Water Leakage and Damp

You’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to mask damp damage for a few days. Corrupt landlords often paste laminate and wallpapers on walls when showing apartments to prospective tenants. Leaking water faucets are another problem that is very difficult to discern through a single visit. And when you learn of the problem, it’s already too late. If you’re a student located in a city that experiences heavy rainfall, you might be at an even greater risk. Ground floors are notoriously famous for flooding that not only does this destroy property but can also affects health and renders students apartmentless for weeks. Damp walls also lead to formation of moulds and spores. Inhaling these can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation. Prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can also reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma.

Dishonest landlords

Unless you’ve known your landlord for ages, which is usually not the case for students moving halfway across the country, you never know whether they can be trusted. They might be cheating you by charging you ridiculously high rates and may also create issues while returning deposits. They might present an extremely rosy picture of the apartment when you visit or see the flat in photos. The main problem is that of accountability- as most landlords are independent entities, there is no institution that can resolve your grievances if he/she turns out to be corrupt. They may even visit your apartment whenever they like and compromise privacy at odd hours.


Last but definitely the most prevalent problem of all, lack of proper food. It may seem promising to eat out every day and gorge on pepperoni pizza and peri peri fries, but students soon realize that not taking proper care of their health can have severe consequences. Lack of energy, inability to properly concentrate on studies, and weeks of spending entire days in the loo soon begin to set in. As a teenager who is most probably living on their own for the first time, keeping oneself alive is a task in itself. Cooking every day after long hours of classes and internships is next to impossible and most students end up settling for substandard dabba services. Neither does one have any knowledge about whether these cookeries are maintaining hygiene standards nor does the food taste good or offer much variety (in most cases). Where to eat and what to eat are problems a college-goer shouldn’t have to deal with, after all, these years are meant to be enjoyed and spent in carefree hours. You’ll anyway have to deal with the mundane routines of life once you graduate and start working, might as well have the time of your life in college!

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3 Amazing companies forged in hostels that you had no idea about!

18 January 2021


Ever made Goa plans with your hostel mates only for it to get cancelled for the umpteenth time? Sorry, we used the most generic example we could find. Our apologies. But honestly, there isn’t a single college student out there whose late-night pizza parties with their closest friends circle hasn’t turned into a business brainstorming session. The flex of being able to check the ‘business’ box under the ‘Occupation’ field in forms and the potential that the digital world today offers for ideas to blossom into the next big multimillion dollar company overnight has fueled all of us to risk it all in a startup. Or at least, imagine about it. But sometimes, no matter how motivated you are, we all need a little inspiration. Here are 3 companies whose startups not only did not get cancelled like our Goa vacays but also became the full-fledged companies they are today-


Giving an explanation of what this platform is, is nothing but a waste of typing space. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or under a dabba phone, you know what Snapchat is; Gen Z’s most preferred platform for sharing anything and everything about their life, from pictures of steering wheels at 4am to hookah parlor smoke rings. After all, the world might just collapse if they don’t get to know that you snuck out of your house to go for  a long drive last night. For a generation which wants to share everything but doesn’t want to risk it becoming permanent proof that could rat them out to their folks back home, Snapchat is the ultimate OG. But like most college startups, this too started with a bad decision. Back in 2011, at one of Stanford’s frat parties, Reggie Brown uttered these golden words that gave us snapchat, “I wish the photos I’m sending this girl would disappear”. They might have been chewing Mentos, because both Reggie Brown and Evan Spiegel ki dimaag ki batti jali and they took on board Bobby Murphy for their coding needs to launch ‘Picaboo’. Turns out, there’s not much in a name for it was rebranded as Snapchat soon after its launch and after a couple of months, the download numbers were in millions. Spiegel turned down a $3b offer from Facebook which turned out to be quite a smart decision because in less than a year Snapchat’s value rose to a whopping 10 billion dollars. In January of 2020 (before the year decided to spiral into self-destruction mode) over 3 billion snaps (disappearing photos and videos) were sent every single day. Instagram and other platforms have also adapted these features and this company has given hope to all college students who aspire to make it big one day.

HourlyNerd (Catalant)

In the early days of starting a business, everybody needs a guardian angel. For most college folks, entrepreneurship can be an exciting but daunting field. For those who hail from business backgrounds, pitching the idea to your family may work great, but more often than not, you need a dedicated and experienced counsellor. Making permanent consultancy hires for small businesses can be quite heavy on the pockets and making cheap hires can prove to be even deadlier. Rob Beiderman, Peter Maglathlin, Patrick Petitti and Joe Miller, as a part of their Harvard Business School’s Field 3 course project, observed that their peers, who were working in top-tier private equity firms like McKinsey and Goldman Sachs and who were also shelling out more than $50,000 dollars annually to pay for business school were desperately looking for avenues where they could apply their class knowledge in their spare time. They also witnessed promising but small businesses collapse as they left crucial strategic questions unanswered. And just like Tinder, they saw an obvious match. The selling point? These MBA students could be employed on an hourly basis, with rates as low as $35 an hour. The students also got a chance to work with multiple businesses and gain industry exposure. Called the ‘Amazon of freelance labor’, HourlyNerd turned into a babysitter for new businesses. As these students gained more experience, they learnt how to apply the failures of other businesses to boost the success of the ones they were working with. A match that even Ross-Rachel falls flat to, HourlyNerd today, called Catalan now, has become a one-stop-shop for students and business owners alike.


DropBox’s success provides testimony to the fact that you don’t need magnanimous out-of-the-box ideas for your company to make it big. Simplicity can sometimes be the most difficult thing to achieve and in business, the best plan is to identify problems and provide solutions, no matter how basic it may seem. Arash Ferdowski and Drew Houston from MIT noticed how their class materials were insanely difficult to share through an electronic mode. They were tired of emails’ inability to send and receive any files larger than 25MB. That’s what led to the birth of DropBox, an app that allows you to store large files up in the cloud and share it with whoever you want. The success story of this company, however, is not restricted to just the brilliant product, but also how these two individuals structured their workflow. Instead of employing the traditional long, stretched-out, detail-oriented product designing process, they started out with an MVP (No, not Most Valuable Player, but Minimum Viable Product). An MVP is basically the simplest prototype imaginable and its goal is to facilitate learning through test drives. Adding value to the product happens at later stages, as and when needed. What started out as a fairly modest idea gave rise to new ventures of usage, including team collaborations from all corners of the world, sharing life-saving medical documents, and clearing storage space on computers by using DropBox as a storage space. Not focusing too much on perfection allowed this duo to focus on the business aspect of things as well, and the rest, well, the rest is history.

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Tribe Stays joins Forces with Bootstart

9 January 2021


Bootstart being India’s largest neighbourhood office provider, furnishes quality workspaces in every neighbourhood, all over India. Bootstart makes sure that the workspaces are closer to home and affordable to all, offering standardized office set up in the most economical way. Bootstart has something for everybody! Right from day pass, conference room booking, shared seats, private seats, director cabins eliminate your concerns, from your travel time, food expectations, parking troubles and internet connection! Co-working spaces by Bootstart provides unprecedented benefits that could completely transform your way of working. Channel to find clients, investors or look for employment opportunities, co-working spaces honestly make the facet of your professional life so much better.

Tribe is on a journey to achieve 10X better experiences by making it easier and more remarkable with an all-in-one collaboration solution alongside world-class integrated endpoints. Tribe Student Accommodation has previously collaborated with a number of renowned brands like MIDAS Entrepreneur Institute (https://midasindia.net/ ), Pune and Sodexo https://in.sodexo.com/home.html ) to ensure the comprehensive growth of individuals also improving the quality of life. MIDAS being the official student housing partner and Sodexo rendering world-class food and facilities management services, are a great addition to Tribe’s vision and mission. From global standard rooms, to 24×7 cafes, to outstanding atmosphere and professional security – Tribe is all you need, and more.

Bootstart membership gives you access to 15 of their offices. Rest assured, they have you covered at all times. Experience fully equipped team rooms, lounge areas, individual workstations and a wide range of other services while working in solace. Bootstart members also get discount from Tribe stays for any services availed. From Viman Nagar to Wakad and Koregaon Park. Bootstart is accessible to all the Tribe Student Accommodations present over Pune, allowing hassle-free execution of work.

Bootstart Website Link: https://www.bootstart.in/


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Great things come to those who don't!

The Locations of Tribe Student Accommodation and why they are winning all awards!?

5 January 2021


Tribe is an all-inclusive luxury student accommodation present in over 3 locations. We are a community that believes in uplifting each other. Every single thing at Tribe is done for a reason. We have spent countless hours on research and development to provide our community with unbeatable interiors to top-notch amenities. We take a lot of care for even the tiniest of details for the best possible student experience. Our vision has brought us many appreciations and applauds including 

  • Student Housing Project of the Year 2019, Estate Awards
  • India’s Best Design Project 2019, Pool Mag
  • Hospitality Project of the year award 2020,  Real Estate & Business Excellence Award

What’s all the hype about?

Tribe Student Accommodation, Vile Parle, Mumbai

In a place like Mumbai where the real estate prices are quite high, having a young, lively and modern design with minimal but luxurious interiors was a challenge.  The aim was to balance a student’s privacy and collaborative space, in a smaller scare area. 

The property is designed with minimalistic and rustic interpretation of a Mediterranean village. The approach to the building is a connection through a small alley to the main road. The various volumes unfolding on the path to the building and cafeteria, extends into the building as in form of terraces. 

The spaces are simple, uncluttered with a subtle colour scheme while highlighting youthful elements as pop-up art. 

The property is also environmental, cost and time conscious. The building is a reused building where most of the units are in modular construction format creating a system of reusing it. The dry wall systems are used for partitions. Considering the cost constraints, the material palette had a limitation. The rooms are done with natural stone finished, vitrified flooring, and pastel colored ceilings with white wash walls. The furniture used is modular in plywood and laminate finish. The ground floor is done in patterned stone which blends harmoniously with the typical Grecian landscape.

There is symmetrical balance between patterns, textures and colors throughout the building. The tight and trapezoidal space at ground floor is designed as a fresh and airy cafeteria. The blue louvered windows against white washed surfaces create emphasis to whoever visits the café space. The outdoor seating is adorned with landscape and becomes a cozy relaxing space for students. The stair is bounded by ropes to make it look visually light and also secure. Every floor has a different color tone to define the floor. The stairs and cafeteria have been provided with textures to have a little rustic tint to the contemporary material palette.


Architects: Unitecture
Principal Architect: Sheel Powar
Associate Architect: Parimal Murdale
Structural Consultant: Mayuri Gohil, Nameeta Choudhari, Dinesh Nainani

Tribe Student Accommodation, Viman Nagar, Pune

Our flagship property in Viman Nagar is designed in a way that is interactive, gives a sense of belonging and provides students with a sense of privacy. 

The property has brightly coloured walls, upholstery, furniture and plants. The reception has zigzag shaped wooden high tables and chairs with geometric hanging lights. The common areas have cozy and well- placed furniture and motivational quotes from inspiring entrepreneurs that gives a sense of community. Large windows allow for ample sunlight.  The shiny high-gloss epoxy flooring used increases the brightness as well as offer a hard-wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic.

Basic white tiles are replaced with hardwood flooring and white tube lights are replaced with yellow ambient lighting and night lamps. Furniture and storage in the rooms are placed strategically to blend in with the interiors. Knick knacks, rugs and quote boards lend vibrancy to the room. The entertainment zone has a table tennis table, foosball and carom. The ground level also houses an event space for live entertainment, and a 24×7 gymnasium which adds to the community feeling.

The entire property is digitally enhanced and designed to be cashless and keyless. Access to the property and to the rooms is through RFID bands. An online top-up of this band is available for parents and students via a designated website and app. 

Solar panels incorporated in the design aim to meet almost 60 percent of the electricity needs of the building.


Architects: Unitecture
Principal Architect: Sheel Powar


Viman Nagar

Tribe Viman Nagar, our flagship hostel facility is a 192 bed co-ed facility for both boys and girls with fully A/C Twin hostel rooms, Luxury Twin Hostel rooms and Single Hostel Rooms.

Nearby Institutes & Universities:

  • Symbiosis University (Viman Nagar)
  • Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil (Lohegaon)
  • Savitribai Phule University (Pune University)
  • FAD International Academy
  • Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology.
  • College of Engineering Pune (COEP)
  • INIFD Koregaon Park
  • College of Events and Media
  • MIT World Peace University

Address: Plot No. 18, Mascot Centre, Samrat Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014

Koregaon Park

Tribe Koregaon Park, our most premium address is a 32 large rooms facility for boys and girls.

Nearby Institutes & Universities:

  • MIDAS Institute (Student Housing partner)
  • Symbiosis Institute
  • FAD International

Address: Tribe KP, Lane E, near Sweet Chariot, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001


This ultra-modern and cosmopolitan hostel in Wakad is a 191 bed facility for boys and girls.

Nearby Institutes & Universities

  • Indira College
  • D.Y Patil University.

Address: ACE Almighty, Indira College Road, Tathawade, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra 411033


Tribe Vile Parle is one of our most stylish facilities at one of the most prime locations in Vile Parle, Mumbai, with Fully A/C Single or Twin Hostel rooms for girls.

Nearby Institutes & Universities:

  • MMIMS University, Mumbai
  • Mithibai College
  • Pearl Academy
  • School of European Pastry
  • IICTN (Cosmetology)
  • Raffles Design International
  • Rachana Sansad
  • LS Raheja School of Art
  • Whistling Woods International
  • Actor Prepares

Address: Shree Mangal Corp, S Pond Rd, Near Jain Temple, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056

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