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4 skills that you can learn in less than a month and that too, without stepping out

7 September 2020


    Learning is a great way to keep your brain active and improve brain function. It also provides an escape for you and helps you find a hobby. When you are happy doing something, your whole body responds positively to it. It is also important to keep updating your skillset.

Photo/Video Editing

In today’s world of pictures and videos, it can be very useful to learn the art of photo and video editing.  You can easily learn software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier pro from youtube or from the multiple online courses on Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare.  It is an excellent way to express yourself through pictures and videos. It is also a very good addition to your CV.

All you need is your laptop, the software and a comfortable place for you to work in. You can use the privacy of your room at Tribe or work in the study/chill room when you need a change.                                 


Learn a new language 

Learning a new language will help the cognitive process in your brain. It makes you smarter and more perceptive and increases multi-tasking skills. It also makes travelling very easy and convenient. Now you can’t become fluent in a language in 30 days but a lot can be learnt if you commit to it. It can be a foreign language or an Indian language and this helps you to connect with more people. Plus it is so much fun to learn a new language. Think about all the new people you can meet and interact with, new music you can listen to, new movies and Tv shows you can watch without subtitles.

There are many apps and websites like Duolingo that you can get free of cost.

Weight Training 

Weight Training is a form of exercise that helps in developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles. Each body is different and you need to understand your body for it to be more effective. There are multiple benefits of having strong muscles which will help you in your daily activities. 

There are so many YouTubers whom you can follow to understand how to exercise properly. At Tribe, you have a well-equipped fitness centre at your disposal.  



Podcasting is the in-thing now. There are so many podcasts covering all kinds of topics. If you think you have the knack for it and a little expertise, you can start a podcast of your own. 

Your latest phones have good audio and microphone options that will help you practice. You can test it out with your community at Tribe till you get better at it. If you are willing to commit to it, you can buy better recording equipment, learn how to edit better and start broadcasting your podcast. 


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