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Exam week? 5 quick midnight snacking DIYs when pulling all nighters

7 October 2021


Haven’t we all been through hours and hours of long study, trying with all your might to get past one chapter and finding yourself distracted by the thought of a cheesy pizza or a chocolate fudge brownie, finally giving in to ordering in? Well, here are 5 quick snacking DIYs for you to satisfy your midnight cravings!

  1. Chili cheese toast 

There can be nothing better than the goodness of melting cheese late at night! This quick toast recipe barely takes 10 minutes to prepare and there you have it, a spicy cheesy toast to munch on while you get back to that dreaded bit of your study material!

Ingredients required – 
Cheese (mozzarella or sliced works too)
Chili flakes 

View the whole recipe here:

2. Egg in a cup:

Who said midnight snacks can’t be healthy? Here we have the easiest scrambled egg option for you, that we promise doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to be ready and surely doesn’t require you to do anything more than finding yourself a microwave!

Ingredients required – 
2 large eggs 
Cheddar cheese
Tomato (optional)
Jalapenos (optional) 

View the whole recipe here 

3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Well, when you’re out of options peanut butter is an absolute saviour, right from being delicious to being easily available and filling! While this recipe talks about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, if you don’t have much time in hand, peanut butter paired with apples could also be just the perfect snack for those hunger cramps at 1am. 

Ingredients Required –
Peanut butter
Fruit Jam
Brown bread x2

We are sure you know how to make a sandwich but there you go,

4. Chickpea salad:

Let’s just call this one a mom’s favourite! Who doesn’t love a bit of chickpea mixed with spicy veggies on the go?? However, this one may need you to prepare in advance for the chickpea to be boiled and the veggies to be finely chopped but other than that there’s not much you got to do!

Ingredients required –
Boiled chickpeas
1 tomato
1 capsicum
1 onions (optional)
Seasonings of your choice

View the full recipe here, 

5. Spicy potatoes

We can possibly not leave out an Indian home’s favourite veggie! This quick tangy dish is likely to make you nostalgic, so you might find yourself calling your mom up at midnight right after you finish off bowls of this, you’ve been warned! 

This is a pretty simple snack to make, but also could get a tad bit heavy so make sure you pair it up with some green tea later!

Ingredients required –
1 potato 
Finely chopped parsley 
Garam masala/chaat 

All in all, we want you to get a good night’s sleep after all that mindwork so just in case DIY doesn’t seem like the best option, tribe’s cafe is always open to serve!

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