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Why should you enroll your child into Tribe?

7 June 2019


  1. Assured of their safety


For any parent whose child is studying away from home, the first and foremost concern is their safety. Is my child going to be in a safe environment? Are they going to be taken care of, and are they among a good, like-minded crowd? Will they make friends? At Tribe, the answer to each of those questions is a resounding yes! With round-the-clock security, Tribe ensures that your kids are well taken care of as they embark on their new academic journey. Students’ safety is of paramount concern, and our arterially, safely located premises ensure your ward is in a secure environment.

  1. No Hidden costs

Often, shared student accommodations will entice potential new residents – and their parents – with attractive, seemingly economical costs – all without mentioning the various caveats that come along with them, and the costs built into the fine print that have not been mentioned.

At Tribe, WYSIWYG – what you see, is what you get! All of our costing and pricing information is forthright, upfront, and clearly detailed along with our facilities, which means that you, as a parent, have no hidden or surprise costs foisted upon you suddenly at any point during your child’s stay at Tribe.

  1. They can concentrate on their work

What can often happen if your child is renting a flat or sharing accommodation with an individual flatmate is that the daily administrative tasks associated with running a home pile up. Bills need to be paid, maintenance needs to be followed up, and often, caught up in this, your child’s studies can get neglected or pushed to the back burner simply to manage the daily tasks associated with living alone or in a rented flat.

At Tribe, we take care of everything for you! From daily housekeeping to ensuite facilities, a cafeteria, a fitness centre and more, neither you nor your child have to worry about the distractions that accompany renting.

  1. A home-like environment, away from home

As parents, you might often wonder if your child has the same wholesome, encouraging environment that they have at home. At Tribe, your child will be staying among hundreds of like-minded students, with a close network of others also in college. Surrounded by friends, some of whom may even be on their course of study will give your child the environment they need to have a balanced academic life, and be among others working towards their own academic goals in an inclusive, enriching, supportive environment.

  1. Giving your child secure independence

Until your child goes off to university or college, the chances are that they have lived with you their entire lives. Going out into the world by themselves can be daunting for many children, and as a parent, it is understandable that you, too, would worry. Well, at Tribe, you don’t need to. Our secure accommodation means that your child will have the independence of living alone, among those of their age group, with the ability to live by themselves and make friends, without the hassle of living completely alone. They have their own independence – but within the safe, secure environment Tribe provides – for their, and your, peace of mind.

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