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Where to stay in Mumbai? A neighbourhood guide for students!

20 June 2022


We could end this blog in just three words-


That’s it.
You’ll be visiting your college every single day and there’s nothing worse than having to commute on overcrowded Bombay locals or having to leave your hostel at 5 in the morning to make it to your lecture on time. And more often than not, you would want to come back to your hostel to change after college before you head out for the rest of the day.

But, what if your college’s area has no nice hostels? Which part of the city should you choose to live in then?

Bandra West is just the place to be if you’re young at heart and love cafe-hopping, but the only con of this place is that the rent can cost you an arm and a leg, leaving you with no limbs to go out for coffee.

Andheri is fantastic for students but also infamous for its perennially clogged roadways (by both Monsoon showers and four-wheelers)

Powai is just too far away and it can take students up to 2 hours to travel to the centre of the city.

However, there’s this one place in the city that’s just perfect for students- Vile Parle.

(And we’re not just saying this because Tribe’s all-girls hostel is situated there. We actually conducted an entire four-month-long research before we decided which locality to situate our Mumbai hostel in) And all roads, instead of Rome, led to Vile Parle.

And here’s why, neighbourhood-wise, Tribe Vile Parle is the place to be as a student!

Proximity to your college

If you’ve burnt the midnight oil and successfully secured a seat in NMIMS University or Mithibai College or Pearl Academy or School of European Pastry or IICTN (Cosmetology) or Raffles Design International or Rachana Sansad or LS Raheja School of Art or Whistling Woods International or Actor Prepares or even S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Tribe VP is at a stone’s throw from your institute! Forget long boring commutes and sweaty co-passengers, Tribe’s got your back! Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself on Google Maps, search for us @ “Tribe Students Hostel Vile Parle (Girls)”


Proximity to transportation

Located only 5 km away from the airport and only 20 minutes away from the Sahar Road metro station, Tribe Vile Parle is excellent in terms of connectivity to the rest of the city. Tribe VP is also, only a ten-minute walk from the Navpada railway station. Needless to mention, Tribe VP is one of the most well-connected among all hostels in Mumbai.


Proximity to cafes, clubs, and restaurants

There’s no dearth of restaurants in Vile Parle. Whether it is a soothing continental breakfast that you’re looking for or a spicy ramen snack, VP has got it all. Some Tribe-favourites in the area include Garde Manger Cafe, Cafe Cubano, Roots Cafe, Cafe Lounge, Glee Gourment, Apsara Ice Creams, Maruti Pav Bhaji, McDonald’s, Epitome Juhu and the world-famous Anand Vada Pav opposite Mithibai College!

Proximity to cafes, clubs, and restaurants


Proximity to hospitals

Safety comes first. Whether it is a sudden fever or a tumble down the stairs, Tribe’s management is quick to offer first aid whenever something goes wrong. But there’s only so much that Paracetamols and band-aids can do. Our first priority when we were looking for a property was to ensure that it was close to a hospital. And we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Tribe VP’s locality hosts not one, not two, but 8 hospitals! The closest and the best is Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, which is located only 5 minutes from our campus. Other hospitals in the area include the KLS Memorial Hospital, the Advanced Multispeciality Hospital, the Nityanand Hospital and even the Madhavbaugh Clinic for minor injuries and ailments.


Proximity to malls, salons, and shopping centres

And what did you even do in Bombay if you didn’t shop? Prime mall is a stone’s throw from Tribe VP and you may even hit up Chamee and Palak (whose designs have been donned by celebs to the likes of Kriti Kharbanda, Mouni Roy, Nusrat Bharucha and Hina Khan) or Aari if you’re looking for designer ensembles for a special occasion! Enrich Salon is just a 12-minute walk from our campus and is perfect for all your beauty and hygiene needs.

Tribe Vile Parle’s locality is enviable in the truest sense of the word. It has everything that a  student in a girls hostel in Mumbai might need- from ATMs and banks to grocery stores and electronic shops.

And if this blog wasn’t convincing enough for you- why don’t you drop us a call at +91 8880868000 or book a free campus tour through and witness the extravagance that Vile Parle has to offer with your own two eyes?

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Luxurious Room In a Prominent Girls Hostel in Mumbai

22 November 2021


In today’s day and age, hostels have become more than just a place to stay. Nowadays, hostels are expected to deliver much more amenities than they were supposed to back in the old days. You can also get familiar with the students of various streams since Mumbai girls hostel don’t place such restrictions on mixing students.

Hosteling is a way better option than living independently because it enriches your brain with many pleasing memories and it does so without breaking your bank. So you can say that life at a hostel is easily one of the most important yet memorable moments and a good hostel can make or break your college life in a new city. We all know that it’s not easy to live away from your family, which is why you need a hostel for girls in Mumbai that makes your heart feel at ease.

However, there are many crucial factors many tend to overlook while picking a hostel. So here’s are some pointers that can help you in finding a decent girls hostel in Mumbai

Convenience:- The location determines the worth of a hostel so it should be the first thing on your checklist. The most ideal location for a hostel would be an area near your college with the availability of public transport. Instead of wasting both your time and money travelling between your college and hostel, just make sure that your hostel is located near your college in Mumbai.

Be Safe:– Always make sure that the hostel you choose has some reliable security systems like biometric security and RFID. All students carry some valuables with them so find out if the hostel facilitates lockers and safety deposit boxes for every female student. This also means that you need to look out for your safety so pick a hostel that’s located in a safe neighbourhood.

Basic Amenities:- Look out for girls hostel in Mumbai that provides some quality amenities to the students. Well-prepared meals are one of many crucial criteria to look out for. On top of meals, make sure that the hostel staff also take care of your housekeeping and laundry. Also, look for Wi-Fi and TV services which are being frequently introduced in hostel culture these days.

Curfew & Social Gatherings:- Well everyone has once heard of a ‘curfew’ in hostels where students are obligated to be present in the hostel before a certain point of time after dawn. However, curfew culture in hostels nowadays is rather lax so make sure that you choose a hostel after considering their curfew time. Also, take some time to find out if your preferred hostel organises social gatherings between fellow hostel mates or not.

If you have come to a conclusion after considering all these pointers then the last step would be to check out the reviews of your favoured girls hostel in Mumbai. If the majority of reviews are positive then that should give you the green signal you needed.

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Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!