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Have you Checked out the Top Student hostels in Mumbai and Pune?

4 March 2022


A lot of people worry about their accommodation when they first move to Mumbai or Pune for either work or education. So, we have listed down the top 6 student accommodations for anyone who is seeking value for money options. Check them out here!

Urban  nomads

Urban Nomads – CoLive and CoWork has a communal lounge, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace for guests. A 24-hour front desk and a communal kitchen are among the other amenities offered at this accommodation along with free WiFi. A perfect backpacker’s hostel, thus allowing you to book your stay according to your convenience. They have dormitories as well as AC rooms for single sharing and double sharing. All meticulously planned, from the size of your room to the total number of days for stay.


HOSTEL 99, with the luscious green images of Koregaon Park in offering, this hostel lies contentedly in absolute calm amidst the green foliage of trees and tweeting birds, a great set up for a tranquil experience. Spacious rooms with all the essentials included, from reading lights, charging ports to dedicated USB hubs and cloth hangers. Rooms have huge windows to give you a perfect outside view. There’s no extra charge for a dorm room or private room.


This is the largest hostel chain in India. You can work here comfortably with a beautiful view outside. Zostel is perfect if you wish to have fun and work at the same time. Price of a room at Zostel approximately can go up till 2000 according to place and room. So if you are planning to stay for a short period of time or a long period of time, you can book hostels in Mumbai for your stay. 

 Zolo stays

Apart from the fantastic hostels and PGs at affordable costs, it has a fantastic web platform that makes reserving accommodations a pleasure! Lodgings are clean and well-located around the city, allowing you to book according to your tastes. They have air conditioning, delicious meals, daily housekeeping, Wi-Fi, and even parking. The cost of living in this hostel starts from 6000 per month.

Tribe stays

Tribe Stays offers all the facilities you need while you stay at a hostel, a luxury student accommodation in Pune and Mumbai. Each tribe space has been intricately designed right from breakout areas and activity lounge areas to promote a culture of building networks to the state of the art gym for a healthy lifestyle. You get the best quality to offer in terms of food. Tribe offers mouth watering stuff to make sure you are always full and healthy.

While the thought of living in hostels may not necessarily excite you for you fear being under constant watch, we at tribe believe in individual journey and development and so we let you be! Tribe has no warden, no curfew!

Tribe has electricity back up for uninterrupted power supply, which is very necessary especially during monsoon when power cuts may become routine. Once you are at Tribe stays, you could worry less about things as it covers minute details such as unlimited Wi-fi and laundry as well.

To keep the fun & vibrant vibe alive we organize multiple events throughout the year. Christmas, New year’s, Valentines day, Holi party, etc at Tribe cannot be missed! We also have their own app to make your stay more comfortable and convenient. So if you are looking for a hostel in Pune , Tribe is the best option for you.

Oxford caps

Oxford Caps is a hostel accommodation initiated by two ex-architecture students who were coincidentally also roommates. This hostel is technologically advanced and well equipped with amenities like laundry, Wi-Fi, housekeeping and meals included, ensuring that all of your needs are met. This establishment also backs social growth, allowing hostelers to meet others in the hostel and interact with them through various events. These facilities (which are located all around Pune and contain both co-ed as well as girls and boys dorms) are undoubtedly one of the top hostels in Pune for students to check out, with well-furnished rooms, common areas, and even a well-equipped gym.

Let’s give you a memorable living experience shall we? Reach out to us for any queries and we will get back to you instantly or even better, you may come pay us a visit soon! Trust us, we are a vibe you don’t want to miss out on!

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Why students are still living in hostels even during online classes, and why you should too!

29 January 2022


Covid has highly affected everyone’s life,especially student’s lives. As the cases in pune are also increasing day by day. Every college has shifted to online classes totally. We know students miss the fun of having offline classes, being on campus, seeing everyone in person and much more. Online classes won’t really make up for that, but we can always make it safer and less boring for you. How is studying online from a tribe hostel different from attending online classes from your own home? Here we mentioned a few of them. 

Maintaining covid protocols

Are people maintaining proper hygiene of the place in this situation? Is every precaution being taken strictly by everyone here?  We know there are so many questions like this on your mind, we also understand your concern that is why we can assure you our hostel is completely secure with COVID protocols. Every staff member wears a mask and we are also sanitizing every corner of the hostel every now and then. The food is also being cooked by maintaining proper precaution. Do not worry about the safety, we are taking care of it just for you. So just be here , comfortably and study peacefully. 

Campus living experience.

As mentioned earlier online classes never make up for offline classes student life, still we can not let you have a dull campus life, college might be closed, that should not stop you from having your best life at hostel.Study from Tribe to continue the campus living experience. Other than study, do whatever you want to do to enjoy your stay at the hostel.We got it covered for you, play games, dance your heart out, organize a karaoke night with your friends, e.t.c.

Group study

Online classes are boring, we understand but it can be more more boring if you can not able to interact with peers in person, for that group study can be a savior to make the study less heavy for you, Group study and studying with peers is a great experience.If you are in pune, looking for hostel in viman nagar to make your studying experience better you should choose tribestays, without a doubt.

 No issues with electricity

Frequent power cuts can interrupt your studies, but at Tribe we have 24×7 power backup, you will not face any  internet issues here so even if there is a power cut, it would not disturb your study, you have all the comfort of  your home here at this hostel.

Latest blog

Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!