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28 January 2022


Staying away from your own home comes with it’s own set of hurdles other than the fun part. Our wish to make your onboarding experience more fun and zero hustling. At Tribe We want your stay to be comfortable and memorable. We can understand that living alone is not easy at all, but At tribe we promise to make it your second home. You don’t need to worry about any issue you will  face while staying here, everything will be taken care of in just one click. You have the tribe app in your phone. Just sign up and put up your concerns there only.These are ways how you can use the tribe app on your phone.

Raise Tickets

You can raise complaints and issues in your room on the app.  or if you see some around campus! Our team will resolve this with all real-time updates on the app. So write to us whatever is bothering you while you stay at tribe.


Easily available information about your rent

You can Check your pending balances and all previous financial history at Tribe! You can also make all future pending payments through the app. You do not have to deal with the online payment issues.

Participate and socialize

Make friends that last forever while you are here, participate in discussions and polls for activities on apps,Tribe also plans events during festive season, so you have a chance to socialize and make good bonds with people you like.


Receive all important announcements about Tribe!

Just one click and you will get all the important announcement, what’s happening around your campus. We make sure you don’t miss out any chance to have fun So just keep an eye on the app.

Check all latest offers that are Exclusive to Tribe Residents only

You must have the app downloaded and logged in to avail these offers in the case of on-ground locations.

Leave application.

Gone are those days when you needed to write long emails in case you wanted to apply for  leave, but with an app it is much easier to send a leave application.   

Upload all your documents and IDs in your profile.

Doesn’t it feel like a task when you need to show your id proof when you are asked for it, but all your important documents are under one app, so whenever you are asked to show it, you just have it in one click. Forget about carrying it in your purse and wallet from now on.

Add visitors in case someone is visiting you (so our team is informed).

Your security is our responsibility, so It is always better to keep us informed of who is visiting you. You can add the name of the visitors on the app, so we are able to allow them to meet you.

So get ready and join your tribe At Tribe.

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