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The Guide to perfect April fool’s prank

31 March 2022


April fool’s day prank for hostel friends

The first day of April is around the corner, and you know what the day is known for. And no one can be more excited for the day than a college student. Who doesn’t want to go one up over another fellow student? While there’s always someone at a receiving end, the trick is always followed by everyone laughing about the same. Here we talk about some pranks you could pull and get yourself the tag of ‘King of Comedy’.

Monster Prank

If you are living in a hostel and want to pull a prank on your roommate, here’s something you could do. Buy a poster of a monster/ghost or anything that would run terror down the spine of your roommate. Place the poster exactly where they are mostly likely to see when they first wake up. Safe to say you wouldn’t need your alarm that day, because they’d wake you up screaming.

The Classic Biscuit Prank

You know this one. This one’s a classic! Carefully remove the cream sandwiched between the two layers of biscuit and add toothpaste in between. Do make sure your camera is rolling, because you would want to record their expression.

The Classic Biscuit Prank

Hole under the mug

Another simple yet fun April Fools’ prank idea is to poke the paper cups near the water filter or coffee machine. Simply poke the base of the paper cups and make sure you don’t make a hole. Just prick and poke slightly so that the water of coffee oozes slowly. It will be a mess for sure!

The ZNMD Prank

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara took the world by storm when it was first released. There were so many memorable scenes and dialogues that still make you go woah! But one particular scene is when Imran and Kabir make a fool out of Arjun by forcing him to let out personal information from his life, which were rather embarrassing. The trick is to convince your friend that you ‘know something’ about them.

The ZNMD Prank

While pranks are fun and rather harmless, it will be recommended that one does not cross the line of decency. A successful prank is only one where everyone laughs it off and remembers it for the right reason – a harmless joke.

Nonetheless, we hope that you have lots of fun!!!

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