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The Ultimate Guide to Safety in Mumbai for Girls

12 March 2020


Moving into a new city can be unchartered waters for any outstation student. From navigating college life and accommodation in an unfamiliar setting to adjusting to a foreign environment, things can get chaotic for a student. But the one thing you should never do is a compromise on your safety. With this in mind, enlisted below are some safety tips to keep in mind during your stay as a college student in Mumbai:


  • Employ the Buddy System


It doesn’t hurt to always go with a buddy or roommate of yours to the convenience store, on walks or for exploring. It always helps to keep at least one person in the loop about your whereabouts.


  • Decipher the Local Trains     


If you are even vaguely familiar with commuting in Mumbai, you will realize that the local trains are more often the fastest way to get around the city. Even if you don’t prefer trains, you will have traveled by them at least once. It never hurts to understand the local trains and the best way to do so is to download the ‘m-indicator’ app. This app possesses all the necessary details from timings, platform numbers, and maps.


  • Be on the Lookout for Pickpocketers


Though pickpocketers are not exactly ubiquitous, it is recommended to be extremely cautious. Keep an eye out for your belongings when you’re in crowded places, be it the trains, markets, or while visiting monuments/landmarks.


  • Keep a Note of Safety Hotlines 


In case of emergencies, it is always handy to have safety hotlines with you. Some important helplines are mentioned below:

Mumbai Police Women Helpline – 2222633333/2222620111

Mumbai Railway Police – 9833331111

While these can come quite handy in the city, TRIBE prioritizes safety above all at our premises. All our residents are provided with RFID bands and all our branches are equipped with biometric security as well as being guarded 24×7. In addition to this, we have conducted fire evacuation training sessions to help prepare residents in times of possible emergencies. Our CRE’s are also always present on location to help out residents with any needs. At the end of the day, TRIBE upholds the sentiment of having fun but while always being prepared.


– Elsa Philip

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