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3 side Hustles for Students & Tribe residents!!!

16 June 2022


Shifting to a new city can be a daunting experience; but sooner than later, you start settling into your new home. And even sooner than that, you make new friends- whether it be at college over a cup of chai or at your hostel itself over pasta dinners and movie screenings. And then, these friends turn into family. And before you know it, you’re calling them up every day after college and hitting cafes and pubs together. And then one day, all of a sudden, without any warning, in an odd unexpected hour of a chilly night, it happens. Your phone rings and you see it. The message sits on your screen, staring into your fear-struck eyes- “your bank a/c XXXXXX has hit its lower limit”

If your heart wrenches every time you hear the quintessential ting of money being debited, and if you use your Gpay like it’s linked to the RBI reserves, and if you don’t always want to bother your parents for money, and if you want to gain something to add to your CV along the way, here are 3 side hustles that are exclusive for Tribe’s residents and Tribe’s residents only!

(Sudden realization that I could have written a proper 10 marks ISC Commerce answer with the number of advantages I mentioned in the paragraph above)

Student Representative Programs

Our student rep program functions just like a class rep one. One student rep is selected from each floor of each Tribe campus and they become the coordinating officer between the students of that particular floor and Tribe’s management. This ensures a smooth flow of communication as residents no longer have to worry about long queues at the management office or raise multiple complaints about clogged drains or malfunctioning lights. Instead, they can report all their issues to the student reps who directly convey it to our happiness managers at our hostels in Mumbai and Pune.

But it’s not just residents who benefit from this program. Student reps receive a plethora of perks too! (proceeds to write another 10-mark answer, but this time, in BuLlEt PoInTs)

  • Personalized Tribe hoodies and merchandise
  • Certificates signed by our CEO at the end of their tenure
  • First-tasting privilege of all new menu items of Cafe Mamaliga (tbh, personal fav perk)
  • Direct entry into the organizing committees of all Tribe events (our Pune hostel’s student reps recently oraganized a spectacular WhiteOut-themed farewell with DJ Aditi)
  • Chance to become a member of the Tribe Squad (more about this in the next blog)
  • Chance to become the ‘Head of Student Residents’ of their Tribe campus

And needless to mention, the student rep program offers a fantastic chance to hone one’s leadership and management skills and also provides opportunities to make stellar industry connections.

Tribe Ambassador Program

If you’re a content creator or like whipping out your camera whenever something funny happens, TAP might just be the perfect fit for you!

TAP- Tribe Ambassador Program, is a program that’s open to all residents of all our hostels in Pune and Mumbai.

And all they’re required to do is create content for our social media handles! And if you’re somebody who makes reels and posts engaging stories on the daily anyway, this is your opportunity to turn it into a part-time gig!

Also, if you can impress us with your work, you may even get the chance to curate Tribe’s next Koregaon Park billboard! Just imagine how much that can add to your portfolio!

But here’s the sweetest part of the deal- TAP creators earn an enviable stipend every single month, directly from the company’s payroll! Who knew you could make money out of shooting transition reels of mani-pedi sessions at our all-girls hostel in Mumbai or gain marketing experience by recording embarrassing boomerangs of your friends?

 (Also, brownie points for counting how many exclamation marks I used while writing about TAP. Yes, that’s just how excited I get whenever I think of it!!!!!)

Student Blogs and Vlogs

If you’re a content writer who is looking to build their portfolio or a vlogger who’s looking to build their channel, Tribe has something for you too!

All you need to do is get in touch with your respective student rep, send a few emails, and immerse yourself in writing and vlogging for Tribe. And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to earn project-wise stipends and exciting Tribe goodies by freelancing for us.

Drop a call at +91 8880868000 or slide into our DMs @tribestays to know more about the programs we offer! You may also head over to www.tribestays.com to reach out to our happiness managers directly! Happy Tribe-ing!

And the GOOD NEWS it’s open for all students, so Get Set Create!!!

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