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4 most Instagrammable cafes in Pune – By Tribe Hostellers

12 June 2022


Close your eyes.

Oh, wait, open them, open them.

Well, don’t close your eyes, but maybe just zone out for a few seconds? Just like you do during your offline morning lectures?

Zone out for a few seconds and think.

Think of the aromatic earthy notes of freshly ground coffee,

The whiff that hits you every time you enter your favourite coffee shop,

The rumbling grinding of the coffee machine,

The bittersweet flavours of rich coffee sourced from a faraway city whose name you’ve never heard of,

The first sip of warm comfort that wraps you in solace and relieves your parched throat,

The warmth in your chest as the coffee flows through,

And the sudden unclogging of your ears of whose blockage you weren’t even aware of.

There’s a lot that can happen over a cup of roasted brew, and whether it’s a creamy cappuccino you prefer or a bold expresso, here are four cafes in Mumbai that not only satisfy your coffee and hunger cravings but also fulfil your gram’s aesthetic quota!

Seeds Of Life

Distance from Tribe Viman Nagar: 8 mins (3.1km)

Unique Eats : Sweet Potato Fries, Aglio Olio Zoodles, Mushroom and Black Bean Patty Burger, Herbed Mock Meat Wrap, Acai Bowl

Vibe: Healthy

Tucked in a cocoon that transports you into a serene Amazon rainforest within the hubbub of Bombay, Seeds of Life is the perfect getaway for when you want to just let go of your worries, loosen your shoulders, and contemplate the grand scheme of things. With a pun-tastic menu and environment-friendly and health-conscious options, Seeds of Life is a cafe that substitutes all wheat products with whole-grain options. You can also choose to opt for sweet potato fries instead of its common alternative, and almond and soy milk instead of their non-vegan equivalents. It even serves ingenious home-churned icecreams such as avocado pistachio and coffee cacao nibs and is renowned for its quick service! Perfect for an evening out with all your girl’s hostel buds!

Grandmama’s Cafe

Distance from Tribe Vile Parle: 13 mins (3.7km)

Unique Eats: Grandmama’s Masala Rub Wings, Oven Roasted Onions Pizza, Bangkok Spicy Basil Bowl, Sundried Tomato Risotto, Dhansak, Cookie Dough Pudding

Vibe: Homely Hill Station

True to its name, this homey sheltered cafe makes one feel like they’re propped on a balcony in a sleepy English hamlet overlooking verdant hilltop rainforests while the cool breeze swirls around in their hair and the golden rays of the sun warm their sock-clad feet. Grandmama’s Cafe has only one motto- immersing every patron in the warmth of a grandma’s love within the pangs of isolated Mumbai hostel life. With wooden panels, grass-lined floors, lace curtains, patchwork tiles, and a cosy stairway, this sea-view cafe is perfect for adding that much-required hint of serendipity to your Instagram feed. Their chicken dumpling broth and cheese garlic wings are to die for, although their only con to this place might be their grandma-like pace at serving up the food!


Distance from Tribe Viman Nagar: 7 mins (2.1 km)

Unique Eats: Quattro Fromage Ravioli, Ricotta stuffed mushrooms, Prawn Paprika Sizzler, Pizza Alla Margherita, Cold Coffee

Vibe: Mediterranean chill

With both open-air and indoor seating, Alfredo’s is Juhu’s apna Mediterranean nook. Oozing with calmness and comfort in every step and bite, this cafe is perfect for windy Bombay evenings after the day’s rain has washed the dust and sweat away and made way for sweet earthy petrichor that mingles perfectly with the cafe’s sour fresh lime sodas! Although you may face issues with portion sizes, Alfredo’s chilled-out vibe makes up for it every single damn time.

Cafe Mamaliga

Distance from Tribe Vile Parle: 0 mins (0 km)

Vibe: Greek Serenity

A place in the city that’s reserved exclusively for Tribe’s residents for it is within our very own campus, is Cafe Mamaliga. Not only does this cafe brew up lip-smacking Sunday brunches and envious multi-cuisine dinners, but it is also a Tribe favourite because of its room service and customised dishes. Cafe Mamaliga’s breakfasts and dinners are included in our students’ rental packages (Tribe Vile Parle is an all-girls hostel in Mumbai) and non-vegetarian options are available with all our meals. We customise our menu to every student’s need; keeping in mind allergies, health conditions, sickness, and preferences. The Mediterranean boutique ambience, the whiff of veggies being tossed in garlic butter, and the reverberating laughter of inside jokes are staples at this Greece-themed alcove.

To get a taste of the Tribe life drop a call at  +91 8880868000 or visit www.tribestays.com or @tribestays on Instagram (yes, our social media options are just as varied as our menu!) (yes,pj)!

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