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5 great gadgets for your hostel room that’ll make it a super chill zone!

12 February 2021


Gadgets- we love them, our parents hate them, and our grandmothers have a pretty difficult time comprehending how your phone can turn off your tube light. But if you’re yet another college-goer who somewhat has an idea of what’s doing rounds of the market but have no clue how to implement them in your TribeStays life, fret not. Here are 5 uber cool gadgets that is sure to make your hostel room a super chill zone-

Coral Tree Quantum Lamp Lights

These hexagonal touch-operated lights give your bedside the perfect oomph. Let your creativity flow with them as they are delivered as individual pieces and you can arrange them in whatever way you like- think a cute geometric heart or maybe even the deathly hallows symbol! And not to mention that you can adjust the brightness depending on how many you decide to switch on, maybe a cozy dim for the guitar strumming session or a full blow for exam nights. No getting up from the comfort of your blanket to switch off lights anymore- just one tap, and you’re good to doze off.

Google Nest Mini

As the name suggests, this mini buddy will fit anywhere, even if your desk is as messy as Jake Peralta’s. Play your favorite tunes, set alarms while half-asleep, set a reminder to finally pick up your laundry, all through a simple voice command. Oh, and for all of you residing underneath Mumbai’s sneaky little clouds, you can also set it to remind you when the weather takes a turn so that you don’t forget to carry your umbrella while rushing to the 8am lecture!

Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer

Tired of having to maintain routines for charging all your gadgets? Or not having enough ports to charge them all while you nap? Or having to think of the most insane jugaads to tether your phone to the plug because somebody decided to make a plug point in the middle of the wall? Welcome to the five-problems-one-solution for your electronics. Charge everything in one go and at one place without the hassle of a million wires intertwining themselves and say goodbye to having to scout for your tablets and laptops after those nights of heavy heavy drinking (Water, duh. Stay hydrated kids.)

Music Sleep Mask

This product doesn’t even need pitching because it’s plain genius. It’s a sleep mask that blocks out 100% light, has a built-in Bluetooth-connected 5.0 stereo sound headphones, a microphone for long conversations with bae without having to tire your hand out holding the phone, and is washable for extra Corona protection. Sleep to the sounds of your hometown or play Kabiraa on loop without having to worry about headphones poking (if you’re a side sleeper) after finally completing all your 234 assignments. The possibilities are endless, and so is our love for this product.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

So the big exam’s tomorrow and you’ve just started out with chapter 4, you also have the perfect Frappuccino from Mamaliga but alas, where did you keep your highlighter? After ten minutes of intense scouting and cursing your luck, you finally find it. But there, your coffee’s all cold. This mug solves all your heat troubles, choose the exact temperature you want through the Ember app and the mug will maintain it for you. The mug has a smart wakeup too, unlike us. The mug stays in sleep mode all throughout to save battery and wakes up when a liquid is poured into it. It’s washable as well- submersible even, up to 1 entire meter.

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