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5 great hostel room decoration ideas that you can use to upgrade your rooms at almost no cost!

12 February 2021


Ever looked at those gorgeous dorm rooms in every American college movie and dreamt of having one similar to it? Did you also have plans to completely revamp your hostel room in your first year but never got around to doing it because you didn’t know how to do it? Oh, and are you also broke like the rest of us because Swiggy is life?

Before I continue with my parade of questions and end up asking if your toothpaste has salt in it, let’s jump straight into these 5 super easy DIYs that will completely transform your hostel room without burning a hole in your pocket.

DIY Vinyl Wall Clock

In the age of “Me and the boys have known each other since we were kids,”, if you’re an old soul who loves turntable tracks, this DIY may just be the perfect representation of who you are. Grab some old scratched records or buy some for less than 100 rupees from a street seller and turn it into a fully functional clock! This may even be just the  activity you and your roommate needed to foster bonding and it is sure to add a personalized touch to the room. You may even reuse a clock dial from a boring clock and choose records that match the color palette of your room. For some extra oomph, paint the hands of the clock with glow-in-the-dark ink so that you can read the time without having to switch on the lights at night! Further instructions here.

Washi Tape Photo Frames

Most hostels have a strict no-drilling policy, and in scenarios like those, you miss out on hanging photo frames. Randomly sticking pictures on your walls may give off an odd look too as it doesn’t provide too much structure. That’s when these uber cute washi tapes come to save the day. Let your creativity flow as this DIY allows you to mix and match prints, colors and shapes galore or take inspiration from one of these photos for a foolproof aesthetic vibe. You also don’t have to restrict yourself to just pictures- put up your amusement park tickets from your first date or even the passes from your first ever college fest and turn your drab wall into a memento of fond memories!

Electric Tea Light Jars

After submitting 234 assignments and frantically meeting your professor’s unrealistic deadlines, sometimes, all you need is a dim room and some of your favorite tunes. For lazy days like those, these tea light jars radiate the perfect amount of light to help you relax. All you need are some mason jars (the jars in which your mother packed your aam ka aachar works just fine!), a piece of fabric whose print you absolutely adore (maybe an old scarf or a cushion cover you accidentally spilled coffee on?) and some mod podge (you can make your own Indian jugaad version of it by combining 2 parts white glue and one part water). Paint the jar fully with a layer of mod podge and stick the fabric onto it. Once this has dried, finish it off with another layer of mod podge over the fabric. Don’t worry about crinkles, as these will only add to the look and give dimension to the light through shadows. Place electric tea lights inside this to avoid fire hazards from real candles and you’re in-house-spa is ready to unwind in!

Fabric Storage Bins

Have extra fabric left from the electric tea light jars DIY? We’ve got you covered. If there’s one thing that transcends race, caste, creed, and gender, sexuality, morals, principles, food habits, and geographical locations, it’s Amazon’s cardboard boxes. Whether you have shopped online or not, these sneaky objects have a way of springing up in every corner of your house from time to time. Turn these drab brown cartons into cute little storage units by covering them with fabric and mod podge. You may even cut two holes into either side of these boxes and loop painted rope through it to make handles. These will not only add uniformity and tidiness to your room but can also be used for a plethora of purposes, from laundry basket needs to hiding your snacks from your roomies XD

Magnetic Wall Map

If you have an accent wall in your room that’s lying bare, you can use it as motivation to get out more often. You don’t always have to travel the entire world to experience magic; put up a map of Maharashtra instead and add a magnet to every weekend getaway you visit in your college years. If you’re wondering what some good places around you to visit are, check out 4 amazing weekend trips you can take with your buddies here. Alternatively, if you’re somebody who lives to eat and are not from around the area, you may also print a map of the must-try food joints around the city and tick them off once visited. So whether you’re gorging on piping hot vada pavs from opposite Mithibai college or stuffing yourself full of authentic Bohri food in Colaba, this wall map will stand testimony to all your gastronomic adventures. Further instructions here.

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