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5 reasons why students in Pune are going crazy for this new hostel called Tribe! And why you should too

16 May 2019


1. Freedom of Choice

So you’ve decided on community living. You’ve got your admission form, you’re now in the city, and you’re looking for a good hostel or a PG accommodation. But wait. There’s the kicker. For the ones that allow you even a little space, the conditions are often less than ideal. The ones that seem to be all kitted out and spic-and-span, on the other hand, offer you no freedom of movement at all! You can’t step out after X hours, can’t step in after Y, your visitors and every movement either is controlled, or watched carefully, not allowing you the freedom to just.. Live! But at Tribe, all that will change.

2. More bang for your buck

Ever been on real estate websites and tried looking for a flat? Deposits, rents, maintenance, everything piles up and super quick. But on the other hand, when you look for a hostel, that itself is so restrictive! You can’t leave or come in at a certain time, there is no movement, and it feels clinical and kind of like college itself.

How about if you had a mix of both! The ease and monetary benefit of community living in a hostel, and the freedom of having your own place? That’s just one of the many things Tribe can offer you – without you having to pay through the nose for all the services we provide you.

3. Center of action- live in the city while you study!

When you’re from out of town, all your friends want to take you to places in “town”. Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park are Pune’s best hotspots for young people – but travel is such a bummer, right? Well, not anymore! The most happening spots for you and your friends aren’t just near your college – they’re also near your home. Worried about long rides back, expensive ones late at night because your ride-booking service of choice is either on the surge or just plain unavailable?

4. Enhanced security and amenities

If you haven’t had a look at our amenities, head on to tribestays.com! Talk about the experience of a lifetime! With brand new services even just for sleeping, you also get an ensuite bathroom – there’s no need to share or wait for a shower. Even small things like this make the biggest of difference!

From a well-stocked cafeteria with plenty of variety to the beautiful facilities we have at anytime access.  From playing sports to heading to our in-house, dedicated entertainment zones to just chill out and take a break from your studies, what could be better? Best for last – you have 24×7 food availability within the premises. That is something.

5. Freedom from Chores

Imagine getting to live in the best of facilities, surrounded not just by your friends but in a great environment. On top of that, there are entertainment zones for when you want or need to take a break!

If you thought there’d be a lot of chores involved…well, that’s taken care of, too. With in-house housekeeping, you don’t have to worry about making your bed or the small mundane chores that all start piling up! And you don’t need to worry about “going home” to be able to wash your clothes – or go outside, to find a dhobi! Our in-house laundry service is there for exactly that. So next time you’re at college and heading to push for that placement interview, or that internship – you have somewhere right there to get clean clothes ASAP!

Sounds almost as good as living at home with the freedom of living on your own, right? So what are you waiting for?

Head over to www.tribestays.com for more. You can also email at hello@tribestays.com or call at +91 7083978667. Bookings now open at Viman Nagar, Pune. Hurry!

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