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International Standard Student Accommodation for Boys & Girls

16 May 2019


Problems face in today’s Student Accommodation facilities.

Water problem is a common problem face in majority student accommodation setups like hostels, home stays or flat system.

Tribestays provide 24hr water supply, with a dedicated line for hot and cold water.

  • High deposit are given for flat.

Tribestays takes a nominal deposit fee, that’s returned at the end of they Stay duration*.

  • Meal problem is a very big problem in flat and hostels.

Tribestays cafeteria has the best quality along with a differet varities meals at their very own 24*7 Canteen.

  • In some hostel senior student has ragging to junior student.

Tribestays gives the RF-id system with which we manage to provide secure place to stay & freedom at the same time.

  • Security problem faced by girls in hostels.

Tribestays did not have In and Out time limit for student in hostels.

  • The rooms are not proper in flat and hostel.

Tribestays have premium rooms, deigned keeping in mind the student’s needs and comfort.

  • Bathroom and toilets problem in flat and hostel.

Tribestays prove net and clean bathroom, we provide hot and cold water in bathroom and hostels.

  • Night party, birthday party not done in hostel.

Tribestays give the permission to night party and birthday party, but the party is enjoy in the room.

  • Independence problems in hostels.

Tribestays gives the independence to students in their hostel.

  • Hygiene is a primary issue that’s faced by the students,

Tribestays give the high quality of food and we take care all hygiene for students.

  • Homesickness is a major problem faced by students who live far from home as there’s very limited activities in a regular hostel

Tribestays give the home environment to the students, so the homesickness problems was not come in our hostels.

  • Parents are not updated about the whereabouts of the child when staying in a private accommodation.

Tribestays provide the access to parents, so they can see all the activities done by the student in the hostel.

  • Laundry issues in flat and hostel.
  • Cultural problem in hostel.
  • Light bill problem in flat.

At Tribestays ever student has a fixed amount upto which the room electicity is prepayed for. On exceeding this amount the difference is to be beared by the students using the room.

  •  Neighbor problem in flat.

Tribestay have no neighbors problems that are face in a private accommodation system.

  • Outdoor space problem in flat and hostels.

Tribestays has a lot of amenities, which gives the student an environment to live a routine lifestyle availing all the facilities provided by them.

  •  NO Study rooms/ Reading room in a flat or hostel.

Tribestays have the study room which is open 24*7 for students.

  •  Events and contest are not organize in hostel.

At Tribe, we have events and workshops for the students, that help in all around development of the Student

  • Locations problems for students.

Tribestays is coming up in major cities that would be very convenient, for students who might have to intern at other cities.

  • Cupboards problems aren’t provided with a regular flat or hostel.

Tribestays comfortable cupboards in the hostel, so the students put their belongings easily

Tribestays provide luxuries accommodation mainly for students.

  • Some hostels are not allow girls and boys in one hostels.

Tribestays provide co-ed hostels for all.

  • Hostels for the students in Pune and other major cities in the years to come.

Tribestays provide the best facilities hostel for the students.

So what are you waiting for Hurry and book your room at Tribe

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