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5 things we wish we could tell our college professors

5 May 2021


There are a myriad of things we all wish we could tell our college professors, from the fact that we’re mentally EXHAUSTED to the fact that we find some classes so boring that it makes us question the post-12th-grade decision we took. These feelings are universal, and most importantly, timeless. But come 2020, (and now the legal drinking age version of it- 2021), online classes have changed the rants we have for our profs. Here are 5 things we all wish we could write in an email and send to our teachers!

We’re not switching on our cameras because we’re not wearing bras. 

“I won’t start the class till all videos are on”. It’s in these times that true camaraderie is tested among the students, this is our one chance at rebellion, but that one person always has to keep their video on, forcing the others to follow suit. Please understand that we’re not switching on our cameras because our alarms literally rang two minutes back, not because we’re out partying while keeping your class on mute. (Please realize that one needs to have friends to party) We’re living in that golden age where we can attend classes from under the blanket while wearing our half-torn ganji, please don’t take away the little joys from us, it’s what’s keeping us alive!!!

Yes, we love it when your cat meows. 

It’s literally the only thing that keeps us attentive during class. When your cat purrs for milk at your feet and you look down and smile, it makes our days. Not because we’re mushy teenagers going awwwww, but because it’s purring always becomes a reason for you to give us a five minute break because you have to get up and put them in another room. Yay catto! We loves yous! (Okay, maybe we go a little aww. Fine. We admit it.)

Please stop scheduling classes post college hours, we have a life.

We get that your network was acting up during the original class hour. But look at it this way. If it was a normal offline college day, and if you were stuck in traffic and couldn’t reach on time, that class would stand cancelled, right? Why is it not the same here? If you don’t consider repeating the last class because the student’s network was acting up during that time, why should we sit with our laptops at 9 PM on a Sunday for your convenience? Hadd hai. Don’t eat up my Manga time please! Stop misusing technology!!!!

Stop showing us Youtube videos and calling it a lecture.

We all have one professor who popped into our mind when we read this sentence. We all know one. If copying our essays from Wikipedia is plagiarism, you showing us Youtube videos is an extreme form of it. We know you think online classes and screen sharing is a match made in heaven, but if we could get a degree by watching YT videos, we wouldn’t be paying the college this much.

Please don’t ask to be added to the class Whatsapp group, that’s where we gossip about you. 

And even if we concede to adding you, there’s a 100% chance we will have another group called “COLLEGENAME INFORMAL”. You can communicate all you want to through Email and calls to the CR, but Whatsapp is a sacred place. We worry everyday about typing things meant for the informal group in the formal one and whether our statuses are hidden from you. So please, don’t exploit our anxiety maybe?

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