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5 weird beauty hacks that actually work

5 May 2021


We’re all guilty of binging on 5-minute-crafts for hours and whispering to ourselves that half of those will never work! It’s equally fun to dive into the comments to see people discern their videos and state scientific facts as to why performing the crafts could be dangerous, like none of us knew that sticking a hot dog into a moving fan could mean peril. But every once in a while, you come across these insanely weird beauty hacks that you swear could never work, (because that is what the brand image of quick fixes is) but to your surprise, they actually do! Here are 5 tried-and-tested hacks that are sure to become a subconscious daily practice in your daily makeup routine from this day on!

Turn glossy lipsticks matte! 

Love a shade of lipstick but can’t find it’s matte version? Or are you as broke as me and don’t want to invest in another tube that you won’t wear that often anyway? Apply your lipstick and grab a normal tissue paper. Put it over your lips and let it stick to them. Take a poofy powder brush and dab on some translucent face powder or setting powder onto your lips from over the tissue paper. You can even substitute the tissue for some cotton that has been stretched out into a sheet. And voila! Instant matte!

Ditch uber-expensive micellar waters for coconut oil! 

Tired of having to rub your face red to get your makeup off at the end of the day? Our good old Parachute coconut oil will do the trick. Just apply some onto your palms or to some cotton and swipe away! It’s ten times cheaper than generic makeup remover,does the job better, and leaves the skin moisturized and glowing too! Anything else you could ask for? Just make sure that you wash your face with a good quality face wash after this so that you don’t risk your pores getting clogged or your pillow cover getting stained! Yes you’ll look like a panda while doing this. Yes, it’ll be worth it.

Smell better for longer! 

Love perfumes but are downright enraged by how short a time period the fragrance lasts for? Especially if you’re running around college and sweating like a pig? This one product that can be found in literally every household can be the bridge between just looking good and actually feeling good! Take some vaseline and apply it to the body parts you would normally put perfume on (wrists, nape, armpits etc) and then apply the perfume. The vaseline will trap in the perfume and help you feel fresh and rejuvenated for longer (even though you’ve been dead inside since 16 🙂 )

Use your bobby right!

No, not Bobby Deol. We’re not Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. We’re talking about bobby pins. We love them, but we hate how soon these buggers can disappear. But before we ideate on how to not lose them, we have to learn how to use them correctly first. They should be used with the bumpy side down! These are the grippers that hold your hair in place, and should go down. As for how often they get lost, that’s just the universe conspiring against you, it really can’t be helped. 

Use heat to curl lashes better!

Please don’t send us a lawsuit after trying this hack because we’re not asking you to use a full-blown straightener on your eyelash or hold it against a stove. Take your eyelash curler and blow hot air on it using a hairdryer. Make sure you don’t make it too hot, though (again, lawsuit nahi chahiye please). The principle is the same as that of a straightener’s. Heat helps to create and hold shape for longer so that your eyelashes look better and bolder without having to use any products!

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