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Art Attack: Best hostels for finding some art inspiration

Students from all walks of life migrate to a new city, hoping to make a living from their education, knowledge, and skills. Some come to pursue hardcore technical programs like engineering, and others set out to become artists. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune, students live the time of their life by roaming the vibrant streets and enjoying the nightlife. But they also seek inspiration and creativity.

Living in a Mumbai or Pune hostel, students sometimes find their artistic or creative juices drying. So they feel frustrated and wonder whether they can perform well academically. Moreover, student accommodation becomes home for the next couple of years. So, it must have a similar cozy feeling to a bland hostel that serves crappy food and has metal bunker beds with cheap, hard mattresses.

As the new session has already commenced, boys are hunting for a boys’ Pune hostel and girls for a safe and pleasant girls’ hostel. Nevertheless, for both interiors and the vibe, it reflects matters. So here is our curated list of hostels in India that offer excellent artistic inspiration.

Best Hostels with Great Artistic Designs & Interiors

Students living away from home need motivation and a friendly vibe to study, stay, have fun and be comfortable in their endeavors. Being close to a community of people from their age group, adjustments become more accessible, but only if the hostel has what it takes to create a wholesome experience of university life.

So to help students find the best Pune & Mumbai hostels or other parts of India offering art inspiration with unique interiors, here is our list:

Pappi Chulo

If there isn’t a backpackers hostel on the list, it isn’t worth it. And this one in Goa is the ultimate place to stay and explore. Artists are travel enthusiasts too who roam around the world to seek inspiration from nature, surroundings, and more.

Even though students in Mumbai and Pune hostels are open to accommodating students, they would want to find an affordable alternative to hotels, and that’s where a majestic place like Pappi Chulo comes into the scene.

The graffiti walls reflecting the typical hippie vibe and goa, the beach cafe, a place for BBQ, and hostel pets make it a perfect choice for backpackers to visit and meet new Bombay Backpackers: Bombay Backpackers is located in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Matheran. The design and wall art of the hostel are heavily influenced by meditation and spirituality. Their four dorms, each with six beds, are titled “Creativity,” “Love,” “Celebration,” and “Meditation,” all of which are based on Osho’s teachings. There is a sizable common space in the hostel’s basement where you may unwind and socialise with your roommates. There are also board games and other hobbies available.

Tribe Stays

Tribe student accommodation has been the epitome of international-level living for students. From security to food and leisure time activities, the hostel has got it covered for the students. So there is no feeling low scenario. It is a community of like-minded people who do not believe in binding the people with rules and curfews.

And when it comes to the interiors, Tribe has the best rooftop cafes, sitting areas, and walls that spark the Michelangelo-level creativity within students. The tribe girls hostel in Mumbai has a greek theme cafe, sea view terrace, and graffiti on the walls. So who wouldn’t get a little dose of inspiration?


Being bored is not an option here thanks to a cafe, a common space with games, and a rooftop with a Bollywood theme all in one hostel. the Indian hostel brand Zostel, which offers fantastically imaginative interiors to spark the creativity of ideas in students, visitors, and all types of artists. A shipping container was used to build the Zostel branch that was opened in Panchgani, giving it a really distinct experience as you choose where to stay while travelling. The largest and busiest backpacker hostel in Mumbai, Zostel Mumbai, is only 4 kilometres from the Mumbai International Airport. It is also available in Pune!

Prison Hostel, Goa

Although exploring quirky hostels is usually entertaining, adding a theme enhances the overall experience. Prison Hostel, a hostel may be the quirky jail you have ever seen.The hostels’ exteriors were built with a jail aesthetic in mind. Travelers may easily visit several restaurants in the area around Anjuna Beach. There are occasionally held BBQ and yoga sessions for individuals seeking to mingle with other guests at the hostel.

Horn Ok Please

One of the busiest hostels you’ll possibly find is Horn OK please. The hostel, housed in a 100-year-old historic structure that has been brightly painted, exudes an extremely ethnic but rustic air. Each communal area, including the halls, has been attractively furnished with wall hangings, paintings, and trinkets in vibrant colours

Cuckoo Hostel

The Cuckoo Hostel welcomes travellers from all over the world and has an artsy air. This design hostel has spacious interiors with colourful furnishings and décor. This hotel welcomes pets. At the lounge and patio, visitors may unwind, read literature, and mingle with other travellers. Every private room and dorm has a sitting space and comfortable bedding. This hotel welcomes pets.

Students’ search for a perfect hostel is ever ending however the list curated by us might be helpful in terms of providing a creative and safe environment, whether you are looking for a boys’ hostel in Pune as the new semester has already started, or for a secure and welcoming girls’ hostel.

However, the interiors might also reflect on your attitude academically and personally. The list curated for you might help you escape from your boring hostel life! Tribe welcomes you aboard for creative and experiential learning. Bon Voyage!


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