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First 6 months at Tribe Student Accommodation & What more to come

As a young student with so many dreams, leaving home and your comfort zone might sound like a scary idea, especially looking at the reviews from other students. However, this can be your main character moment that you have been waiting for since you saw “Wakeup Sid.

That’s right! Here is your chance to experience & live the main character’s Life, feelings & the vibes. If Aisha from Wake up Sid was ever your ‘That Girl’ and you can’t wait to explore your life. Then my friend ‘Tribe’ is one of the best options one can look for.

While going through my own research and looking out for the best options for my stay. I came across ‘Tribe’ as luxurious as it looked. I wasn’t quite sure if in reality it was the same as portrayed. However, Tribe was welcoming enough to give me a free tour around their campus.

With International Standard Rooms, Cafe Mamaliga, Free WiFi, a Fitness Centre, and ERP systems, I could thrive rather than survive in the hostel.

A sneak peak into my first 6 months

The initial days after I moved into the hostel were quite overwhelming for me. I was amazed by how other students casually fitted in and I wasn’t surprised either to see myself fit into their ‘tribe’.

It was nothing near to the “hostel stories” I heard from my classmates. Here’s how my usual day looks – Every morning I was excited to start my day by hitting the Gym. Later, I would make my way to our cafe to have my healthy yet delicious breakfast. In my leisure time, I would be seen hanging around the breakout areas or entertainment zones. Many students, including myself, prefer to play badminton, carrom, or watch a movie after dinner.

On some not so usual days, we had 2 am maggi moments that make hostel life complete. The night cravings would be us students indulging in making all sorts of DIY recipes, exploring the master chefs in us.

I was able to boast about so many events hosted by Tribe to my classmates when I saw them ranting about theirs. Just to list a few – Soaking in all-natural colours on Holi, celebrating Earth Day by switching off all our lights for an hour across all Tribe campuses to make way for candlelight dinners under the stars.

One of my best events I celebrated with my Tribe family was the Easter Hunt. Since Easter isn’t that hyped in India yet it was so fun when we all students were finding macarons hidden in the hostel. Women’s day celebration was so special with cake, goodies & late night movie screening. Not just festivals, Tribe also hosted Live Band performance by Fiddlecraft & a Street play by Swatantra Theatre.

We also organised a theme party blasting DJ music, grooving to DJ and gobbling up sliders, popcorn, mocktails, shakes, and barbecue – to bid goodbye to our seniors,

What should one look out for in the upcoming 6 months?

As festival season continues, it’s a tradition at Tribe Hostel to celebrate the smallest occasions to the fullest. With the upcoming festival season, I am excited to look forward to celebrating with my tribe family. Induction Party for the newcomers, virtual talent fest, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri & more!

Now isn’t that a vibe you want to be a part of? Drop a call at +91 8880868000 or visit us at @tribestays on Insta to get a glimpse of what these events at Tribe truly are like! See you soon!

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