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Here’s a few common issues students face, and how they can be tackled.

5 November 2019



Road to self discovery? Hop in! 


Moving away from home isn’t a stroll in the park. It doesn’t come easy at all. We all know it, and at some point in life, have already experienced it or are in the process of experiencing it. 

For some, it’s an excruciating process with all the mind tabs constantly bickering with ample amount of unanswered questions. So many thoughts, emotions and feelings circling whilst battling to put a strong front for your parents. However, it is okay to let some burden off, to give into it and to experience it wholly to understand its depth. One isn’t trained for this, and one certainly doesn’t have to be.

When you dip into a new experience, always dive in with both your feet! Otherwise you’ll always discern the glass as half empty.


Thus you surface an issue, and we will cast a solution. So let’s dive in!


1.) Homesickness: Moving away from home is equivalent to starting a new life altogether. Embarking a journey based on self reliance and self discovery as most of us aren’t prepared for such challenges, and end up being overwhelmed with everything that’s thrown our way. As a result, we tend to buffer and lag in the process of adjustment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are weak spirited, it simply means we take our own time in gauging situations in order to understand it thoroughly and get acquainted with. 

But more so everyone needs that extra hand of help from time to time whether they admit it or not. Thus whilst in Tribe, apart from your budding hoomans, we have the happiness manager, floor representatives and the management team in check to ensure a smooth transition. After all, we are your home away from home.


2.) Time management: Being in the comfort of your home means having everything served to you in a platter and always being spoon-fed always. This is parallel to putting your growth and road to self discovery on autopilot. However, don’t sweat it. Being independent for the first time may seem agonising initially, but over the course, you will discern that it has its own perks. Independence means no questions asked whatsoever and what more fun could that be?! 

Moreover, you don’t have to juggle between college, work and social life alone. We’ll help you in managing your time. Whether it’s wake up calls, to preparing a timetable curated as per your needs, the happiness manager got you covered. 

Once your routine is intact and your time management is efficient you will be surprised at the amount of free time in your hands. And this hurt no-one. 


3.) Pressure of Studies! 

Alongside the rat race, we all are aware of the massive social and educational repercussions of not succeeding in our studies or career path! And hence the steam of pressure that is built, can be exhausting to say the least. Your road to success shouldn’t be as overtaxing as people paint it to be. Tribe creates a flourishing environment for all the curious, and ambitious budding leaders out there.

Tribe’s Breakout Area is designed to give students all the necessary amenities to conduct group studies. A smart TV is provided through which one can easily access e-learning and join discussion panels amongst other hostellers. Multiple charging ports are available to ensure your learning never runs out. Apart from charging your tech, there is a breakout area is located in our on site restaurant “Mamaliga” just in case you wish to recharge your own battery as well.

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