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Community building at your doorstep!

5 November 2019


On the 12th of October, Tribe welcomed specially abled children from ‘Ayodhya Charitable Trust’ to spend a memorable day with the Tribe troop. This special day was filled with games, laughter and food from our round the clock on campus restaurant ‘Mamaliga’.

‘Ayodhya Charitable Trust’ is a non-governmental voluntary organisation working with the mission of fulfilling the general and special needs like health services, education, and training and rehabilitation services for the specially abled children since 1977. 

We at Tribe are wholesome believers that, “There are things bigger than yourself”. Thus we leave no leaf unturned in terms of educating our troops beyond textbook learning, those values and morals that no index will outline. 

Tribe’s focus on community culture enabled a lot of residents to put their foot forward to ensure these children have a hoot that echoes a lifetime. It is said that happiness was born a twin because it is to be shared, and this very saying beats within every troop living here. 

This day will indeed go down in Tribe history because those who volunteered had their own learning and epiphanies about life whilst the specially abled children with their fears realised the normalcy in sharing joy and tears with those unknown. 

Amidst all the fun and fiesta, the children and our Tribe troop shared a meal from our spotlight cafe, Mamaliga. This 24×7 cafe offers both local and international culinary experiences that are worth drooling for. On this day our chefs prepared a celebratory meal to digest the overwhelming feeling of glee. 

To boot, students from Tribe received a certificate for being a part of the volunteer drive. This token of appreciation will furthermore engage them in community building and a new profound value for life.

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