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Get in line – 5 organisation hacks for every student that will make your hostel life super smooth!

15 October 2021


In India, there’s a huge population of students who opt for living in hostels or shared co-living spaces not only because it is a cost effective alternative but also because it’s an experience that fosters personal growth and development. While living in shared spaces can be filled with friends and laughter, it can also get messy quite literally! Here are 5 organisation hacks we think could help you get the best of hostel life, 

  1. Essentials tray:

More often than not, you will find yourself running late for morning lectures, piled up with assignments or catching up on your beauty sleep after a late night’s party. Either way, it’s a task to find things of need at the nth minute and it’s much harder to get yourself to clean your desk everyday, running around to find a simple pen and paper!

What’s easier is to maintain an essentials tray on your desk with separate sections of pens, important cards and coupons, post it or even candies! 

  1. Clothes rack for easy drying:

One of the most common concerns about living in hostels is undoubtedly doing your own laundry! And if in Mumbai/pune the rains will have you drenched in no time and the last thing you want is your clothes spread all around your room, not only making it cluttered and suffocating but also filling up the room with moisture! The best way to perhaps tackle this problem is to invest in a vertical clothes rack that can quickly dry up your clothes in one corner of the room, always leaving space for your guests!

  1. Colour coding – notes and books 

Okay, hear us out loud and clear, this one is a lifesaver! Scientifically proven, colour coding helps in memory retention of study material but what’s more, it is perhaps the easiest way to keep your course work organised and easily differentiated when on a time crunch! Either you could buy separate colour folders for all of your modules or you could simply segregate one ring binder with colour sheets after every module! We swear by those pretty pastel highlighters and ring binders! In fact, if you have multiple keys, you could color code them as well using nailpaints, so getting the wrong key is never an issue. 

  1. Save up closet space 

Another concern living in shared spaces is the lack of closet space and well, you got to lose some, to gain some right? No matter how light you travel or keep a minimalist closet, there comes a weekend sale and one purchase leads to another. While you must’ve heard of the folding hack or rolling your clothes instead of folding them to save space, here we have another quick tip for you that could work wonders! Use the tabs of can tops from your old cans and attach them onto your hangers to hang twice the clothes without leaving much to roll and fold!

  1. Use post its – Maintain a to do list 

This is more a piece of advice than a hack, but hey keep a track of everything you have to do for the week in one place. As much as a cluttered room can get to you and become a hurdle in your day to day productivity, a cluttered mind could do much worse. It’s always better to keep a tiny journal handy, to have a track of things and events coming up!

Hostel life as they say is one of a kind and does not come back and we at tribe only want to give you memories for a lifetime, to look back on and cherish. Checkout our living spaces to find your perfect college stay!

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