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Themes of tribe – what makes tribe special?

16 October 2021


Every year there are hundreds of students travelling across cities to pursue their passion and dream jobs. It is a first of many firsts and like all new beginnings this one comes with its own set of challenges. We saw a need for comfortable student hostels and co living spaces and created Tribe. 

Tribe  started small, like all crazy ideas this one too took its first breath on a tiny piece of paper way back in 2017. Since then it has seeked tremendous recognition across the country as well as internationally. 

Here’s what makes Tribe stand out, 

1. Design of tribe- getting into the details:

Each tribe space has been intricately designed keeping students at its core. Right from having breakout areas and activity lounge areas to promote a culture of building networks and forming new connections to having specific themes such as mediterranean theme at our mumbai property or a pop culture theme for our pune property, each of our stays have been designed to keep your mind flowing with creativity and innovation. 

We have intentionally used quality furniture and created interiors to make you experience the luxury of being a student. Yes we believe you are the future and you deserve no less than the best. 

2. The Experience is what matters:

We’ve all heard ‘there’s no life like college life’ and if it’s true, might as well live it the best way possible right? At tribe we have put hours of thought into making tribe the best living experience for students, by embracing a co-ed stay, one that believes we grow from each other constantly. While we have a handful of rules to abide by, we promise most of them are about being ‘silly, honest and kind!’ and to keep worries at bay, we have recruited professional staff to look after you and make you feel at home at all times. 

3. Why Tribe and not an apartment? 

While the thought of living in hostels may not necessarily excite you for you fear being under constant watch, we at tribe believe in individual journey and development and so we let you be! Once you join us, you are a part of our ‘tribe’ and we surely know how to keep our tribe safe and healthy at all times. We provide mouthwatering food so you don’t miss your mom much and also keep ourselves updated with any of your night outs so you don’t miss your sibling much! It’s a family you will hold close, for years to come. 

Let’s give you a memorable college living experience shall we? Reach out to us for any queries and we will get back to you instantly or even better, you may come pay us a visit soon! Trust us, we are a vibe you don’t want to miss out on!

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