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Get Your Game On – Top Exciting Games that’s a MUST play at Tribe Hostel

Hello friends! Thinking of living in a new-gen hostel that can amp up your entire hostel living experience? Don’t wait too long thinking. Because Tribe Hostel has been in the picture for quite some time. Still don’t get it? When we say that our hostels are all about transcending your hostel experience, we want to ensure that we provide everything from A to Z and all that comes in between for every hosteller to have a wholesome hostel experience. And we mean it. Wait till you read the end of this blog to get a gist of what we are talking about.

Be it our Girls Hostels in Pune, Boys Pune hostel, or even our Girls hostel in Mumbai, we are all about providing a luxurious living experience that is beyond the ordinary. Equipped with International standard rooms that can be availed as a single or a twin ensuite room with multiple amenities including fitness centers, study & chill zones, breakout rooms, entertainment zones, and our very own Cafe that serves nutritious and healthy meals for our hostellers. Our hostels also provide RFID and biometric security and keyless & cashless systems. 

But that’s not all. Our Girls’ Hostels in Pune, Boys’ Pune hostel, and our Girls’ hostel in Mumbai all have one thing in common too – Fun & games. Want to find out more? Keep reading. Ever heard of Game of Tribe? Tribe Hostel organizes a weekly Game night where we invite all our Tribe residents to interact, break the ice and have fun with fellow hostellers through exciting games including the tortilla challenge, musical chair and the first one to spill the water gets water spilled challenge. 

If this isn’t enough, we’ve got more game ideas that can keep every hosteler engaged! Nah, we aren’t talking about the boring old caroms or UNO or snakes and ladders. Let’s hop on to understand those fun games!

  1. Cards Against Humanity – A simple game yet one that has gained way too much popularity. For the ones who haven’t played this before, let us tell you that Cards Against Humanity is unlike your usual card games – that is in fact a little bit of an awkward game! Lol! In each round, one player asks a question from the Black Card and all other players have to answer with their funniest White card. The humor here can get quite dark!
  2. Taboo – A perfect game for a hostel game night! The game is simple. The idea is to challenge your friends to guess phrases and words. The card that gets picked has the word that everyone needs to guess and also suggests a few ‘taboo’ words around the same. This game is time-bound, and the player needs to make others guess the word without actually using the taboo word. If you haven’t played this already with your hostel friends, then this is the time to start!
  3. Customized Jenga – Ah, a classic! We are certain that you are familiar with the game – Jenga. However, have you played the customized version? Well, it is simple. You can write down a task on every block where you either have to answer or do as the stone says – the Truth or dare Jenga version!

Well, If these aren’t enough, you can always check out our entertainment zones which are equipped with table tennis table, foosball and carom board. Tribe Hostel is all about providing an all-inclusive, fun and wholesome experience for every hosteller staying here. And we always think of innovative and different ways to keep our hostellers happy and engaged. If you are looking for an experience such as this, do come join our Tribe to know the Vibe!

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