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The Art of Giving Back to Society – Republic Day at Tribe Hostel

Hello fellow hostellers! Today, we are here to talk to you about commemorating our very own nation and shed some light on ONE of the three Indian national holidays – Republic Day. So, what is Republic Day? A day that honors & celebrates the enactment of the constitution of India which took place on January 26th, 1950. Shortly after India received Independence in the year 1947, a constituent assembly elected by the provincial assemblies went on to draft and create a constitution that would solely govern the nation that recently received its independence from the British. The constitution of India was solidified and January 26 was chosen as the official enactment date – a day where the country received Purna Swaraj or in other words, what we call ‘the complete self-rule’. 

Not just that, Republic Day speaks on multiple aspects including love, patriotism and compassion – 3 important pillars to any and every citizen of the country. During school days, we are certain that, most of you would have been glued in front of the TV to catch the public parade along the broad Rajpath Avenue in Delhi. Today, during such occasions, most individuals living out of their homes and in a hostel would be missing out on such occasions. But Tribe Hostel leaves no stone unturned and is always inclusive especially if it is a matter of the nation. This Republic Day, let us use this occasion to do something fun, engaging and more importantly, a way to give back to our society – making this day a memorable one. So, what are the ways hostellers can master the art of giving back to society?

  1. A random act of kindness- Offering your energy and time to someone in need is the best gesture of kindness. Lending a helping hand, making a charitable act, etc. all fall under this.
  2. Contributing your time – Cleaning roads, teaching at underprivileged schools, visiting the homeless shelter or the elderly neighborhood etc are a few simple ways to kick start.
  3. Planting a tree – The same old saying goes a long way. Think of planting a sapling or a tree in your neighbor or within your compound or on the main roads as trees produce oxygen and each tree that has been grown, will help reduce toxicity & air pollution and encourage wildlife as well as wellness. Students living in Hostels in Pune can definitely hit the nearby neighborhood to plant some good deeds to make a positive impact!
  4. Organizing a neighborhood cleanup – This can be done to collect clutter, pick out weeds, repaint park benches, etc – an act that your neighbors and the environment will certainly thank you for this!  

Apart from this, Tribe Hostel also has some ideas for hostellers to celebrate and commemorate Republic Day which includes organizing a flag hoisting ceremony in your hostel, conducting cultural activities featuring patriotic songs, skits and talent shows – a perfect way for young adults to represent the unity in diversity! What’s more? It is also a great idea to decorate your hostel with lights to uplift the patriotic mood. Well, after reading all this, can you think of a better Student Accommodation in Pune than Tribe Hostel?

For hostellers, this day can be a good opportunity to come together, hold hands and celebrate the spirit of patriotism & unity.  If you are looking for Student Accommodation in Pune, then don’t forget to look us up as we have one of the best co-living Hostels in Pune.

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