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Hostel Bookings are OPEN! Here is what you need to know before booking one

Working or living away from home might initially feel quite adventurous, but that comes with challenges. The trickiest part is finding a good hostel. As the new session begins, the search for hostels will top the list. That’s because charting out the best places to stay from the list of hostels in Mumbai or Pune is like searching for a gem in a pile of dust.

Indeed, living in a hostel is a one-of-a-kind experience for us millennials, especially for the digital nomads who believe in their techy means of life for work and living at several locations. That’s why it is essential to be thorough about some aspects before booking the hostel. However, for someone who is going to experience living in a hostel for the first time in their life, it shouldn’t be a complete nightmare.

Even more so, hostels in Pune are not just meant for students but for travelers or working professionals of the modern-day who prefer to work in a more liberal environment rather than close and confined spaces. So a change of scenario by staying in hostels could be a fantastic option. Now that the booking season is open, it’s almost time to equip yourself with all the details for choosing a hostel that gives you a tribe and living experience you have always imagined.

Dorm Rooms, Private Rooms, or Something Else

We all love to have our private space. The thought of owning a private room, being able to study late, work late or spend some quality time with self is a desire. But that does not mean dorm rooms and sharing a room with someone is terrible. Hostel life is about experiences you get to share with your roomies.

The number of options has escalated in the present day when it comes to traveling the world and getting to choose a good hostel. So it shouldn’t have to be a stereotypical hostel but more of an adventure into the next chapter.

Flexible Cancelation Policy

Our generation is all about spontaneity and living in the moment. We want to make decisions and take risks but also embrace all the opportunities that come our way. So why should a rigid hostel booking policy become an obstacle in your way to exploring and finding better living conditions?

Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic situation (nobody wants to go back to that!), travel restrictions could be imposed back, or you might change your mind about the hostel’s location. So it is essential to ensure whether the booked hostel in Mumbai offers the flexibility to cancel without jumping through hoops.

The Amenities

If you are paying handsomely for something, it is important to weigh down on the benefits it is offering. When searching for a girls’ hostel in Mumbai or Pune, you would look for fun things to do in your leisure time like a swimming pool, a playing area to pass the time with others, etc. Moreover, the food, bathroom, and hygiene are crucial things to inspect. The better the facilities are, the more comfortable the experience would be away from home.


Location is significant when looking for a girls’ hostel in Mubai because the ease of going anywhere near the vicinity and feeling safe holds a lot of importance. You wouldn’t want to be living in the middle of a market or experiencing all wilderness and no accessibility to civilization. So make sure when you choose a hostel in Pune or Mumbai area, it is close enough to amenities like malls, parks, markets, etc., and at the same time, it is in a little peaceful environment. The best of both worlds is a fantastic way to reside in a hostel.

Anything Extra to Offer

Many of the hostels & student accommodation have turned supremely innovative and involved amenities like Coworking spaces for working professionals who have the freedom to work remotely and in whichever place they like. Find out if the hostel offers anything extra like pick and drop facility, events, etc. and whether or not these are included in the money you are paying.

The Final Word

Whether you are living in a boy’s hostel in Pune or circling all the available girl’s hostels in Mumbai, you deserve to know the feeling of belongingness and fun even amidst strangers miles away from home. Hostel life is worth exploring, and you deserve to feel at home even when you find that freedom.

That’s why Tribe stays offers one-of-a-kind luxury student accommodation and co-living. They have everything on their sleeves, from cafes, fun zone, and fitness centers to hygienic food and luxury living. So what are you waiting for? The booking is open now.

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