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How to decorate hostel room this Festive Season

31 December 2021


Hostel days make for some of the most glorious set of memories in your entire life. The joy of being together with your friends and roommates especially during festivals and celebrations makes a home in your heart forever. Festivals bring the opportunity to celebrate togetherness and give you the most cherishable set of memories. The cozy winters, constant desire to grab a cup of hot chocolate and the chance to play interesting games with your close ones make it special and memorable. As we go through the festive season, here are a few ways in which you could decorate your hostel room

Set a color

Pick a combination of colors and add a charm to your room. Set a theme and a dress code for your party and see the twinning in the photographs you click later. Grab your reds, whites, yellows, blues, or the greens and choose the theme as per your choice. If you are in Viman Nagar, visit Cafe Peter and check out the decorations for some inspiration on aesthetics and the way they deck up for Christmas & New year. The ambiance, food, and aesthetics of the place will inspire you for something creative in your room. If you are looking for places to stay in Viman Nagar, we have got you covered.

Add some light and make it a ‘lit’ Festive season

Light up the mood and add warmth to the evening with some fairy lights in your room. Pick the color of your choice, be it a golden or a red one, and let your mood be the color of your room. Decorate your hostel room with these small yet impactful lights which behold the power change the aesthetics and be the perfect mood lighting instantly. In the cities of Mumbai and Pune, it is not difficult to spot a light shop. The difficult part lies in picking one because you end up liking all of them! If you have been looking for a Pune Hostel?

DIY Decoration

The best way to add a natural element to your decorations is through the Do It Yourself route. This winter, grab your ribbons, or the kraft paper or a canvas and get the decor the way you would want it to look. Put some fairy lights over and let your hostel room be the destination for the party. If you are in Viman Nagar and are looking to celebrate in Pune in your own style, there are several and stationery shops to help you out and make your wish come true!

As the season brings in the joy of celebrating together along with gifts for one and all, get ready to make it an occasion to be with your friends and hostel mates. Grab the lights, get some food and invite all your loved ones to your party. And in case you do not enjoy parties as much, your room aesthetic is always there!

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