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Cafes to Visit in Pune (Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park & Baner

31 December 2021


The Queen of Deccan, aka Pune, is truly a diverse city. On one side, it is known for the old and rich heritage it beholds, on the other, it is the aesthetic cafes that win the heart of everyone who makes a visit. You will find cafes of all kinds here, from themed ones to ones that have been here for over 30 years. Thanks to the abundance and wide variety of cafes in the city, a true foodie will never have to struggle to look for hangout spots, in any corner of the city. Looking for accommodation facilities in Pune? Check out hostel facilities in Pune.

Cafe Peter

This one is a chain of cafes located in several areas across the city like Aundh, Viman Nagar, Prabhat Road, Bund Garden, and more. They are well-known for their range of delicious donuts which keep you coming for more. Along with this, they also have thick shakes, steaks, Korean delicacies, and several dishes on the menu which will surprise you with their taste. The ambiance set in the classic red and black aesthetic makes it a great spot for your Instagram updates and free wifi lets you work from here while you sip your mojito. P.S. There is a 10% student discount here, so make sure you carry your identity card when visiting here!

Grandmama’s Cafe

Located in Koregaon Park, this one is a pretty cafe that will make its way into your heart the moment you take a look at their Instagram feed. With spacious seating arranged in pastel and vintage aesthetic, it serves comfort food throughout the day. Their menu has Indian dishes with a desi twist and a few western classics like pizzas and kinds of pasta. The drinks menu is a separate one altogether and includes a plethora of cocktails and drinks. This one is also another perfect fit for your gram since the food is, not just delicious but also great-looking to tantalize you more.

The French Window Patisserie

At The French Window Patisserie, you can experience sitting under the shade of a canopy and enjoying French delicacies melting in your mouth. It serves a range of desserts like lemon tarts, macaroons, and is loved by visitors who have a sweet tooth. They also serve fluffy pancakes and savory dishes like croissants, sandwiches, and quiches to fill your stomach and your heart as well. The French Window Patisserie is also located in Koregaon Park and is open from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm every day.

Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe

If you are a foodie as well as a bibliophile, get ready to fall in love. Unlike other cafes on this list which lie on the east end in Koregaon Park or Viman Nagar, this one is located in Baner and is a bookstore cafe. The menu includes fresh bakes, along with hot and cold drinks. You can also visit the bookstore and check the range of genres they offer. At Pagdandi Bookstore Cafe you will find an Adrak Chai and a Sourdough Grilled Cheese Sandwich too. If you are moving in new to Pune are looking for calm and soothing cafes, Pagdandi is your must-try spot. If you are looking for accommodations, here are hostel facilities.

Cafes are the perfect hangout spot for people across all generations and being in Pune means spotting pretty cafes throughout the city. The true adventure lies in trying new ones at each outing and discovering as many as possible!


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