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How to work around a budget when staying at Tribe?

21 August 2019


For many, student life is synonym with “a hole in the wallet”, and being “broke” has become our middle name. However, don’t let the month end money crunch stop you from living your best possible life!


Here are few tips and tricks especially for those working around a strict budget!

Most residents living here, share colleges, classes, tuitions and thus its easier to pool ride services. Apart from that, Tribe offers economy-size electric bikes that can be rented for every occasion.

A shout out to every spendthrift out there! Imagine buying everything you desire in prices that will make your jaw-drop! More so Pune offers its best in street shopping, locales like Fergusson College Road, and Fashion Street in Camp delivers everything from basics to luxury. Alongside this, Pune’s heart resides in Koregaon Park, which too offers price cuts in the name of boutiques.

Moreover, Tribe being situated in a prime location has enabled individuals to commute from one place to another effortlessly. One stop destinations like Phoenix Marketcity is just walking distance away. Such A to Z umbrella malls especially light up during the weekends with pocket friendly stalls and discounted deals.

Alongside this, transportation is certainly one aspect that’s heavily billed when it comes to budgeting. Thus for smart save options one can easily use applications like “Dunzo” that offers ideal pick-up and drop services. Moreover the hassle of tip-toeing through student life is cumbersome and there isn’t enough “me-time” for yourself, let alone enough time to shop for groceries, pick-up supplies, grab food and wade through traffic all at once. Hence the application not only saves time-effort but it’s especially serviced to getting things done in an unknown city. You as an individual can provide them with a “To do list” and they will get the work done in no time with a mere delivery charge of 15-30 Rupees. This without a doubt sounds like a win-win to me!

Furthermore, being a “Foodie” is the flesh and blood of a college student, exploring local and international gastronomy of undiscovered places runs through young veins. However a treat to your taste buds might mean a bullet for your wallet. Thus to save you from yourself, there are street-smart bargains via “Zomato Gold”, which offers either 1+1 on drinks, or 1+1 on food. Selected few restaurants strike a deal for 2+2 either on food or drinks as well. Other offer providers like “Dine out” application goes beyond the ordinary and grants 50% on the whole bill for partnered restaurants.

However one should discern that working around a budget is like constructive criticism. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk around eggshells to cherish your youth, it simply follows the anthem “spend clever to experience better”.

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