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Our late night on site cafe Mamaliga has some great food – and students have agreed!

21 August 2019


When you think “hostel”, what echoes next is mediocre dishing. However tribe takes an oath to break such stereotypes, and cater to your gastronomy needs with a pinch of yum. It takes a road that strikes a balance between providing humble comfort food and soul food aka “Ghar ka khana”.

We believe that there is no dead end when its a question of taste buds, rather we keep your feet tapping with myriad plating options ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes.

Tribe’s Mamaliga cafe offers local and international culinary experiences that are worth drooling for. From cheat meals to stay fit meals we’ve got you covered!


Here’s what our troop has to say:

Munmun Kumar:- I’ve been staying in a hostel since 6th grade, however the quality of the food served was always abysmal, and therefore Swiggy and Zomato became my saviours. I hardly remember eating the mess food, or moreover struggling to cope with it. Tribe has truly changed my perspective about how hostel food can be. Apart from healthy options served they ensure that each resident is dished a hot plate with a dessert on top!

Mannat Trehan:- Being an outstation student and a foodie, my tummy demands to explore the best of Pune’s culinary fabric. Tribe ensures that such is provided by offering local dishes like Misal Pav, Thalipeeth , and Pithla Bhakri to say the least.

Abhash Maitra:- Given my fitness regime, I’m very particular as to what I consume. However tribe promises to ensure that my routine is intact by providing a balance diet. My mornings too are sorted , as they spoon out oats, milk, eggs, and seasonal fruit juices.


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