Is there a perfect student hostel or CoLiving for boys and girls? If there is, it will be something like this! - Tribe CoLiving & Student Accommodation

Is there a perfect student hostel or CoLiving for boys and girls? If there is, it will be something like this!

18 February 2022


“Honesty saves everyone’s time”

Imagine you plan a little tour of your own within your group. Everything is planned. You have purchased a spotify premium account by discounting some of your travel money, even getting yourself those cool shades at a reasonable plan. All destinations are marked for exploration. So, when you have planned everything that could be planned under the sun, why miss out on a good hostel?

It sure can be difficult to read through deceit, but with a strong game plan, you may just find the right way to keep yourself away from the loot. But the question that strikes is that how one knows that the hostel walk-arounds one takes are 100% (if not more) genuine. Don’t worry friends, we got you covered!

Here are some genuine factors that you can consider while you do a survey of hostels around you. May the best student accommodation win!

Two-bed hostel room in Pune with a view.

  1. Check for common areas – After all, that’s where all the fun will be! Make your estimates and ensure that the common area has safe vibes.
  2. Clean bathrooms – Hygiene first. Always! Check if all the washrooms are functional too.Clean hostel washroom with proper facilities
  3. Educated staff – Do not check for their graduation cards. By educated we mean how fluent they are in their job. Usually, a team in full command of their ways provides the best services.
  4. Free breakfast and WI-FI – Imagine spending a certain amount on your travel, and on your subscription and shades, and then spending a bit more on certain services.
  5. Security – Lockers should be fully functional and well built. Rest assured; your belongings will be safe!
  6. Activities – What is lined up for the evening? Ensure you are among the right lot.
  7. Laundry facilities – How convenient and smooth the process can be.

Too much to cover. TRIBE STAYS have you covered!

We cover each detail well, to your convenience. Our services are streamlined to focus on your needs. And when you are at TRIBE, you could worry less about a lot. Isn’t that some time saving? At TRIBE STAYS, we provide the best student accommodation. We are operating in three locations in Pune and in Mumbai as well!

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