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You end up spending more in a rented home than a hostel 99% of time – Here’s why!

19 February 2022


Play area in a hostel

As students, we do find ourselves with less pocket size than what we would rather wish for. Imagine you are on a trip with your friends, with a lot to explore and cross on your wishlist. But as soon as you cross a few, your empty wallet cancels everything else. THAT my friends, in all trueness, is the worst feeling in a student’s life! What could you do to make your plans more budget friendly? To start with, look for an alternative to the heaps of hotels or rented stays. We are talking about hostels here!

There’s a misconception that hostels are not luxurious, although that has certainly changed over the last few years. Many hostels in Pune, for instance, have added state of the art facilities in their establishments to ensure the best services for students. Be it Viman Nagar or Wakad, or even a hostel in Pune, the ingenuity comes out brightly. You could be paying half way less than your intended rented stay price, and yet receive the same warmth in a hostel!

A hostel room

While rented stays do offer some independence, there are plenty of times when the caretakers come snooping in. Hostels provide you a surrounding where you would find similar people, and in all the occupants is collective freedom. Wouldn’t it be more fun to swim in the celebration with others instead of staying in a rented house, feeling bad that you won’t be able to spend on a plate of your food to save money.

Play area in a hostel

Which brings me to the next point – hospitality. In the case that you choose to stay in a rented house, you will be expected to pay for other facilities. Order food, book a cab to get somewhere. It becomes all too expensive. Hostels are great in a way that they make everything more accessible. Strategically located in places of interest for students, say hostels in Vile Parle or hostels in Koregaon Park, you can expect your wallet to be spared of a leak.

Dining Area in a hostel

And yes, the experience! Imagine meeting new people, sharing different stories, and making memories for the future ahead. All this while paying less. To explore options, try TRIBE Stays. Located in Pune and Mumbai, it offers hostels for both boys and girls. It provides the best experience at affordable prices!

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