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Living in a hostel? Here Are 10 types of roommates you’re most likely to meet!

15 October 2020


Living in a hostel, you tend to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds. Not just that, but people with a host of different personalities! From a fun-loving party go-er to a shy bookworm. You get them all! Let’s take a look at the 10 different types of roommates you are likely to meet while living the hostel life. 



  • The Party Goer 


It’s 10 PM, people are winding down for the night. But not the party goer! This person is just getting ready to attend 3 parties in a row. Hangover? What’s that? This roommate will come in at 6 AM and be ready for that 9 AM lecture with no problem!


  1. The Bookworm 

You will always find this type of person in hostels in Pune carrying a book, or two, around with them. Their favourite past-time is curling up on the couch with a good book. They tend to speed through novels like it’s nothing! 


  1. The Clean Bean 

Everyone has watched Friends. Remember Monica? That’s this roommate! Everything needs to be neat and tidy. Cleanliness is a top priority. Your apartment will be the cleanest in the entire hostel and that is something you love! 


  1. The Nagger 

Nag Nag Nag. This type of roommate will forever be in your face nagging you. College work, clean the house, pick up groceries. All you want to do is give them a swift lecture so the nagging stops! You will encounter a few of these people sometimes in girls hostel Pune or boys hostel Pune. 


  1. The Parent

Missing your parents? No worries! This roommate you will find in girls hostel in Mumbai or even hostels in Pune. They embody either your mom or dad and are ready to take care of you! 


  1. The Chef 

Having this type of roommate is hitting the jackpot. They love cooking and love to feed people! Imagine never having to worry about your meals. What a blessing! 


  1. The Outdoors Person 

Whether you are in a boys hostel Pune or a girls hostel Pune, you will encounter this type of roommate. What the best part is, you have someone to drag your lazy butt off the couch and get some fresh air! 


  1. The Sporty One 

Kind of like the outdoors person but more into sports. You will always find sports items like soccer shoes or badminton rackets lying around. The plus? You will always have a partner to join you when you feel like playing fun sports outdoors! 


  1. The Study Buddy

Another jackpot! This type of roommate will make sure you pass every course in college. They will help you study and help you with anything related to education. Determined and smart! 


  1. The Chiller 

Studies? Work? Cleaning? It’s chill! This type of roommate is the most chill one you will find. They are up for anything and aren’t fussy with things. Having this roommate is like having a cat that doesn’t care what is going on around them. 


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