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We’ve Done It For You! Here Is A Bucket List of 10 Must-Do Things in College!

10 October 2020


College life isn’t complete without doing fun and crazy things! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your young age and experience different opportunities. Everyone has a bucket list, whether you write it down or have it in mind. We saved you the trouble by coming up with a bucket list of 10 must-do things in college! 


  • Make ALL The Friends 


It’s not just about making friends. Meet new people! Experience their different cultures. Hang out together. Make connections. Who knows? The connections you make in college may come in great use later on in life. Expand your social circle.

  1. Host A Party

We don’t mean throwing a party with friends. We mean HOSTING a party! Pick a theme and go wild! From the food to the beverages, make this a night that you and your friends will never forget. Hostels in Pune love throwing gatherings so why not throw your own! 

  1. Attend A Music Festival 

There is nothing better than getting dressed up and attending a music festival. The vibes! The food! The music! It’s an event that you can go to alone (and make friends) or with your group of friends. Either way, you’re bound to have an amazing time. Hostels in Pune and girls hostel in Pune have a lot of people who would love to join you for a festival. 

  1. Go For A Trek

It’s time to explore the great outdoors! Grab your friends and get your butt off the couch. Head on over to your nearest hill and start trekking. Whether it is a boys hostel Pune or girls hostel in Mumbai, there are plenty of outdoor places you can explore and trek. 

  1. Dye Your Hair A Crazy Colour 

We don’t mean brown or light blonde. Go crazy! Dye your hair colours like blue, green, red, pink. Why not all? Sport a crown of rainbow colours and you are sure to turn heads. Dazzle the college kids and make them wish they had guts to colour their hair like you. 

  1. Pull An All Nighter 

Whether it is a girls hostel Pune or boys hostel Pune, the college kids have a knack for staying up at night studying. But why not trying pulling an all-nighter just for fun? Watch movies, eat snacks, do it with your friends so you have fun company! 

  1. Intern Somewhere 

Okay, we admit, this isn’t as fun as the others on the list but it will surely benefit you when you finish studying and are searching for jobs! Try interning at places that relate to your field. Having this experience will be greatly beneficially for you. 

  1. Skip Class 

Don’t make this a habit or anything! When you are living in hostels in Pune, you deserve a break. A day off! Skip one of your most hectic classes and spend the day relaxing instead. 

  1. Road Trip! 

Hectic week? Need a weekend plan? Want to get away from the girls hostel in Mumbai, out of the city and explore? Road trip! Grab your gang, pack some food, and head out somewhere! It could be an hour away or 4, doesn’t matter. As long as you are having fun.

  1. Write Letters 

Before leaving college, why not write to your friends and teachers handwritten letters? It is personal and makes a wonderful goodbye gift. 

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