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My first 24 hours as a Tribe luxury student accommodation hostelier

Moving away from home can be rough, but not when you’re moving to the Tribe (Viman Nagar) Pune hostel.

“Passengers for flight UK997 to Pune please go to gate 26”
The uncannily flat tone of the announcer fades out in the background as passengers rush to make way. I had never felt this kind of uncertainty before, there was always somebody to travel with, somebody who could show me the way. And yet, here I was. Traveling alone for the very first time, relocating to a city that I had never even stepped foot into before. The PA system chimes its familiar tune yet again, and as soon as it does, the phone in my pocket rings.

“Ramith, you forgot to pack the pillow covers” Yet another essential I forgot.

“Nevermind maa, I’ll buy some there” Yet another task added to the list.

When I had gotten into MIT World Peace University two months prior in May 2019, there were celebrations galore. But one question remained propped on everybody’s mind- where was I going to stay? Hailing from North India, I had always had extremely low tolerance for heat. So when I saw the temperature charts of Pune on Google, I knew that I couldn’t do without air conditioning if I were to have a comfortable stay. But no matter how much I searched and how good the other hostels were, most of them, unfortunately, did not have ACs.. And that’s when a friend of mine, a previous resident of Tribe luxury student accommodation forwarded me its website link. Little did I know back then that this tiny domain name of would become my forever home. 


Stepping into the campus

Although I had seen the campus numerous times through video tours, stepping into it for the first time was a complete game-changer. You see, the speciality of Tribe Viman Nagar is not just its cobbled pathways or sunlit rooms, it’s how one feels while in the company of fellow residents. The joyous smile of the security uncle, the reassuring handshake of the CRM, and the chef who reheated my food without me even having to ask, everything made me feel like I was right at home. My room was spacious yet cozy; a 32-inch LED TV, a pristine bathroom and motion-sensor lights greeted me. And to my pleasant surprise, unlike other Pune hostels that provide you with just the skeleton of a mattress and nothing else, Tribe welcomed me with a well-made bed, complete with linens, cushions, and even pillow covers!

Outside the room

After I unpacked and put my things away, I thought of exploring the campus. I was feeling a little hungry too and decided to get something to eat from our in-house Cafe Mamaliga. But I wasn’t exactly feeling like going on my own, and it would be way too awkward to knock on somebody’s door and ask them as they had also just arrived after long travels. Disappointed, I decided to head down. And that’s when it caught my eye- a bunch of newbies huddled together, chatting and exchanging numbers in the breakout area! To this day, I look back at this moment with great fondness, for the friends I made in that space dedicated for socializing, have grown to be my best mates in Pune. 

Exploring the Tribe Vibe

Unaware of the technological advancements of Tribe, I went to the reception next to ask for my key. They handed me a turquoise band and told me I could use it to access both the campus and my room. I had known of hotel cards but had never come across something like this. The idea of incorporating the key card into a band for easy access seemed ingenious to me. But I wouldn’t know just how useful this RFID band would be till later that night. 

Chats, Clubs, and Chaos

After a filling lunch of Jeera Aloo, Dal Panchmel, Ajwain Paratha, Subz Pulao, Paneer Bharta, Kadhai Murgh, and Gulab Jamun at Mamaliga and a quick HIIT training at the campus gym, my friends and I decided to head out for the night. Moving away from home had to have its perks, and Tribe luxury student accommodation’s no-curfew and no-warden policy had all of us newly freed birds excited. We headed out to explore Viman Nagar’s happening nightlife. When we got back at 2 in the morning, excruciating hunger struck. But Tribe still had our back! We headed over to the 24/7 pantry and made ourselves that one dish that all hosteliers swear by- Maggi (with some other snacks from the campus vending machine)!

Our stomachs full and our hearts content, we headed to bed. But when I reached my room, to my utter shock, I found that my purse was missing. I knew I had it with myself when I entered campus, but it was nowhere to be found now. I spiralled into panic; as a person who kept all his keys in his purse, I thought I would not even be able to get into my room that night. But that’s when I remembered- Tribe luxury student accommodation doesn’t use keys! I can get into my room through my handy RFID wristband that’s much more unlikely to get misplaced.

Our CRMs went above and beyond the next day to look for my purse; a quality that they would retain for the years to come. And although the task wasn’t too difficult because of the 360 degree CCTV coverage of this Pune hostel’s campus, just knowing that somebody cared enough to let go of all their tasks to help me out was reassurance enough for the young lost boy who found his family in Tribe.

I’ve never seen a hostel like Tribe, and if you want to get a taste of this culture too, drop a call at +91 8880868000 or head over to @tribestays on Instagram and join me at the Viman Nagar Tribe campus today!

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