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Life as a college student sums up in two words, parties and living alone. Okay! Maybe studying as well, but who are we kidding? It is a magical phase of our lives with all the freedom in the world to explore places and have adventures with friends; we seldom think about anything else. However, one thing that keeps every guy or girl occupied— finding a good hostel in Mumbai or Pune.

Honestly, Mumbai and Pune are the primary locations in the state of Maharashtra, where students from small towns arrive to pursue their dream. Each has the idea to experience roaming around the city and meeting new people. And it all begins right from choosing the best student accommodation.

With such advancements in living standards and everyone accessible to such excellent amenities, the concept of hostel has drastically shifted. A lot is expected from any girl’s hostel in Pune beyond safety and hygiene. With a handful of years to spend away from home, everyone craves a little homely feeling, especially from their place of stay— the second home.

These days majority of the hostel owners understand the lonely feeling and the consistent pressure to perform well academically, students miss out on a lot of good stuff. So they instead create a community of fun beings who become the second family to each other.

Why even think about living in Hostels in Mumbai/Pune?

Even though a metropolitan city like Mumbai has so much to offer, the universities do not always have enough room to accommodate every girl or boy. That’s one reason there is so much rush to quickly find space in the girls hostel in Mumbai.

Moreover, modern-day off-campus hostels offer amenities far beyond what’s inside university hostels at a price that does not require a student to break the bank. Besides, Why not traverse through all the fantastic moments waiting inside a hostel in Pune?

After you are done reading this blog, you will know precisely the right places to have all the fun outside your college. Inside a hostel and be an intellectual chap simultaneously. Here are the top 5 hostel accommodations to look at when in Mumbai or Pune:

Tribe Stays

Tribe trumps all the other student hostels in Mumbai or Pune. Student accommodation is a holy grail for students who have just stepped into the city and look forward to having a pleasant living experience. The tribe was born out of the necessity of providing international-standard accommodation to the world’s largest student population.

They understand that it is hard to concentrate on academics and let alone make good memories when a student continues to jostle for suitable hostel accommodation. And bam! There it was; a community worth being in, a food worth savoring, and a stay worth remembering. The tribe became a go-to hostel for many students.

Starting from offering amenities like coliving and coworking spaces, singular ambiance, fitness centres, Chill zone, and study zone to having extraordinary social gatherings, top-notch security with the help of RFID Bands, 24*7 cafes, and international standard rooms, there is nothing that feels amiss. Located closer to significant universities, Tribe is situated in both Mumbai (Ville Parle) & Pune (Wakad & Viman Nagar).

Urban Nomads, Pune

The next on the list is another gem of a place. Urban Nomads is spread across Goa, Pune, Kerala, and Udaipur. So if you are looking for another hostel in Pune, Urban Nomads would be a worthy place to checkout. They offer a 24-hour front desk, coworking space to work in style, and basic amenities like free parking, communal kitchen, internet, wifi, etc.

The events like Barbeque nights, Game nights, and Fitness workshops are a few to name. It has an ecosystem for freelancers, founders, students, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who come together to create experiences and memories.

Zostel, Mumbai

Another one of the liveliest living spaces for students and other backpackers in Mumbai is Zostel. It is located in Andheri, at a distance of 4km from the Airport, making it easy for students or frequent travelers to catch their flight without any hustle of Mumbai traffic quickly. Bollywood-themed rooftop to chill, game area, and cafe are few of the amenities apart from some basic ones like wifi, nice size bedrooms (different options), and free travel assistance.

Whether you are eyeing a student coliving in Pune or a girls hostel in Mumbai, it is essential to feel safe and happy, and fulfilled. The booking is open now, and beds are filling fast in tribe stays; make sure you grab yours soon.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Festivities at Tribe that ensure you never feel left out!

If you ask any student what it is that they miss the most about home, chances are that the spot that occupies the immediate after ghar ka khana is their childhood friends and the joy of splashing colours on each other during Holi or biting into a slice of the local rich plum cake on Christmas. The first festivals away from home can be tough, and although colleges provide breaks for major festivals, students often don’t get the chance to travel back home for one-day events such as Holi or Janmashthami. There are also a plethora of intrinsically local events that colleges may not give holidays for. So does that mean our residents won’t celebrate? Absolutely not!


Our happiness managers at Tribe take the well-being of our Mumbai and Pune hostels’ students VERY seriously. So after a hoard of very serious meetings, here are some things they came up with that are practiced at every Tribe campus with tremendous seriousness-

No time to siesta, for it’s the hour of fiesta!

Sleeping the day away under dejected blankets during festivals is strictly prohibited at Tribe. Whether it is egg hunts on campus during Easter or Dahi Handi pyramids during Janmashtami, Tribe does it all. Get ready to get soaked in all-natural colours on Holi and roast mean barbeques on Christmas! We also make it a point to celebrate events such as Earth Day by switching off all our lights for an hour across all Tribe campuses to make way for candlelight dinners under the stars every 22nd of April. We also organize special spreads for all our female residents and staff on Women’s Day. Some other celebrations this year included special room delivery of baked goodies in our hostels in Mumbai and Pune on Valentine’s Day, nukkad nataks (street plays) on campus by Swatantra on World Theatre Day, and so many more that this website’s word limit just wouldn’t allow us to write them all!

It’s never a bad time for some relaxation- special screenings and movie nights!

Whether it’s a mani-pedi sesh at our all-girls hostel in Vile Parle or a movie night with peri peri popcorn and pepperoni pizzas from Cafe Mamaliga at Tribe Wakad, we make it a point to celebrate at least once a month for NO reason at all! From IPL screenings to F1 airing that makes you feel like you’re watching the Monaco GP from a balcony overlooking the track, we do it all. And needless to mention, Tribe is a no-noise zone whenever Manchester United is on the field. Sometimes, we even organize inter-campus events- events where residents of all Tribe campuses come over to shake a leg and eat good food- we recently even had Fiddlecraft perform live at our Viman Nagar hostel and entry was free for all our residents.

Freshers and Farewells like no other- DJs, food, afterparty and much more

From boho-themed incubations to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai-themed farewells (cause tussi jaa rahe ho, tussi na jao :’) ), Tribe parties like there’s no tomorrow. We like to do things a little differently at Tribe- so instead of a campus briefing on the very first day, we like to organize treasure hunts as a way for our new residents to get acquainted with the campus! Now isn’t that a vibe you want to be a part of? Residents groove to DJs and gobble up sliders, popcorn, mocktails, and shakes later.

Our latest Viman Nagar farewell, “WhiteOut ” was a send-off curated by our student representatives- Ramith, Aarshi, Harsh, Amaayra, and Arjan along with DJ Aditi Ismal. The only con of this event was the late realization that white might not have been the smartest dress code choice because the live pasta and spring rolls counter wasn’t exactly kind to our residents. But our students were quick to change and head over to Penthouze Pune, where the afterparty continued till the wee hours of the unforgettable night!

Want to get to know more about our student community programs or about all the events we organized this year? Drop a call at +91 8880868000 or visit us at @tribestays on Insta. You may even head over to and check out our gallery to get a glimpse of what these events at Tribe truly are like! See you soon!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Changing the way you live in a hostel with RFID – tech boom!

9 June 2022


Everything in today’s era seems to be wireless- whether it be headphones, chargers, or even infamous no strings attached relationships! So, in this era of tech revolution, why should your living space not be devoid of archaic standards of living? Long gone are the days of scavenging your bag for your room’s keys or your hostel’s ID card after a long day of college, Tribe’s technologically advanced RFID bands are here to save the day!

But before we get started with what Tribe’s magical RFID bands do, let’s take a peek into what RFID bands actually are. RFID bands, which are embedded with RFID tags, use radio waves to transmit signals that activate the tag. Upon receiving that signal, the tag sends a wave back to the antenna, which is translated into data to perform the task that it is designed for…

Aaaand if you’re someone like me who had to Google all the words I just copy-pasted, let’s jump straight into what these bands actually do in our hostels in Pune (Viman Nagar and Wakad) and Mumbai (Vile Parle)!

All doors in Tribe, including the main campus door, the breakout zone’s door, the common workspace’s door, and your own room’s door are integrated with RFID readers. When the band comes in close proximity to these doors, they open automatically! These bands also have to be scanned in the elevator upon entry to make it rise to your room’s floor; which adds an extra layer of safety by monitoring who can step foot into your living space.

Forget having to empty your bag in the corridor or struggle with an old rusty lock when nature’s calls hit you hard (or even when you’ve just returned to your hostel after chugging eleven bottles of orange juice at High Spirits), your RFID band has got your back! Tribe’s RFID tags are also much much much more difficult to lose than the traditional pair of keys (that most hostels in Mumbai and Pune offer) as they come in the form of a serene pastel blue wristband that ties in seamlessly with most college fits. And don’t worry, Tribe’s premium safety algorithm ensures that only your band can unlock your room’s door- a safety measure that we take pretty seriously for both our Pune hostels (which are for people of all genders) and Mumbai hostel (girls’ hostel).

The band is also waterproof to help you battle erratic Bombay rains and Pune sprinkles. And although we don’t advise wearing it in the shower, all of Tribe’s RFID bands can sustain a couple of rounds of being thrown into the washing machine by mistake- a much-craved leeway for all perennially forgetful Pune hostel students after a Saturday night at Irish House or an exhilarating Sunday at Skyjumper Trampoline Park!

As for the question of safety, RFID bands are much more secure than traditional methods of room-locking. Neither can it be stolen or duplicated as easily as keys and hacking the band is a technological feat that’s nearly impossible to achieve because all our RFID bands use one-time codes to complete each task, much like an OTP. In fact, RFID is claimed to be as secure as EMV chip cards (the small square computer chip cards that your debit cards have to safeguard them against theft).

And even if you happen to misplace your RFID band, one quick call to Tribe’s CRE blocks your band from being used by anybody else. Your room’s RFID reader is also reconfigured and a new band is issued to you at the earliest without you having to go through the painstaking process of breaking or changing locks.

So, if you want to forgo the anxiety of losing your keys and immerse yourself in an experience that’s as high-tech as it is down to Earth, why don’t you give us a call today at +91 8880868000 or head over to and unlock the doors to a hostel life like no other?

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Are you a student planning a long term stay? We need to talk about loneliness

5 June 2022


You’ve waved your goodbyes, kissed your dog, packed your bags, hugged your friends, ransacked the internet for hostels in Pune or Bombay or whichever new city you’re moving to, and let go of your mother’s hand at the airport gate. All these months of exhilarated planning for college have culminated to this fateful day; and even though you’ve always dreamt of moving out and living on your own, a strange feeling awakens in the pit of your stomach right as your board your flight- a feeling of crumpling loneliness.

Shifting to a new city is never easy. Whether it’s frantic calls to home, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and not being able to recognize your hostel room for the first five seconds or the scrutinizing pain in your chest in the shower- loneliness and homesickness are real, and you’re not weak for feeling them, you’re only human.

TribeStays, as a student co-living space that’s built not only to take care of a student’s tangible amenities but also to provide a safe space for their mental health, understands that homesickness can be one of the toughest phases of a student’s journey. Thus, to tackle the prickly roads of growing up, here are a few of the amenities we provide to make our students’ transition into the new city as smooth, caring, and safe as possible.

In-house counsellors

TribeStays provides free counseling to all its residents. Mahima Mehra, our in-house counsellor, is a certified professional who provides one-on-one sessions at Tribe’s campus office. Here, residents are free to engage in conversation with her over a cup of coffee whenever they need. Patient-counsellor confidentiality is strictly maintained and students are free to talk about anything and everything that’s going on in their lives; an amenity that no usual Mumbai or Pune hostel provides its residents with.

Ergonomic rooms to help fight loneliness

Most students prefer to live with roommates to help fight homesickness. Having someone to share your day and watch an episode of ‘Girls Hostel’ with, goes a long way. However, sometimes, you just need your own space. Tribe’s deluxe twin sharing rooms with privacy dividers enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds- the company of a roommate along with the privacy and space of a single room.

Your chores, our responsibility

There’s nothing worse than having to cook, clean, wash clothes and complete a million other chores when you’re having a bad day and missing home. Tribe’s housekeeping, laundry service and homely meals (which are all included in the monthly rental fee and are one of the best in their class among hostels in Mumbai and Pune) lend you a helping hand when you need it the most.

Student Community Programs to help foster friendships

Tribe’s floor-wise student representatives are present 24/7 to help our residents with any queries or troubles they might face. Tribe understands the importance of community and that’s why all our campuses make it a point to organize at least one community party every month where students get to meet and mingle with their fellow residents over soothing music and delicious food. Moreover, we make sure to make our students’ first festivals away from home as memorable as possible by organzing Holi bashes, Easter hunts, Women’s Day dinners, Theatre Day Nukkad nataks, live performances by bands such as Fiddlecraft and much much more whenever we get a chance!

We also have our very own Tribe community app through which our residents can plan programs, receive invitations, and lodge complaints- all from the comfort of their beds!

Check it out

Tie-ups with hospitals

Although we hope our students never have to use this facility, TribeStays believes in precaution over cure. Our exclusive partnership with Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospitals provides our residents with priority treatment in all its branches on the presentation of their Tribe ID cards. One can never be too cautious in an emergency and we ensure to arrange for ICU-level Sahyadri ambulances if our students ever need one to make the 15-minute journey as medically secure as possible.

And even though we believe the best way to understand the safety and care of a Tribe campus is through our free campus tours, why don’t you drop us a quick call at +91 8880868000 to know more about our mental health programs? Book your Tribe room today and secure your one-way ticket to a hassle-free and comfortable hostel life!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Have you Checked out the Top Student hostels in Mumbai and Pune?

4 March 2022


A lot of people worry about their accommodation when they first move to Mumbai or Pune for either work or education. So, we have listed down the top 6 student accommodations for anyone who is seeking value for money options. Check them out here!

Urban  nomads

Urban Nomads – CoLive and CoWork has a communal lounge, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace for guests. A 24-hour front desk and a communal kitchen are among the other amenities offered at this accommodation along with free WiFi. A perfect backpacker’s hostel, thus allowing you to book your stay according to your convenience. They have dormitories as well as AC rooms for single sharing and double sharing. All meticulously planned, from the size of your room to the total number of days for stay.


HOSTEL 99, with the luscious green images of Koregaon Park in offering, this hostel lies contentedly in absolute calm amidst the green foliage of trees and tweeting birds, a great set up for a tranquil experience. Spacious rooms with all the essentials included, from reading lights, charging ports to dedicated USB hubs and cloth hangers. Rooms have huge windows to give you a perfect outside view. There’s no extra charge for a dorm room or private room.


This is the largest hostel chain in India. You can work here comfortably with a beautiful view outside. Zostel is perfect if you wish to have fun and work at the same time. Price of a room at Zostel approximately can go up till 2000 according to place and room. So if you are planning to stay for a short period of time or a long period of time, you can book hostels in Mumbai for your stay. 

 Zolo stays

Apart from the fantastic hostels and PGs at affordable costs, it has a fantastic web platform that makes reserving accommodations a pleasure! Lodgings are clean and well-located around the city, allowing you to book according to your tastes. They have air conditioning, delicious meals, daily housekeeping, Wi-Fi, and even parking. The cost of living in this hostel starts from 6000 per month.

Tribe stays

Tribe Stays offers all the facilities you need while you stay at a hostel, a luxury student accommodation in Pune and Mumbai. Each tribe space has been intricately designed right from breakout areas and activity lounge areas to promote a culture of building networks to the state of the art gym for a healthy lifestyle. You get the best quality to offer in terms of food. Tribe offers mouth watering stuff to make sure you are always full and healthy.

While the thought of living in hostels may not necessarily excite you for you fear being under constant watch, we at tribe believe in individual journey and development and so we let you be! Tribe has no warden, no curfew!

Tribe has electricity back up for uninterrupted power supply, which is very necessary especially during monsoon when power cuts may become routine. Once you are at Tribe stays, you could worry less about things as it covers minute details such as unlimited Wi-fi and laundry as well.

To keep the fun & vibrant vibe alive we organize multiple events throughout the year. Christmas, New year’s, Valentines day, Holi party, etc at Tribe cannot be missed! We also have their own app to make your stay more comfortable and convenient. So if you are looking for a hostel in Pune , Tribe is the best option for you.

Oxford caps

Oxford Caps is a hostel accommodation initiated by two ex-architecture students who were coincidentally also roommates. This hostel is technologically advanced and well equipped with amenities like laundry, Wi-Fi, housekeeping and meals included, ensuring that all of your needs are met. This establishment also backs social growth, allowing hostelers to meet others in the hostel and interact with them through various events. These facilities (which are located all around Pune and contain both co-ed as well as girls and boys dorms) are undoubtedly one of the top hostels in Pune for students to check out, with well-furnished rooms, common areas, and even a well-equipped gym.

Let’s give you a memorable living experience shall we? Reach out to us for any queries and we will get back to you instantly or even better, you may come pay us a visit soon! Trust us, we are a vibe you don’t want to miss out on!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!